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Impact of Mobile apps that rocked the world

Mobile apps have been able to play a key role in collaborating several technologies to give desired results to its stake holders.

Impact of Mobile apps that rocked the world

Monday December 10, 2018,

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Mobile app development has changed things how we used to perform them traditionally. Say it calling, video chatting, ordering food, capturing memories, etc. And the matter of fact is that more changes are bound to occur with more enhancement of technology. All those things which we were performing on the big screens have now transferred into small mobile screens and has made task much easier and convenient.

Mobile App Vs Desktop

Desktops were the most preferred and the hot favorite technology in early 2000, every kid dreamed to have his own pc at home. With the technological changes the size of computer decreased and became the preferable choice of people, taking small sizes in the consideration when the smart-phones were introduced it was welcomed with open-hands by people and with no time mobile phone slowly started to replace as kid started to dream for their personal phone rather than pc. Not just kid’s even adults started to realize that they can do many task easily on mobile phone rather on computers. Task likes listening songs, social media, watching videos, news, live tv, internet can be watch simply on mobile phone. Low Cost of mobiles as compare to desktops has also been a major contribution to the success of Mobile Phone.

Despite of all the changes and so many transformation mobile phones is yet to prove its importance in work sectors where still computers or laptops are more preferable than mobile phones.

Application which have Boost up Mobile Users

Success of mobile phones has largely because of all the app development which has been complementing mobile phone in revolutionizing world. Mobile Apps has transformed the ways we socialize, work, play and entertain ourselves.

Social Apps like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Quora, Skype, Tumbler etc. Have totally changed how people share their insights and personal experiences with world, connect with people virtually around the globe etc. And it is still growing.

Games like Candycrush, Pubg, Pokemon Go, Mini Militia and many more with option to play against other across the globe has been loved by people of all age. With the advancement of the technology and resolutions mobile phones have replaced gaming consoles and have become the preferred device to play games all over world.

Entertainment apps like wynk, iTunes, YouTube, has given the option to listen music anywhere and anytime and have successfully replaced other audio panels like iPod, Radios, Walkmans etc. People can even listen to their favourite or newly realised songs for free on their smart-phones.

Indeed Mobile application has played a major role in the revaluation of mobile phones they have been prosperous in replacing radios, gaming consoles, large desktops, calculators, etc.

Key Technological Advancement in success of Mobile Apps and stir up the World.

Mobile applications have been well trimmed by the advancement of the technologies leading to growth of Mobile


 AR & VR have been revolutionary in gaming and entertainment industry.  AR and VR helps you experience the things virtually and fell like its real. Types of virtual reality  like Pokemon Go, iOnRoad, Sky Siege and myNav received tremendous response from people. Gears like Samsung VR and Google Cardboard have gain lots of popularity in recent time. Ikea’s new app allowed people to experience the furniture how it would look in their home before buying it. 


IoT has gain tremendous amount of success in Education, Retail and real estate’s sectors. In Education sectors it helps parents to stay connected with its students and also get their academics updates regularly. Whereas real estate sector is exploring internet of things tech to build city smart by developing smart buildings with sensors. Analysts predict that internet of things app will grow from 157.05$ billion in 2016 to 661.74$ billion by 2021. IoT and Mobile apps integration has been one of the major reasons for mobile app growth.  

Wearable Devices 

The Market of Wearable devices are experiencing constant growth. Devices like Apple Watch, Xiaomi Mi Band 2, Samsung Smart Watch, Fitbit Flex 2 and google wearable devices have been well complication mobile apps to grow. You can receive calls, operate applications and do many things to experience applications in a better way. Wearable have received huge amount of response from HealthCare Industry. According to Business Intelligence report, the market for wearable is about to be increased to 35% by 2019.


Artificial chatbots have resulted in customer engagement and loyalty by eliminating the limitation of security in ecommerce field. Customers now can have a direct chats with the seller and ask all the queries relating to his purchase in order to be completely aware and secure for the product. Chatbots have lead to more security and faith of people in online buying application like Flipkart, Amazon.


No One can ignore the importance of mobile application development in today’s time. With the kind and variety of applications we have it suits all kinds of users say it young, old or kid mobile application market have solutions for every user. And the matter of fact is advancement in technologies has also been the vital point in success in mobile app and in revolutionizes the world. Today each every sector say in Business, Entertainment, Education has tasted the success of mobile application and technologies.

With the rate of advancement in the Mobile app and its technologies 2019 seems to be much more potential to enhance the globe.