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How Voice Controlled Personal Assistants changing our lives?

Now with the breakthroughs in AI technology, the voice controlled virtual assistance are becoming seemingly important and useful in enterprise settings

How Voice Controlled Personal Assistants changing our lives?

Tuesday January 22, 2019,

4 min Read

For most of us, the ultimate luxury is perhaps an assistant who would respond to your queries and listen to whatever you talk and keep you engaged. The luxury has now been made possible with the great innovations in artificial intelligence. Now with the breakthroughs in AI technology, the voice controlled virtual assistance are becoming seemingly important and useful in enterprise settings. But what are voice controlled virtual assistants?

Virtual assistants are devices or an application program that has the potential to interpret human speech through synthesised voices and completes the tasks for the users. Regardless, whether you own Amazon device, you would have probably heard about Alexa. It is the name you often call out when you have a question, say for example “When you want to know about the weather outside before you start to work, the application program will provide complete details about the weather throughout the day and help you to get prepared for the day. If it is a rainy day, you can dress up accordingly or if it is going to snow, then you should cover yourself with layers of clothes”. These devices are designed to perform simple tasks like playing music, control smart home gadgets, lock the door, and adjust the thermostat and few more.

Similarly when you use Apple gadgets, you would be familiar with “Siri”. It is one of the first comprehensive voice command applications enabling users to interact with their device by speaking to them. Although this was not the first voice command app yet this was able to honor your commands with more realistic voices. During every upgrade, “Siri” had added features and showed more capabilities. In fact, you can send a text or email a message or check your calendar with the help of these apps.

Popular Voice Assistants and Features

Amazon Alexa – Perfect voice assistant for smart tech beginners and hobbyists.


  • Highly capable of answering questions and performing tasks with its intelligence
  • Known for its smart home support and has great compatibility with devices like Philips Hue lights and Ring doorbell camera
  • In addition to general tasks, Alexa’s connection to amazon is amazing and provides the best shopping experience for the consumers

Google Assistant- Get souped with the technology


  • The new interpreter mode in Google assistants can translate conversations.
  • Make quick phone calls
  • Send text messages
  • Easier to manage and control smart home devices connected to your account
  • Set remainders and calendar events

Although different voice assistants works with different devices like the Alexa with Amazon Echo devices, Siri with Apple IOS gadgets and devices, OK google with Android phones and tablets, the only common aspect it shares is the internet connection. They are online versions and can function only when they are connected with the wifi or internet.

These smart devices are equipped with an artificially intelligent virtual assistant which allows the users to interact with the devices hands-free. Developers are constantly creating new features which can further integrate them into our lives. A marketing study shows that around 46% of US adults use digital voice assistants because convenience matters.

Some of the benefits of smart devices are.

  • Smart devices offers exceptional convenience at an unprecedentedly low cost.
  • These hands-free devices is a great boon to the elderly and disabled people by automating crucial activities and services
  • People have someone to talk, some people even share intimate details about themselves despite security or surveillance risk


The world hasn’t completed shifted to voice but slowly moving towards it. Of course voice technology is still evolving and still corporations are figuring out how to add excitement to this voice technology and make it easier for the people.