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10 Best Sports Apps For Your Smartphone

The sporting world is extremely large and diverse. Just like the sports apps built to serve each and every aspect of sports fans activities.

10 Best Sports Apps For Your Smartphone

Monday November 20, 2017,

7 min Read


The sporting world is extremely large and diverse. There are lots of international championships in various sports and it may seem to be difficult to stay informed of all sports events. You can watch sports news day and night, devote hours to the reading sports section of newspapers or visit an abundance of websites to keep track of your favorite teams and players. However, there is an easier way to do that. Instead of browsing multiple sites, fans all over the world are using sports apps.

Here are top 10 best sports apps to keep up-to-date with all news and events of the sporting world right from your smartphone.


ESPN is an official app for an American sports media conglomerate - the Entertainment and Sports Programming Networks which is well-known to every sports fanatic. The transmission of sporting events by ESPN extends far beyond the USA and it is available worldwide. With this app, sports fans get access to up-to-the-minute scores, news, live-streamed games from all major sports leagues, including football, basketball, baseball, golf, soccer, esports, and many more. Besides, there are podcasts and video records of program channels.

You can customise the app by choosing your favorite leagues, teams and the app will save all news about them in a separate tab; setting alerts for breaking news and news of chosen leagues; selecting your region and the app will send you content tailored specifically for your country.

2. Yahoo! Sports

If you look at a sports fan's smartphone, most likely you will find Yahoo! Sports app. The app also uses geolocation in order to provide true fans with most interesting and personalized sports news and real-time coverage of international leagues and competitions: racing, golf, tennis, top soccer leagues, including Italian, German, French, Brazil and UK soccer. You can personalize the Yahoo! Sports app by choosing your favorite teams, leagues and players, which brings you closer to the game than ever before.

Yahoo! Sports app features include text alerts, two themes (light and dark), customisable screen orientation change and breaking news alerts.

3. TheScore

TheScore mobile sports platform is owned by a Canadian digital media company. TheScore app is one the best sports apps for iPhone. Besides, theScore offers Apple Watch app and it is available for Android. According to its official description, the app provides you with "real-time scores, stats, news about every team and all major sports". It alerts you when a game starts, when a game score changes, etc.

You can set up notifications on major sports: football, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, tennis, mixed martial arts, racing and lacrosse. In order to keep fans, experience spoiler-free theScore introduced a Mute Notifications feature, which temporarily mutes alerts for a single game. All alerts can be grouped, it is possible to update leagues and scores order. Besides, you can add your favorite team's full schedule to your phone's calendar and set the time for auto-refresh scores from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

4. Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report app is focused on national sports coverage. The app informs you who was injured during the season, who was traded, provides stats and reviews after the game. Pick a team, player, league or sport and let the app load the articles in "My Teams" section. Bleacher Report aggregates news from multiple media sources.

The "My Teams" section can be configured to pick information personalized for your favorite teams.  Social media integration is excellent, everything is shareable. There are notifications for fire news.

5. FOX Sports

FOX Sports has the basic functionality every sports fan needs - news, scores and alerts. It is possible to sign in with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. The app uses your current location and provides regional sports news. There is coverage for various sports and leagues, including NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, soccer, golf, MLB and others.

FOX Sports app offers lots of great features. You can set informative alerts for key games or plays and the app can group game alerts in a single notification. There is a virtual reality section where you can get a 360 view of fans to take a look at all the action.

6. CBS Sports

Real-time news, scores, and stats with CBS Sports app are at your fingertips. When you first open the app, you can log in with Facebook or sign in with Google and then add your favorite teams so that you will be able to get quick access to their scores, news, and schedules. The app can find your local teams using location services. It is really fast, you can watch how your favorite team climbs the leaderboard.

With CBS Sports app, you will get announcements on the biggest stories in sports and can listen to radio and podcasts. There is TV schedule - you just need to select a TV provider using your current location or by entering a ZIP code. You can customise alerts behavior such as sound, light or vibration; set notifications on a game start, game end, and overtime set scores layout abbreviated or full.

7. BBC Sport

BBC Sport is another great app for sports news and coverage. The app is mainly focused on sports from the Foggy Albion - football, Formula 1, rugby, cricket, tennis, and golf. As for other sports, it provides brief information with links to dedicated resources so that you can keep track of almost everything, from archery to rowing. An undeniable advantage of this app is that it is BBC. The app gives much information about the sporting world, including interviews and video.

You can set notifications on your own personalized sports news and event reminders will not let you miss any upcoming live events.

8. MSN Sports

MSN Sports developed by Microsoft Corporation is the perfect app for any sports fan. It provides a vast coverage of hockey, football, basketball, golf, cricket, rugby, all kinds of soccer for Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

There are thousands of teams and over hundred of leagues. You can find profiles of players with trending stories, photos and social posts about them. There are slideshows.

9. 365Scores

365Scores is one of the greatest apps for sports lovers. There is everything you need to enjoy your favorite sports: scores, fast notifications, video, stats, standings and schedule, information on teams and players, over 1000 leagues and more than 10 000 teams from all continents.

365Scores provides online 3D game-tracker. Full visualization of a game allows you to view positional data and to keep track of the highlights of the game. There are fully customisable notifications on leagues, games or events (goals, touchdowns, yellow cards) and all local sports news in one place.

10. LiveScore

If you are more interested in scores and standings rather than in the in-depth player analysis or in the latest news in the world of sports, there is an excellent score focused app. In terms of updating scores, LiveScore app is one of the fastest. It offers results and scores for different leagues in an easy on the eye interface. You can choose which default sports - soccer, football, ice hockey, basketball, tennis, cricket - will be shown when the app starts. You can set your own refresh period. The app is fast even on a slow connection.

Bottom Line

As experts in sports app development, we believe that every team and league should keep up with the times and provide sports lovers with news, scores, game schedules in the way how they want it and when they want it. Sports apps for smartphones and tablets are great tools for keeping up with sports news.