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Marketers Need To Learn About Design Too

By learning design basics, a marketer can not only communicate with their customers well but make meaningful conversations with their designers too.

Marketers Need To Learn About Design Too

Monday February 04, 2019,

3 min Read

You’ve probably heard enough about Designers being told to learn about Marketing - just to know the basics if nothing else. But truth be told, they can survive fine even if they don’t understand much about Marketing - given they stay in a team. It’s the marketers who need to be acquainted with the design if they want to make something out of it.

Why? You may ask. Simply because knowing something in good detail helps in marketing it better. Knowing about design will better enable the Marketers and they would not have resort to window dressing. It also expands their knowledge on a related field and helps them communicate better. What’s not to strive for here?

If you don’t like the idea of reading up on books on a field that has nothing to do with you, don’t worry - the most basic of knowledge will do. All you have to do is take the plunge. Maybe you would end up liking it enough to dive deeper.

Sell Better

It’s the same thing as a Salesperson knowing their product inside out to be able to sell it. When you go to a shop and inquire about certain products, you expect a detailed presentation from the salesperson. You may even question certain aspects while you are at it. And if the seller does not know about the product enough to answer you, that is just going to result in you not buying it.

The same concept applies to marketers and designers too. Learning about design helps a Marketer in selling their product authentically. They can also interact with their target audience better and maintain relationships with existing customers.

Communicate Better

You can articulate your thoughts well when you know the intricacies of a particular thing. By learning design basics, a marketer can not only communicate with their customers well but make meaningful conversations with their designers too. Moreover, you can also communicate better with third parties.

Inspire Better

Learning something creative can only do you good. From a business standpoint, it can help you think creatively to aid problem-solving and come up with new ideas. From a tactical point of view, it can help you understand your competitor's strategies and designs. And if nothing else, thinking creatively keeps your mind open, fresh, and abuzz with ideas.

There is absolutely no downside to getting in touch with your creative side and learning a bit. Along with all the great benefits learning about design will offer, you may find that you like it and even give out a few ideas - who knows? The appreciation from your designers alone will inspire you to do even better.