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Key Benefits of IVR for Better Customer Service

Key Benefits of IVR for Better Customer Service

Thursday January 31, 2019,

5 min Read

One of the most effective ways to always stay ahead of the competitive curve in this market is to embrace and implement advancing technologies and trend within your business to ultimately serve your clients better and in a more efficient manner.


One of the ongoing trends that have taken the call centre market by storm is of Interactive Voice Response also abbreviated as IVR. In this article, we’ll be discussing the importance and benefits of employing IVR within your call centre business.


What Exactly Is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response is an automated system that automatically interacts with a caller on your behalf without any human intervention and helps to forward calls to appropriate departments. The IVR technology takes responses in voice or numeric forms to carry the conversation further with a caller and takes the desired action accordingly.

Key Benefits of IVR

Employing an IVR system within your call centre business can help elevate and improve your business in many key areas. Some of the key benefits of using an IVR system are detailed as follows: -

1. Better Routing


 Since an IVR system takes direct inputs for every action, the system knows exactly where to route the call in the minimal time. This helps to route calls efficiently within your organisation and reduces any bottleneck of resources and a never-ending queue of incoming calls.


2. Minimal Human Intervention


An IVR system can easily handle inquiries that your business receives.

Not only does the system perform the desired action within a minimum duration, but it also does so without any human intervention. This allows you to divert your human resources to another field which might be in need of it. The employment of an IVR system allows for more possibilities to open up since you would reduce significantly on the required human efforts.


3. Lower ASA Scores


Average Speed to Answer (ASA) scores is deemed crucial to make your business stand out. Employing an IVR system within your organisation significantly lowers ASA scores to a much desirable level. Since the IVR self-service option can handle most of the common inquiries without routing the call to a human, this allows agents to take up any urgent caller with a unique inquiry that the IVR system is incapable of answering. This ultimately leads to lower ASA scores for a call centre.

4. Prevents Queues


Given the ability of an IVR system to engage with a number of callers instantly, the utilisation of an IVR system within your business prevents any large call queues.


Any incoming call is instantly connected with the IVR as it provides self-help options to answer the customer’s query without routing the call to a human agent. This rapid engagement of callers on an extraordinary scale allows to free up any potential queues within a call centre.


5. 24/7 Service -  

Unlike human agents, an IVR system can effectively function throughout the day without any noticeable decrease in performance. This allows for an IVR system to constantly remain online to serve and answer customer’s queries, regardless of the hour of the incoming call. 

6. Consistent Performance -

An IVR system is built to provide consistent performance without any significant hikes or dips. Unlike a human agent, an IVR system is inconsiderate of the environment it is performing in and is also void of any physical needs to perform efficiently. This allows it to deliver a consistent output and provide a effective performance rates without demanding for the most idealistic of conditions.


7. Minimal Errors -

Since an IVR system is designed with only a few specific instructions, it offers negligible to no errors. Unlike its human counterpart, it is not vulnerable to getting confused or to getting bottlenecked, given there are enough resources available at the back-end. The feature of no human errors seeping in while functioning makes it relatively more reliable for situations where no critical thinking is involved.


8. Overall Greater Customer Satisfaction -

Given the benefits above of employing an IVR system within your business, an IVR system can significantly boost customer satisfaction rates of your business. The fact that there are more customers engaged at the moment and also, the increased number of human agents at hand, it allows for a call centre to better serve their customers and allows to guide them through an appropriate solution to their issue more efficiently


9. Decreased Resource Consumption -

As an IVR system grows in capabilities, it can potentially replace human employees and also decrease the resource consumption within your company. This not only allows to save a significant amount of financial resources but, given the almost instantaneous speeds of execution, can also save up on a considerable amount of time during functioning.

To Conclude

The IVR technology is an emerging and evolving trend within the call centre market. An IVR program holds major scaling opportunities with the evolving field of technology. Employing this system within your organization can drastically improve customer satisfaction rates and other metrics used to define the quality of customer experience too, ultimately, allow for a company to land more leads and hence, increase their annual income amount. If one seeks to better their customer experience, implementing an IVR program is one of the most effective ways to do so.

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