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Launch Your ICO with Perfect Marketing Strategy

Launch Your ICO with Perfect Marketing Strategy

Thursday April 25, 2019,

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The ICO era is currently in its rising phase, and cryptocurrency continues to be the buzz word in the technology industry. ICO marketing is the most crucial part of the process for launching an ICO, and over the years the total budget of success is rising and so is the initial cost of investment.

The success of an ICO development campaign is dependent on coming up with the out of the box marketing methodologies and adopting the latest technologies in advertising. To make your investors believe in your ICO, it is essential for them to see the credibility of the project. Marketing strategy can help in bringing out the hidden flame of your product that will help you take your idea to masses that builds a pool of interested investors. So, here is a checklist that is required to market your ICO.

ICO Marketing Strategy Checklist

A Creative Website

The first thing any ICO startup for ICO launch services is to have a decent and creative website that shows their vision, goals, and plans. The primary purpose behind the site is to ensure that your website makes a good impression on your investors. Ensure that the following points are noted on your website.

  • Link social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram, Reddit, YouTube, Bitcoin, etc.
  • A dedicated overview of the project that also specifies the problems you intend to solve
  • A dedicated section to market your whitepaper with other documentation that provides detailed information about your project.
  • A summary of token generation methodology - like purchase methods, pricing, terms of symbolic sale, fund allocation, etc
  • A roadmap of your ICO development agency along with dates and milestones
  • An introduction to the founders, team, or advisers. Also, link their LinkedIn accounts with their debut for personal  

PR and Media Reach

After creating a creative website, it is time to market your ICO. The marketing for ICO development solutions or Blockchain will vary the typical marketing strategy. This is because the target audience for your ICO launch will be different from regular users. Hence, your PR and media reach should be adjusted accordingly.

  • Press Release

PR is responsible for building your reputation. It adds value and creates a link with the customers. You will find some top-tier websites where you can publish your press release on the internet. There are many websites which are specific to the crypto environment. Also, there are few websites which allow you to publish your PR for free. But, it is important to allocate a specific budget to your ICO marketing strategy. Coindelite.com, Cointelegraph.com, icotimeline.com, news.bitcoin.com, and bitcoinmagazine.com are some of the best crypto specific PR publishing sites.

  • Content

Content is the most powerful marketing tool. The fundamental requirement to market your ICO is designing, implementing, and executing a comprehensive content market strategy. This defines the way your project will be perceived and determines the power of your message. It is essential that every piece of content is tailored to specific audiences. Content can be of any form – social memes, blog posts, videos, infographics, or podcasts. The material should be planned, well-structured, and published such that it receives maximum attention and benefit from their audience.

Community and Social Media Management

There are a plethora of social media channels and online communities to fathom from that are specifically dedicated to ICO marketing and bitcoin discussion. There are some free channels as well that will help you gain momentum for your ICO development company.

Websites and Forums

Bitcointalk is an online website and a popular forum where your real-time involvement is a must.


There are many subreddits from where you can make your presence felt. R/ethrader, r/Bancor, r/icocrypto are some of the useful subreddits for ICO marketing.


Quora is an excellent place for ICO marketing. It has a lot of discussions on ICOs, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrencies.  

LinkedIn Groups

There are thousands of groups on LinkedIn that discusses the crypto environment, ICO launch, and Bitcoin. Join these groups, initiate discussions, and market about your ICO.  

Facebook Groups

Facebook does not allow ads related to bitcoin. But, that been said, there are forums and groups where you can promote a platform that shares information and educate other participants.

Some other social media and other sites offering a significant advantage to market your ICO: Twitter, Telegram, Steemit, YouTube, Slack, Discord, and RocketChat.

Targeted Paid Campaigns

Platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat has banned paid crypto ads. This leaves us with minimal options for ICO marketing. Banner advertising is one of them. A lot of crypto specific channels, relevant blogs, news sites, and networks offer package deals for the banner, email and content advertising. It promises to fetch results similar to PPC campaigns. It is advisable to prefer packaged deals for monthly ads and content releases. cointraffic.io, coinad.com, a-ads.com, bitmedia.io, and adbit.biz are some of the leading ad networks that specialize in Crypto Ad Networks.

Winning SEO Strategy

An intelligently planned on-page and off-page SEO tactics help in offering a clear path right from the start and ensures a long-term source of organic traffic. Quality content and well-researched link buildings are the backbones of SEO, branding, and online reputation management of your ICO project.

ICO Listing

Listing your ICO project in the ICO listing sites is of utmost significance as it introduces your project and helps in propagating it. The list available on these websites is a collection of all live ICO campaigns, to provide data on each listed ICO development service right from the status, hosting country, token type/price, to sale start and finish date.