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Top 10 MVP Related Startups and Business Ideas for 2020

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Top 10 MVP Related Startups and Business Ideas for 2020

Wednesday May 27, 2020,

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Today startups are increasingly using the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as an initial step towards success. MVP is used to save time and cost. Many businesses are existing, and many creative ideas are coming into the market. People have lots of sources and accessibility to find new ideas for startups. As mentioned, there will be lots of creative ideas in the market, here I have mentioned some top trending business ideas for 2020.

This information will be useful for the entrepreneurs and existing business persons, who are thinking to start their startups and expanding their business. This will be helpful to people for at least have an idea which may make them curious about to make something creative.

1.360° Photography

Nowadays, ordinary photographs are a regular practice. Every smart device has a camera that captures the front-side of the lens. The quality of the camera measures in megapixel. Large the pixels are the photo will be clear. Today 360° images come to the market that records not only the front portion of the camera but the entire circular area (360°) around the camera.

Many enthusiastic, interested people started their business for recording 360° videos and photos.

2. Hot air balloon business

Hot air balloon will going to be the different mode of transportation. Now, this business is running in some areas, but it cannot be restricted only for the amusement purpose. To understand a hot air balloon, all can watch the trailer of The Aeronauts. Like other businesses, hot air balloon traveling is also having vast opportunities for a startup.

For, easy way to get more customers is to build a website and do proper marketing in a particular region.

3. Personality development

As more opportunities introduced in business, many leading organizations have started expanding their business. For the same, they will require people who have a well-maintained personality. An individual who has excellent communication skills, experience, and knowledge of personality development can start this business at a very lower investment. The primary source of their recognition can come from the web.

This is an opportunity that no one can miss. By making and promote a website will give the number of leads for personality development.

4. Renewable energy

Not only for this year, but this entire decade will be the witness of the development of renewable energy. The non-renewable like fossil fuel, oil, gas are not going to exist in the next 40–50 years. So there is a requirement when I talk about renewable energy, it includes sun-light, air and wind, rain, tides, waves, and heat. Many companies have started working on it.

5. Healthy Food outlet

Food business is a nonstop evergreen business. People will not stop eating outside. Before sometimes, business minded people use to take franchisee of a big food chain. Now the trend goes like people found their passion and opening their outlet as their startup. Healthy food is also in top trends. Today people want to be healthy and fit, so they always look for healthy and hygienic food. Many entrepreneurs have started their outlets, and they own a website so that the number of people will recognize.

6. Air Taxi

This is one more exciting business that can be turned into a great startup. A China-based company Ehang has started an air taxi service in the USA. This business required a good number of amount, but as the industry is growing, the return expected to be good.

7. Waste management

This sounds crazy but true. In the coming time, waste management will be one of the most profitable industries across the world. If we talk about the USA only, which produces 4% of the total waste of the world. So we can assume the potential of the business.

8. 3D Printing

If anyone does not know the usage of a 3D printer, let me tell you if someone wants to make a prototype of a physical product, a 3D printer is required. It will make the demo product as same as the final product.

9. Artificial intelligence (AI)

Technology has a vital role in developing business. Artificial intelligence is the most important part of the technology. The most recognizable example of AI programming is the Sophia robot. Apart from this, many websites and applications are using automatic chat support; auto-generated emails are part of AI.

10. Shared workspace

A trend like the shared workplace is the concept where one can give some part of their office on rent. Here the advantage is the unused space will be used by someone, and the owner will get payment from it.

The purpose of this entire blog was to make my readers understand that there are lots of opportunities out there. An MVP Development Company with dedicated expertise developers can help to develop MVP. In my experience, a company that provides the topmost MVP development services is Bacancy Technology. They have a team of 250+ dedicated developers who helps to develop an MVP.

With the help of a small creative idea, someone can start a business that may help others to solve their problems.

I hope all readers find this fruitful. Thank you.