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iPhone App Development Cost - How much You Need to Pay for Developing Business iPhone Application

The iPhone app development domain is thriving as businesses want to leverage its benefits. Here we give an account of the app development cost for iPhones.

iPhone App Development Cost - How much You Need to Pay for Developing Business iPhone Application

Monday September 17, 2018,

8 min Read

Apple’s iPhone has revolutionized the ways of performing business operations. Whether it is accessing the data, implementing a BYOD concept, or promoting mobility, the iPhone has done an excellent job so far. The device offers an utmost security to the critical corporate data. A customized iPhone app can enable businesses to go to the next level thanks to iPhone’s business-friendly features. In such a scenario, no enterprise can afford to move ahead without an iPhone app.

Though the penetration of Android OS is higher than that of iOS worldwide, the majority of companies still prefer iOS for developing customized enterprise apps. The advent of newer iPhones thrives iPhone app development as more entrepreneurs opt for developing an iPhone app. As a business owner, you can offer a better user experience and improved services to your customers with an iPhone app. Here we explain the cost factor for an iPhone app to assist you in taking a decision.

Before giving an approximate cost of developing a business iPhone app, let us start with the good news: the iPhone app development cost is less than that of an Android app development cost.

Now, let us go through a few of the important factors that impact the cost:

1. iPhone app features

When you want to develop an iPhone app, you need to do a proper research. The research involves both the market trends and the business model. On the basis of research, you can identify the necessary features for your business application. You can also consult an iPhone app development company to define the features for your app. It is better to think of integrating all such features that can assist you to leverage the feature-rich iPhones.  

You also need to define business-specific features. For example, if you have an eCommerce business, you need to offer a safe payment gateway and navigation facility. If your business model is of B2C type, you should provide social media integration and notification facility.  

Remember, you app development price largely depends on the features. If your app needs database integration, API integration, third-party integration, and other complex features to be included, the development cost would be quite high. In brief, you should act as per the demands of your business. Also, if custom designs and animations are much needed then only you should go for it.

2. iPhone app developers team

When you hire iPhone app developers from a reputed mobile app development company, you get a team that works exclusively on your app project. It can be either basic or extended team depending on the project requirements and deadline. The basic app developers’ team consists of a project manager, one or two developers, a UI designer and a QA executive. The extended team has a business analyst, a backend developer, and a panel designer along with all the members of a basic team.

If you have a complex app or you want to develop an app in a short time, the extended team should be your choice. Though the extended team costs you more, you can get a bespoke app swiftly. The faster project completion can help you enhance the reputation and give you a competitive edge.

3. iPhone app development duration

The duration of app development plays a significant role in deciding the cost. It is because the app duration is directly related to the number of developers. The speedier app development process is pricey as the iPhone app development company has to involve more developers. On the other hand, if you want an app to get ready in a medium timeframe, you need just a basic team of developers with a less cost.

The app’s complexity is also important when it comes to defining the deadline. A robust app with interrelated features and complicated backend takes more time whereas a simple app with a few features will be developed in a short time. Here is a twist: you should not hurry in the development process to save bucks because it may result in bugs or a faulty functionality.   

4. iPhone app support and maintenance

Apart from iPhone app design and development cost, you need to keep provision for an additional charge. Yes, your business app needs to stay updated with technological advancements. Every year, Apple comes up with a newer iOS version that has innovative features and enhanced functionality. Therefore, your iPhone app needs to be compatible with the latest iOS version and offers a seamless performance across various models of iPhones.

Many iPhone app developers offer additional support and maintenance services to keep your app ready to deal with a growing competition and future requirements. Such post-release support costs are also different as per various companies’ policy and it is not included in initial cost estimates. Therefore, it is advisable to ask the app development company for the support and maintenance cost.  

Even if your budget does not permit, you need to opt for a real-time support and maintenance. It can ensure your app’s success in a long run.

5. Miscellaneous expenses

Let’s face it! Even if your iPhone app has user-friendly features and attractive interface, it needs promotional efforts in the beginning. App Store Optimization (ASO) campaign and other strategies can give your app a flying start in the App Store. You need to consider these expenses along with a development cost.

A few business apps also require backend server, cloud hosting, and legal support. These are also considered as miscellaneous expenses. When you select an iPhone app development company for assigning your app project, you will get a detailed quote on cost breakdown as per the requirements.

If you want to integrate the technological advancements like AR and VR in your app to serve the app users in a better way, you need to spend more bucks.

Last but not the least. The business iPhone apps can be classified as per industry sectors. The app development cost is different for every sector depending on the features. Mostly, the following sectors have remained the biggest beneficiaries of the thriving iPhone app development domain:

  1. Retail and eCommerce
  2. Hospitality
  3. Healthcare and Fitness
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Transportation and Logistics

But, it does not mean that other sectors cannot take the benefits of iPhone devices.

How the complexity of an iPhone app influences the cost

The business app can be divided into three broad categories viz. Simple, moderate, and complex. A simple app has neither an API integration nor a back-end. It has standard UI components and basic features like social login, email subscription, etc. Such apps can be swiftly developed and cost less than $10000.

. It is dearer than a simple app and costs over $20000. It also takes almost double the time in development than a simple app.

The complex app has all the desired features. It has multi-language support and third-party integrations. Database integration and a robust back-end can help companies serve all the purposes. You can include customized animations and real-time features for enhancing the user experience as well. But, such an app can cost above $40000 depending on the number and complexity of features.

Hourly rates and iPhone app development cost

There is a huge difference in the hourly development rates across various continents. For example, the North America-based developers take over $160 an hour. The European developers charge anywhere between $90 to $170. The Australian developers charge between $50 to $150 an hour. In Asia, the Indian iPhone app developers offer the lowest hourly rates that start from $25 and go up to $50 per hour.

Whether your app takes more time or less, the hourly rates have a significant impact on the development cost. For example, if a simple app takes 400 hours to develop, it will cost you $64000 in the US and $12000 if you hire iPhone app programmers from India.

Estimation of iPhone app cost

Let us estimate the cost of your iPhone app by considering all these aspects. You get a simple iPhone app with basic features between $6000-$8000. Whereas, the moderate or medium app costs you between $20000 to $ 40000, and a complex app costs above $40000. Here we consider the hourly rate from $25 to $50. If the rate is over $50, then the price range will be on a higher side.

Companies with budgetary constraints can come up with a basic app initially. After some time, it is fine to bring an updated version of the app with other necessary features.

Here, it is fair to mention that every app is different from the perspective of features and appearance. This difference also reflects in the development cost. Many custom iPhone app development services providers give you free quotes on the basis of your specifications.


The iPhone app can give your company a higher RoI and help you build a reputation online. It is worth spending money on iPhone app development services because you get a lot of business benefits for a long time. You need to contact a reliable iPhone app development company, and they will take care of all the aspects ranging from development to deployment of your tailored application.

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