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Magento Vs. Wordpress! Which one to choose for online store development?

Magento Vs. Wordpress! Which one to choose for online store development?

Wednesday April 22, 2020,

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Magento Vs. Wordpress! Which one to choose for online store development?

Dedicated content management systems are required to run a robust online store. Magento and Wordpress are two open source options at your disposal which are used for ecommerce store development. Since, both of these are open source, they are free to use and hence businesses all of sizes can leverage them to create fully-functioning online stores.

Magento and Wordpress both are good options and possess their own strengths. In this post, we will shed some light on the major differences between Wordpress and Magento so that you can make a well-informed choice.

1.     Your Business Goals

First things first! You must take into account your business goals before making a choice. If your short and long term goals include building up a profitable business by boosting sales, then Magento must be your pick. According to Magento development companies, there is no dearth of possibilities when it comes to Magento. It gives you an option of managed cloud hosting with Magento commerce which was earlier known as Magento Enterprise. If you wish to choose a self-hosted route, then Magento Open Source is a great pick for you.

If your goals include digital publishing and content marketing then Wordpress can be an appropriate solution for you. You can choose to go for enterprise-grade managed hosting solutions like WP Engine or host your website at Wordpress.com.

2.     Security Aspect

Companies offering Magento ecommerce development services say that security is another crucial element to consider while creating an online store. You must be wondering which one is more secure, Magento or Wordpress? Truth be told, both of these platforms have been around for a long time now. They both feature years of security enhancements and that’s why they are both a preferred choice because of their maturity. The core code of both Wordpress and Magento is astonishingly secure. It all boils down to themes, add-ons and plugins when it comes to the security. Besides, server management is another vital aspect which you need to take into account, if you decide to go a self-hosted route. Going for a managed hosting solution is highly recommended by magento website development companies. This is because there is higher level of flexibility and freedom. You will not be concerned about misconfigurations in server leading to risky security flaws.

3.     Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Magento development companies say that while choosing Magento you must go for a well-scripted theme. Magento is not built for content marketing and it takes some efforts to make it ready for SEO. It is not impossible though.

Wordpress is considered SEO friendly, but you must choose clean-coded themes apart from choosing good plugins such as Yoast to boost your SEO prospects.

4.     Selling Virtual or Physical Products?

Are you planning to sell virtual or physical products? This is another question you must have an answer for before making a decision. This is because if you will just be selling virtual products then there will be no need of complicated shipping arrangements. And hence Wordpress will suffice; however, if your store will be selling a huge number of products, for instance over 500, then Magento is the best pick. You can create an online store with Wordpress as well, if you will not be selling a huge number of physical products.


Both Magento and Wordpress have their own strengths and weaknesses and you must make up your mind after taking into account the aspects we shared above. A good way to make a well-informed decision is to get in touch with a reputed Wordpress or Magento development company to take their opinion.