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Modern Trends of Graphic Design 2020

I have prepared a selection of key trends in graphic design in 2020.

Modern Trends of Graphic Design 2020

Wednesday February 12, 2020,

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From the article you will learn what will be at the peak of the wave and what is becoming a thing of the past. So, what will graphic design be like tomorrow?

1. Deformation of Visual Representation

High-quality graphic design as well as high-quality beauty packaging design attracts the attention of consumers, forcing a closer look at the details. How to achieve this effect? The target audience should consider all the details to get to the bottom of the picture. Thus, you can take in your allies the features of the optical perception of man. We all remember about the illusions that we want to peer into, creating a complete picture in our heads.

Our brain is designed to perceive patterns and patterns. They are symmetrical elements, direct pictures. In violation of these rules, the brain will have difficulty. There will be a need to deal with what he saw, to analyze the proposed message. We will receive signals, thanks to which, in 95% of cases, we will stop our gaze on the deformed image. This nuance should be used by specialists in the field of advertising.

The specificity of this design is the feeling of the effect of a moving picture. In fact, it is a static image. It can add some playfulness, forcing the user to carefully consider the picture. This aspect is observed even if the brain has already analyzed what it saw.

2. Asymmetric Layout

What trend is popular in the 21st century? In any field, you can achieve success by attracting the attention of consumers through the destruction of patterns, erasing borders.

An example is the graceful designs of skyscrapers or museums. Architects and designers are beginning to actively embody in reality everything that seemed inconsistent in the last century. This applies to roundness, turns, inversions. To date, all these features have become a trend. Moreover, the more original the project seems, the more colorful the final result will become.

Not so often it will be possible to see similar projects on the pages of visited sites. Most people browse news resources, online stores, and social networks. They were developed over five years ago. And what was fashionable in web design at that time is now becoming a dull classic.

Today, this destructive appearance is considered truly unique. We can talk about the loss of relevance by square grids. They can cause boredom, but in no way attract the interest of the consumer. This cannot be allowed in the field of graphic design.

For a long time, the arrangement of elements in symmetry was considered the standard solution that all designers adhered to. After some time, this stereotype was subjected to critical analysis. He was replaced by asymmetry. This technique can be called provocative, but it has proved its effectiveness.

Users will be much interested in the location of the text or a new way of presenting a picture. It is important for them to consider aspects related to graphics on the site page. There will be curiosity, an extreme degree of surprise. When studying the resource, you can see something strange, unusual. This will make you analyze what you saw, try to compare it with past experience, find something in common.

3. What Do You Need to Know About Fonts?

Minimalism will always be popular. With this in mind, typography and graphics will combine to create a truly simple but effective image. The text is of particular importance, as it is a translation of the main message of the brand itself. This mission is best served by unique and handwritten brand fonts.

Experts advise taking into account one detail of graphic design, which many neglect. We need to recall our records in elementary school. Compare your handwriting in the past and present tense. The use of curled letters draws more attention to the font. It looks more attractive than simple letters without any decorations.

Let us turn to the experience of one of the greatest inventors of the 21st century. Steve Jobs and the team worked on a regular text editor for the Macintosh. The user should pay close attention to the contents of the text. He should receive emotions in the reading process. The developer should think about this aspect when choosing fonts.

Plain text does not imply attention to fonts. Another question is if we think about the slogan, the name of the company. In this case, every detail will be evaluated. Imagine that the letters in the logo are written in the familiar TimesNewRoman. No fancy. The brand is simply lost among similar companies. You can forget about any profit, the emergence of new customers.

If you change only one letter, in our case “Q”, you can achieve the appearance of an associative series, which is easy to remember. A business card with this logo instantly attracts the attention of a person. He will take it from the table, on which several papers are laid out, and will want to get acquainted with the proposed information. This is the first step towards success and long-term cooperation.

Sophisticated fonts and serifs are considered the real trend of 2020. With their help, you can create a reliable reputation of the company, attract more representatives of the target audience. In 2020, you should forget about common, standard fonts. It is best to use the principle of personality in typography.

Today, many brands forget about a personalized approach. It is worth remembering about unique and interesting tricks to be a competitive company. Do not copy each other. It is too boring to have a right to exist. In 2020, most designers will have to make an effort. They should please with non-standard ideas for creating special, branded, truly unique projects.

4. Illustrations by Talented Authors

2020 brings with it a sea of ​​opportunities to combine illustration with photographs, graphics in various styles. Objects will look like real handmade elements. They seemed to be quickly cut out of paper and fixed with glue. It is important to avoid following flat, strict rules. It is necessary to combine design and art, which has long earned the recognition of ordinary people.

Hand-drawn illustrations can add a twist to any design. A detailed or dynamic image will make you talk about the project as unique, able to attract the attention of the most demanding consumers. More and more brands are betting on the use of art.

The use of images in graphic design is not an innovation. Designers often had to add different illustrations in order to better convey their idea to the consumer. The modern age is characterized by a glut of information. The best choice in this case is simplified illustrations, which contain the main thoughts, ideas. The absence of minor details will help to draw attention to the very essence of art. 2020 is a time of simplified illustrations, more reminiscent of children's drawings than the works of experienced artists.

It is important to understand that in 2020 more and more brands will use this type of illustration. This in turn will lead to a decrease in the efficiency and uniqueness of graphics. Original, abstract images should be selected to be a competitive company.