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Mobile App Development: A key for Business Growth

Small or medium-sized companies are yet to understand the importance of mobile app development, therefore, they struggle while expanding the business.

Mobile App Development: A key for Business Growth

Wednesday February 06, 2019,

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At the present time, the number of smartphone users is increasing so rapidly. People use smartphones for different purposes like entertainment, social networking, etc. If we specifically talk from the business’s point of view, smartphones also get used for shopping purposes, and this is nothing less than an opportunity for those companies that want to establish themselves in the market.

Many global companies like Amazon have their own apps for Android and iPhone users so that business can grow with much better pace. However, small or medium-sized companies are yet to understand the importance of mobile app development, therefore, they struggle while expanding the business.

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Here are some stats that will work as an eye-opener:

  • By 2020, the number of mobile users will touch the 6 billion mark.
  • US smartphone users have over 100 apps installed on their mobile.
  • ‘Generation Z’ spends 20% more while using mobile apps for shopping.

Have a look at the top 3 reasons why mobile app development is paramount for business growth: 

  • Massive chance to grow your business 

In this digital era, every company wants to grow with higher speed in order to achieve business objectives sooner rather than later. Here, the need for developing a reliable mobile app arises. This is so because smartphone users/customers nowadays want everything on their fingertips. Owing to the very same reason, multinational companies avail mobile app development services from reputed vendors.

Reputed app development companies always make sure that users always get a pleasing experience while using a mobile application on their smartphones. This factor is really important because if the developed app crashes so frequently or creates an unnecessary problem while searching desired products/services, there is a likelihood that users exit the application and decide to uninstall it once for all. This is surely not good for businesses, especially e-commerce ones.

In brief, it is significant for brands to come up with a reliable mobile application that gives a seamless experience to users/customers while browsing as this is the best way to ameliorate business growth.

  • Dwindles cart abandonment rate

For better business growth, it is prominent to keep getting new customers. Generally, startups or small businesses develop an eye-catching website to draw the attention of netizens. Of course, this is a commendable move to get a throng of website visitors. But the silly mistake that they commit is not creating quality apps. Owing to this, they face the hassle of poor sales.

Wondering why? Well, the major reason behind that is every time potential customers may not pay a visit to your company’s website in order to search about the desired products when the apps of other brands are installed on their smartphones. What’s more, smartphone users often make a quick purchase decision than those people who look for products on the internet.

Therefore, if you don’t want your brand to come across the hassle of high cart abandonment rate, develop a user-friendly app ASAP. Need help? You can avail robust mobile app development services from any reputed vendor.

  • Builds brand image

After going through the above-mentioned pointers, you may have got the idea that it is very important for brands to develop a reliable app and make it available on Google play store and Apple app store for the sake of better business growth.

The significance of developing an error-free mobile application shouldn’t be ignored as it is directly correlated with the brand image.

Sometimes, customers add products in the cart while using the company’s app, but don’t make a purchase decision owing to some doubts. At this point in time, they seek immediate help so that the added products can be ordered quickly. Here, if the app has a customer service option, FAQs, etc. the desired help could be availed promptly. This will definitely create a positive image of the brand in the customers’ mind.      

Thus, if you are running a business and want that your customers get a pleasant experience while using your brand’s app, join hands with any recognized mobile app development company.