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Journey Of Charismatic IAS Officer - Naveen Chandra

How to dream big and achieve it.

Journey Of Charismatic IAS Officer - Naveen Chandra

Tuesday April 28, 2020,

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Let us hear a journey about charismatic IAS officer - Naveen Chandra. 

 In today's time it is precious for every youngster to pursue passion and profession. Though, we are encircled in  the ever changing digital world, still we have a set of students who are willing to break the stereotypes and clinch the torch of success. 

There are many such inspirational stories but one which touched my heart was of - Naveen Chandra. 

Naveen Chandra - IAS Officer Who Envisioned To Break Shackles And Serve Nation 

Most of us, have grown up listening to some or the other story about a charismatic District Magistrate whose work is still spoken of and whose name is written in golden letters in the history of the district, then many of us have grown up on movies like “Sarfarosh”, wanting to become an IPS & serve the nation like the protagonist, and much more.

Naveen Chandra

A Childhood Dream To Become DM

The civil services exam, have been a great leveller, it brings sons & daughters of top bureaucrats & has them compete with sons & daughters of a rickshaw puller, a farm labourer, a daily wage worker. It doesn't demark anyone but keeps everyone at the level and victorious is the one who scores high marks and triumphs the battles. 

Naveen Chandra

This exam is a great leveller as it brings the dreams of the depressed, the low, the vanquished and places them on the same pedestal to those who already have lived the dream once. It gives them a fair chance, a fair chance to redeem themselves, a fair chance to make a mark, a fair chance at life.

Naveen Always Believes That ,


Naveen doesn't want to see anyone hungry or sleeping on roads. He wants to create infrastructure in such a manner that no child should be out of school and no road shall remain unmade. He also says candidly that " I never dreamt of anyone compromising on their dignity for survival.

 I dreamt of ensuring that no one shall sleep hungry in my district when I become a DM, no one shall have to leave school and roads should be made.He has immense gratitude for the same service that he has become part of, and is serving the  nation.

Naveen Chandra

What Inspired Naveen  to get into the IAS

When I look back, I don’t remember a time when I didn’t want to get into the IAS. That’s all I wanted growing up. My father had also tried once but couldn’t & both my parents made tremendous sacrifices for their kids to fulfil their dreams. My biggest inspiration are my parents, they are not just incredible parents, they are incredible human beings as well. I have literally seen them struggle for people they hardly know, so that they can help them, without wanting anything in return. That’s the spirit which has guided me.

 It is the sheer greatness of the same service that I am a part of today that most of this is already done but I still dream, I dream that everyone is able to get all the services when they want, I dream that migration for work shall become a choice, I dream that Indian startups shall be the best in the world, I dream that innovation shall become our hallmark, I believe it is indeed the time for the Indian Dream. 

What Inspires Naveen 

“Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build their’s.”- Farrah Gray

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”-

Friedrich Nietzsche 

Now, it is time to come to the conclusion of the inspirational story which will inspire millions of people across the nation that  how to dream big and realise it.

Wishing all the best to Naveen Chandra for his future endeavours and success in both professional life.