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Market Trends in the Gambling and Casino Industry Revenue

Market Trends in the Gambling and Casino Industry Revenue

Tuesday September 03, 2019,

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“Change is the only constant” fits so well in current times when due to technological innovations industries across the board are seeing a change like never before. The gambling and casino industry has undergone several changes over the past few years due to technological advancements. But of course, there have been other contributing factors that cannot be brushed aside. The increased per capita income, dual-income in households and growing know-how about gambling has all done their work in bringing change. 

But what has possibly been the biggest reason why the gambling industry and casinos are undergoing so much change is because of smartphone penetration. Today more than casinos, online gambling and betting sites are ruling the roost and calling the shots.  According to Online Gambling Quarterly, 61% of gambling operators’ revenue comes via mobile devices. Furthermore, 72% of betting stakes are from mobile devices. They have attracted unprecedented traffic from the US, UK, Italy, China and the South-Asian Region alike. Other factors such as the rising popularity of block-chain technology, cashless opportunities, bonuses, etc. have really catapulted the industry towards a different direction. There are several market trends that are can currently be observed in the gambling and casino industry which has also boosted revenue. Let us take a look at the leading market trends. 

Live Casinos

Mobile app promoting gambling and betting has completely changed the dynamics of the industry. Only a small percentage of enthusiasts today like to visit a real-land casino because they get to play and win bigger on online platforms. The current trend of live casinos that streaming on online platforms and have live dealers is very popular. Moreover, since the gambling industry uses digital currency through block-chain technology, it has further made live casinos a real hit.  

Trending Casino Games

There have been many worrying reports that due to the onslaught of online gambling sites, the casino industry is dying a slow death. But recent research and market indices show that casinos are far from dead. Roulette, blackjack, slots, craps, and baccarat are very people among young people. Casinos that have upgraded themselves with the latest technologies are bringing in the public and the revenues. Standalone kiosks with AI features are very popular. 

Online Gambling

There is no doubt that online gambling has completely changed the industry. Within a few years, the unprecedented growth of online gambling platforms has catapulted the popularity of gambling. online gambling also changes the concept of “No money means no gambling”. while using credit cards gambling lover can continue a game. but, the user needs to check the online gambling community terms like Apple’s Credit Card has some pros and cons. 

In online gambling, betting is most popular followed by online casinos and lottery. Similarly, sports’ betting is most popularly followed by horse racing and greyhound racing. Lotteries are also popular. Online gambling sites are constantly improving their security features making them less susceptible to fraud. 

Revenues Generation

Most of the revenue that is being generated in the gambling industry is coming from specific geographical locations. The gambling market globally is divided into the following regions – APAC, North America, Europe, MEA and Latin America. The Asia Pacific market is currently bringing in the largest share of revenues. Gambling is particularly popular in Macau (which incidentally also has the best casinos in the world), Australia and mainland China and Hong Kong. The reason why gambling is increasingly getting popular in the APAC region is because of the rise in per capita income, the penetration of smartphones and rising popularity and know-how of mobile gambling apps.  

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality technology has augmented the gambling industry’s prospect farther. It has been seen that casinos that have incorporated VR in their games are more popular, especially among the youth. Virtual Reality makes gaming more realistic and social. The future of VR in gambling is especially bright in the mobile gambling sector which will allow players to operate slot machines, interact with other players from the confines of their homes. 

If market trends are to be believed then the gambling and casino industry is poised for further growth in the upcoming years. Technological innovation will continue to drive the industry. 

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