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How to Make a B2C E-commerce Business Popular and Successful

How to Make a B2C E-commerce Business Popular and Successful

Monday January 06, 2020,

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Are you an ecommerce brand running a B2C business? Have you recently noticed that the competition is getting fiercer by the day? While starting an online store can be fun and exciting, running a successful ecommerce business can be really tricky. 

The term business-to-consumer refers to a transaction between the manufacturers or online retailers and their consumers. It can include selling products and/or services directly to the end user. In a crowded B2C ecommerce world, there are countless alternatives, engaging options and high supply rate (even more than demand) for the consumers now. For a win-win situation you surely need a well planned out approach to boost your business and take it to a new level of success. So, what is your strategy?  

Marketing Strategies That Will Boost Your B2C E-commerce Business

Maximizing Your Marketing Strategies

Yes, that’s what you need! A strong, up-to-date and customer-centric marketing strategy is the answer to a successful online business. Of course, if you are a B2C ecommerce brand, obtaining new customers and retaining the old clients is the actual way to increase traffic on your online store. And the best way to do it is through emotionally motivated sales. But this is not where it ends – there is more! 

What about impactful advertisements, catchy punchlines, exploding with good content to stir up a strong connection, giving your store a competitive edge to remain ahead of the competition? Yes, they should all be a part of your marketing game. And why not?

As a business person, you must know that in 2018 the B2C e-commerce sales had almost gone up to 2.35 trillion USD! With more and more people opting for online purchasing, the number is sure to shoot up. It is recorded that approximately 51% of Americans are in favor of online shopping and by 2020, at least 36% of Indians will also be following the same purchase pattern. 

So, why wait? Let’s dig in and know the right marketing strategies to grow your B2C ecommerce business and make it stand out! 

Amuse Them with Discounts

Who doesn’t love discounts? It makes people go crazy or at least lures them to take a peek at it. So, never forget about discounts, coupons and codes when trying to attract traffic on your online store. Besides good reviews and word-of-mouth promotion, discount offers gives the required push and fascinates people to explore your store. 

So, how do you do it? Well, start looking for a top ecommerce platform that offers powerful discount engine. It should allow you to handle different types of coupons and discounts for promotions. Check if it gives you the ability  to generate percentage-based or flat discounts for your collections, products, user groups, categories and device specific audiences. 

Next, you should also look for a solution that helps you easily create coupons right from your dashboard. Look for a solution that will enable you to customise your offers and set up multiple promotions in one go. And, don’t forget the referral game. That’s one of the smart ways to expand your clientele. Offer referral discount points for sharing and using your store name to the old and new users. Choose a top ecommerce platform that provides flexibility to play with a variety of promotion types and helps plan your marketing strategies in advance. Sit back and now maximize on your marketing ROI.  

1.Tap the Power of Social Media 

We are living in a digital world today and everything is on our fingertips. And, your online e-commerce business is a part of the big virtual marketplace that is constantly booming. So, if you want your brand to stand out then don’t lag behind in the competition. Leverage the power of social media and tap into the search engine optimization world. 

Look for an SEO friendly platform that has inbuilt B2C marketing features and lets you complete  SEO processes effortlessly. This may include provision for SEO optimized themes, blog engine, unique product page URLs, automatic sitemap and meta fields. These features help in improving your rank on Google in an easier way and would help you rank higher in SERPs. 

Keep your strategy ready before you begin your marketing and make use of these tools to boost your organic traffic. 

2. Promotions to Maximize Sales

How can you grow your clientele without promotions? Marketing your brand is important to help you get noticed. So, gear up your marketing page. It works as the front-face of your brand where all the traffic and online leads are redirected to. However, don’t confuse it with your B2C website homepage. That’s different. 

Dynamic marketing pages work wonders in promoting brands. So, look for a platform that enables you to create attractive, user-friendly custom pages that are dynamic in nature. Use these pages to promote your amazing marketing strategies and products. Segment them based on  time, device, geography and user persona to get the maximum ROI. 

Moreover, the liberty to upload banners, alter the colors and design, uploading edited and updated attractive content can be really fascinating. And for that you don’t need to be a coding expert. Just pick the right top ecommerce platform that specializes in creating attractive dynamic marketing pages to promote your products. 

Also, don’t forget about the dynamic and custom forms that help you to conduct surveys. It is one of the best ways to generate leads and get valuable feedback from potential customers. Make sure your platform can customize these forms according to your needs and store it for future reference. 

3.A Strong Customer Support System

What happens if you have dedicated customers but no reliable support system to assist them? Many B2C online purchase cycles remain incomplete because of lack of support system that can answer customer queries and help them out. The unhappy customers then leave and you lose your sale. 

So, never forget to add chat support as an essential conversion tool to your e-commerce business. And do it before you lose any potential customers. Go a little further and  incorporate multiple support channels along with live chats. Make sure your support is interactive, aware of rules, resolves issues in real time, offers the right and optimum solutions and fulfills the basic expectations of your customers. After all, the better the support the more customers will rely and trust your B2C brand. 

4.Loyalty Reward for Customers

What is a business without loyal customers? So, why not go the extra mile to please them? If you have customers who associate themselves with your online store, then you should certainly appreciate their gesture. Never forget – “Loyalty can’t be bought, it is earned.”

Reward points to customers for their purchase. You can also opt for a wallet system-based solution where credit points will be rewarded to customers for signing up or for referrals.  However, it can be tough to keep a track of the bulk of customers every day. Well, you need to select a top ecommerce platform that will support your marketing scheme. It must be able to offer tools to study customer behavior, provide analytics and value your time to help you expand your e-commerce business. 

These analytics should be so designed that they help you filter relevant data and help you manage all your loyalty schemes, realize the pattern of your business sale and manage your clientele effortlessly. This will ensure the smooth functioning of your loyalty wallet where you can choose reward types for your specific customers. Happy customer and a happy you!

5.Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment 

Imagine getting a customer to the shopping cart and then lose the person on the sale. This is quite a common occurrence while shopping online on a B2C platform. However, it can be reduced. Mostly, the reason for abandonment are – complicated checkouts, delivery charges, payment gateway issues, site responsiveness issues, unclear final costs etc. 

But, do you want to lose out on those potential leads for such trivial reasons? Of course not, you cannot give up on your sale. So, go for a platform that provides easy and effortless checkout solutions and can also store customer’s contact information for reconnecting with them. A top ecommerce platform must be able to track order details and send the abandoned cart mailers, auto follow-up messages to lure them back to make a purchase. 

To make the second time conversion, make use of Facebook ads. Yes, that’s the current trend now! Place the Facebook pixel on the admin section of your website to collect data. It will help to optimize ads, track your previous customers and help you remarket the abandoned products. 

The goal here is to look for advanced shopping cart abandonment solutions for your B2C store that surely increases the probability of conversions and reduces the threat of losing customers on making a sale. 

6.Use the Power of Content 

Content is king and there is no arguing there! It’s the most effective tool to acquire leads and turn them into potential customers. In order to set your brand apart, you need inspiring articles, blogs, taglines and slogans that are customer-centric and have clear value proposition.

Have you ever noticed that most people look for reviews and articles before purchasing a product from a B2C store? That’s the trend now and why not? Before they invest money, they have the right to examine the worth of the product. So, it’s your job to provide relevant, clear and positive content with an effective call to action. 

Also, keyword-rich content enables SEO link building that will increase your Google rankings. So, pick a platform that enables you to update, edit and manage content and reviews. Moreover, it should allow you to publish unlimited blogs, insert images in the content, save them for future use, set a date for the post to go live and view count. Also, it should have the flexibility to let you share them on social media to reach out to a wider audience. 


Begin your search today for the right feature-rich top e-commerce platform that can cater to all your essential e-commerce needs and help you reach out to your target audience. Keep in mind the 7 important marketing strategies that have been proven to accelerate customer base and can eventually grow your e-commerce business. 

Always look for a platform that offers you comprehensive inbuilt features and marketing solutions that are diverse in nature to suit the changing needs of your business. No matter how successful your business is today, your platform should always be ready for the next big change and quickly adapt to it. It needs to keep evolving. 

So, there you are – deliver the right strategies with power and conviction and your B2C brand is sure to drive more sales, bring in more conversions and earn more customers, ensuring steady success,   

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