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Health Issue Open New Doors For Mobile Healthcare Startups

Health Issue Open New Doors For Mobile Healthcare Startups

Thursday June 20, 2019,

4 min Read

Health issue in india and world

Health Problems in India, World

Today Health is a big concern for people in India. Due to global warming and climate changing factor rises more health issues in India and rest of the world, so people are getting more and more aware for their health. People focusing to live a healthy life by Engaging them self in many health activities. Yoga, consultations with health experts or doctor, regular health checkups and many other movements is become a necessary part of everyone life. All this requirement makes healthcare sector into a big market for investors, startups and companies. They are coming with new ideas and innovation which can improve peoples lifestyle and health also open doors for new jobs and revenue sources for them.

Why india is first choice for healthcare companies

Why india is a first choice for healthcare companies

Why India Is Favorite For Healthcare Startups ?

India has the second largest population in the world and also it`s a fastest developing economy in the world. In past few years India become worlds 5th biggest economy. The large size of population make in India a big market and being a developing country people are facing many health issues. Government Health reforms policies are constantly improving. These condition and circumstances turn healthcare sector into a ocean of opportunity for investors, startups and companies. Many companies are already working to grab the gold first from this ocean.

Fastest Increasing Numbers of Internet Users in India

In past few years, the usage of internet is increased expeditiously. All this internet boom happen in past few years. According to news reports the numbers of internet users is estimated to be 566 million as of December 2018, with registering annual growth of 18% and its continuously growing

These are the top 7 mobile healthcare companies listed below :

  1. Practo
  2. Healserv
  3. Lybrate
  4. 1mg
  5. Docprime
  6. Netmed
  7. Justdial

All of these companies have different strategies and challenges. Some are established their brand, some of the companies are trying to establish and few are struggling for their presence in the Indian healthcare market. With the help of these mobile healthcare technology you can book online doctors appointment, hospitals near me, clinic near me, doctors near me, general physician near you, doctors appointment, any medical related service. Even you can ask a online doctor - online doctor consultation in india 24 hours on many health platforms.

Healserv a leading mobile healthcare platform

Healserv a leading healthcare platform

Healserv - Fastest growing mobile health care platform

Healserv is a fasted growing mobile healthcare platform. Started in January 2019, this healthcare platform makes his visibility among all other health portals. It provide all healthcare related services to people near their areas. Currently this company only focusing on Delhi NCR but soon they are planing to expend their services to north India. You can use this healthcare platform find and book online appointment with doctor, Get Online Doctors, hospitals near me, best doctor appointments book online, Area best doctors, Doctors Near me, 24 hour emergency hospital near me, Clinics Near me, Path-Labs on Healserv. get online doctor consultation India. Even they are also providing medical equipment.

practo and healserv mobile healthcare platform

practo and healserv mobile healthcare platform

Practo -

Started in 2007 for doctors, over the past 10 years practo established himself very well in Indian healthcare. It is also provide all services like Healserv.

What is the role of healthcare companies in india?

According to IMA (Indian Medical Association), india`s health spend is low. In year 2016 It is just 3.658% of the Indian GDP according to, and in 2010 it was only 3.272.

health GDP

Accroding to news reports of a some newspaper and portals india`s per capita public expenditure on healthcare increased from Rs. 621 in 2003-10 to Rs. 1,112 in 2015-16. According to National Health Profile (2018), around 43 crore individuals or 34% of the population were covered under any health insureance in 2016-2017.

All these fact indicate that big Indian population, fastest growing economy and increment of internet usability open new doors for everyone. So it will be a good time for all investors, startups and companies who is working in Indian healthcare sector. That`s why India Is becoming Favorite For Healthcare Startups.

National Health Profile 2018 : National Health Profile-2018 (e-Book)

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