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Learn these Secret link building tactics used by Influencers.

In this entrepreneurial world, it is very important to know what your competitors are doing. But, learning what the Influencers are doing in your niche is of more importance. That's where this guide comes in handy as it brings in some easy and effective link building tactics unknown to common man.

Learn these Secret link building tactics used by Influencers.

Sunday February 02, 2020,

10 min Read

This headline brings in water in the mouth of every online business owner. As link building is the gateway between our present income to our dream income. And I would discuss those superficial link building techniques that are super easy. You would not do something like guest posting where you work like a donkey for others but at last get fired, most of the time without any explanation.

[But, not in yourstory]

Neither you need to write only high-quality posts on your blog and send emails to other blog owners. And pretend them as if you are their biggest fan since childhood to make your pitch successful. Although writing high-quality epic posts is a must for steady growth but not getting any recognition is heart-breaking though.

There are various other different ways to building links that other successful bloggers rarely speak of. I have also introduced some cornerstone techniques that are kept hidden from new bloggers.

And I'll walk you through all these techniques right now but before that, I want to mention that I hate false claims in the SEO industry. And it's like everyone else does and I am not that aggressive but it frustrates me from inside.

So, I am trying to be honest and point you that these link buildings tactic won’t necessarily work for every niche. And also not overnight which is a common thing, but I’m pretty sure that you would at least find some, those could be helpful.

And here goes the counting and the No.1 is.

1) Guestographics 2.0.

It’s an easy way to get more than just one link because info-graphics are liked and shared by everyone. There can be many blogs that could eventually add your info-graphic and give you high-quality links.

So basically the process here is to create an infographic for any article of any blog in your niche that could justify their content. And this is a lot easier than guest posting because you don't need to create any content and only reuse it and create an infographic.

In the process, you may end investing some money if you’re not that Photoshop guy but this investment is worth it. Brain Dean prefers this way around and has easily built links on top blogs like Hubspot, WordStream, Entrepreneur and many more. This is the only reason that he managed to grab so much of targeted traffic.



Pro tip: Create the best info-graphic for their semi-hit content or below average content. In that way, you will get easy approval because they just want these contents to do well. And also you are focusing only on link building in this case and not on traffic.


2) The Classic SEO technique.

This is a Grey Hat technique of link building called web 2.0 link building. And most of the successful SEO firms still use this technique to boost their rankings.

I might think that you may hesitate a little after hearing black/grey hat techniques. But would you rather turn down Neil Patel's advice?.

He is the No.1 SEO guy who has successfully worked with fortune 500 companies like Amazon and Microsoft. And he says that this technique has a lot of SEO power which can't be ignored.

[See here.]

So, what you gonna do is focus on some web 2.0 blogs like Tumblr as it can get to very high DA. And this technique is hit because of Tumblr only while others just make the link profile look natural.


Now create some Tumblr blogs and add some images and texts on them which link to your main site. Here images only have do-follow links but textual links are also necessary to make your link profile look natural. And also do not forget to link to other sites from your Tumblr blogs to be authenticated. Also, Interlink your Tumblr blogs to increase their DA even more.

Note: It's safer to make up to 5 Tumblr blogs from one I.P. address, for more you can use a VPN. Also, the above method which involves creating new blogs is for beginners. The advanced version includes finding expired Tumblr blogs and registering them once again which have even higher DA's. Both the methods are safe as if you find any penalty in your sites although which is rare. Then you can remove the links and finally disavow them.


3) Expert Roundup or Guest Post 2.0.

As I promised that you won’t need to do anything like guest posting so this technique works differently. You may have heard of expert roundup where you take influencers opinions regarding a particular issue. And compile everyone's opinion and post it on your blog.

Here you will use it as a guest post pitch for big authoritative sites like entrepreneur, HuffPost, etc. And you will be having a 100% chance to be accepted. Also, you secretly build yourself as an authority.

So this is different from traditional guest posting where you had to work hard in writing. After that also you would doubt whether you would be accepted or not.

To look genuine you need to research a lot in your niche where Reddit groups, twitter trends or bloggers forum (best) would be helpful. Just ask influencers their opinion via the contact us page, twitter or other social media. You can even comment on their blog and ask.

Check out these examples of some Expert Roundup Guest Post:

39 Influencers Sharing Their Target Audience Secret.

The Ultimate Round-Up of Content Marketing Tips.


  • I think you would agree to it that it takes really good amount of effort to generate an idea. But, it can get a bit easy if you use these free resources to know about what's trending and also some interesting stuff in your niche: Reddit, Quora, Buzzfeed, Keyhole.
  • I would also recommend reading this highly relevant part to this link building method: 5 tips for Successful Email Outreach.

4) Going above medium links with Medium.

Medium is a serious platform for serious bloggers. Because of its elegant look, it has a lot more appeal than BLOGGER or WEEBLY. I don’t know why but it definitely ranks on Google and also for high competitive keywords.

It also has a large number of readers that make more eyeballs rollover your content. But the point is how you can easily build links to your blog from Medium?.

For that, it has one beautiful thing and that is you can republish your content on Medium without any hesitation. Medium offers a feature to import content and then uses rel=”no-follow” tag so that it does not hurt your SEO.


Now if your content is worth it then it may even get rank on the 1’st page on Google. And which means you can ask others to link to the original content on their blog.

Also, link from your Medium blog to your main blog which will also give an extra push to your campaign.


  • To sharpen up your writing-skills, you can use this free writing assistant: Grammarly.
  • Also don't forget to check out this free guide on Medium Marketing.

5) Slideshare + Youtube Combo Effect.

Slideshare is one of the best content curation sites after Youtube. You can see it from stats and many slides views have even crossed many millions.

Slideshare+Youtube combo effect

So it has become mandatory for a blogger to be active on SlideShare. And if you know PowerPoint which is as simple as Ms. Paint then you are ready to go. Now the easiest way to make links from here is to offer your slides to YouTubers in your niche.

As you may have seen that many YouTubers use slides so often. So use your slides with unique data and content to bribe them actually. And just make them desperate to use it in their videos.

Also, ask them to give a link to the original content in the description of the video. If they also have a blog then they would also write an article related to the video and could give you a link there also.

So, Considering SlideShare as one of your key traffic boosting funnel, it can be a double-edged reward strategy.


  • To get into the eyes of Youtubers among thousand others is not an easy job, you should consider being on trending page of Slideshare. Where this guide can come in handy: Slideshare-Traffic Case-Study.
  • Also, if you want to make slide creation process easy to go, then try these free web apps: Renderforest, Canva, SmileBox.

Bonus #1: Interview bloggers/YouTubers in your niche.

If you think like you might not be able to take an interview of someone authority in your domain. Then this might be correct but remember you have to think about an interview as a link building opportunity.

If you approach someone who stands alongside with you in expertise. Then he/she may be a good prospect to take an interview. Because they may agree easily and the most important is that it is sure that they would mention it on their blog.

Don’t put your egoistic self to reject this proposal, believing that your competitors would get an edge over you. Because if you have a good chance of interviewing around 20 bloggers then at the end you will only be benefited more than the rest.

Bonus #2: Embed other Youtube Videos on your blog.

This is another example of link exchanging. You need to embed underperforming but yet useful videos of others in your blog. In the process of time consider asking for link indirectly by offering your epic contents.

You may expect to get links in the description as I think YouTubers are more modest than bloggers.

Bonus #3: GuestPodcasting.

GuestPodcasting is a lot easier than Guest Posting because it's relatively a new platform. Maybe you haven't ever listened to any Podcast episodes yet but there are tons of people who do it regularly.

The only way to become Guest is to offer them content for their next episode unless you are an influencer.

With continued efforts like this, you would soon turn GuestPodcasting into a link building opportunity in your blog.

Wrapping up

I hope you have learned something new and less painful than the traditional way of building links. I’ll be happy to know if you were able to make some links with these techniques. Just focus on the techniques that worked for you and you would soon be getting lots of targeted traffic.