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Is it better to sell your used phone online? Read here to discover more

An upgrade is the latest praxis in this technologically advanced world, but what about the old smartphones you have? Check out some of the reasons that make online the perfect platform to sell.

Is it better to sell your used phone online? Read here to discover more

Tuesday January 15, 2019,

3 min Read

“I want to sell my phone”, has this thought popped into your mind recently while you were clearing your closet of old handsets? In this online era, selling an old mobile is done either through exchange or re-commerce.

Exchanges are like an offer you might avail while you are buying your next phone. But, selling your old phone is an entirely different process. In this selling system, you book your phone for sale and a price is decided based on the condition.

Listed here are some of the reasons that would help you consider selling your old phone online.                        

#1 Makes good money                                                                                                                  

If the first thought that strikes you is how to sell my mobile for best price, then contemplate selling your phone to an online platform. Selling on these platforms is profitable as they consider every phone to have a distinct price of its own. Platforms like SellnCash has come up with some of the best price plans for your old and used smartphones that you are ready to get rid of.

When you give up your phone for sale, you will be asked about your phone’s condition which will ultimately decide the price.

So, what all decide the price for your phone? 

•  Physical or system defect

• The age of your model

• Its brand value

• Any added accessories

#2 No need to negotiate

Another benefit of selling on an online platform is that you get to avoid all kinds of negotiations with the buyer regarding the price. The cost decided is the actual market price, which means the value of your old phone remains intact and you don’t have to face any loss.

You must know that the price of an old smartphone depreciates every day. Thus if you are one of those tech freaks who love buying new gadgets, then prepare to sell your mobile before the arrival of next version.

#3 It is secure & reliable  

Sellers are generally apprehensive about selling their old phones to an unknown party. There is a bit of fear about giving up any confidential data or about the misuse of the phone. But be assured that when you sell your old phone online, you are definitely going to get billing in return.

Even the data is completely erased by the experts before they buy your phone. Hence there remains a complete peace of mind for the seller.

So, what’s on your mind?

The above-mentioned reasons must have motivated you enough to sell your old mobile online. If you are of a mind to give up your phone, then make your plans today before the prices go down any further. Keep it safe, avoid any more damage and get the price in return.