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Most Dominating Jobs Of 2019 For A Good Lifestyle & Career

Most Dominating Jobs Of 2019 For A Good Lifestyle & Career

Wednesday July 31, 2019,

7 min Read

With the change in lifestyles, the youth of today are dedicated to their careers and want everything in a perfect way. They look for the best schools, the best colleges, the best food, the best job and much more. We are living in the 21st Century and every aspect of our lives has evolved over the years and the outcome of the evolution is somewhat positive and somewhere negative. India's population is increasing with every passing second, which gives rise to the basic necessities of lives such as food, water, shelter, education, transport, medical facilities, etc.

To fulfill these necessities individuals need jobs. In India, students are very much keen to know the details about the highest paying jobs. Not only in India, but students across the World are also interested in such careers, which offer higher salary and additional perks and benefits. A high paying job not only gives individuals a sense of financial security, but it also helps to follow a good lifestyle and enjoy a promising social status. The celebrated and well rewarding careers also help individuals to earn respect from peers and society. The present article will list some of the most demanding jobs in India.

The following are the most demanding and rewarding jobs to follow a good lifestyle in India in 2019:

Management Professionals

Demanding Jobs of 2019

As the number of companies is increasing, the need for talented management professionals is also increasing. Companies look for talented management professionals and pay them a massive amount.

How well a management professional will earn depends upon factors like his/her area of specialization, the course pursued. MBA Degree is most valuable and ensures the highest salary among the management courses. Areas like- HR Management, Media Management, International Business, Finance and Taxation are productive and rewarding ones.

Chartered Accountant

Most Demanding Jobs for 2019

This profession has not lost its charm over the decades and is still standing strong. Chartered Accountants are involved in almost all the financial aspects of a functioning business. With the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST), this profession is now much more demanding. The business owners need promising CAs to make most out of their investments and to understand the complicated tax procedure. The people are looking for Gst Registration more and more. As the GST has become a legal way of trading good and services.

To become a chartered accountant, it is required to qualify for many exams and also satisfy certain criteria. The exams are of the highest standard that assesses the person’s accounting skills to the most. Own firms are preferred by most of the Chartered Accountant.

Software Engineer

Most Demanding job of 2019

The extensive growth in the IT sector in India is in itself proof of planning a career in this field. Even the top multinational organizations from the world have praised the quality of the Indian IT and Software engineers. Top multinational companies worldwide look forward to hiring IT talent.

After the launch of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "Digital India" campaign, more individuals are inclined towards this profession. In every field software engineers are in demand be it be education industry, robotics manufacturing industry, or any other industry. Firms hire software and IT professionals because they are the backbone of the digital industry. Without them, a business would not be able to reach global consumers.


Most Demanding Jobs of 2019

It is a dream of the youngster to pursue their career as a pilot. However, the profession is not easy to pursue. The aspirants have to undergo tough professional training. A physical requirement such as perfect vision is required to be a pilot. A pilot goes through tough training and has to be aware of several protocols. A pilot is entrusted with the lives of so many passengers and hence they have fixed working hours. Pilots receive a handsome reward for their commitments.


Most Demanding Job of 2019

Needless to say, the scope of this profession will never see a downfall. This is because in an average lifespan of a person, seeing a doctor has become a regular routine. With the change in lifestyle and increasing concern towards health, people regularly visit doctors. Another reason is that no one is spared from the health issues which makes the profession highly demanding.

Even for those who are not suffering from any disease, visiting a doctor is mandatory to increase their life expectancy. For a doctor, the initial stages of their career require quite hard work.

Medical practitioners have a huge scope of earning when they get associated with healthcare brands and work for them. So, once you become a doctor, there is no looking back in life. You will be the panacea for all the patients suffering from ailments.

Investment Banker

Most Demanding Jobs of 2019

Investment bankers have a bright future. If you dream working in a financial institution then this is the right profession to get into. In brief, you have the big responsibility of managing money and making it grow multiple times.


Most Demanding Job of 2019

A lawyer will serve the dual positions of serving as a social worker and earn massive fees for the job done as well. Lawyers will never face a shortage of work because several cases are still piled and awaiting justice.

Many businesses hire their lawyers and pay a massive salary to them. In the time where ‘consumer is the king’, the lawyer helps the organizations to settle the claims and save the brand from getting defamed.

Business Analyst

Most Demanding Jobs of 2019

Business analysts hold a key position in the company. They analyze the entire business structure. Be it a necessity to develop a simple plan to bring in the execution of technological change management, they play a crucial role. From complex documenting to meeting the business requirement, they are also entrusted with an integration solution and also bringing in or resolving communication management.

Data Scientist

Most Demanding Job of 2019

People having a talent for numbers are assets to the company they work in. These critical thinkers interpret data to bring business the solutions they are looking for. They help to meet business requirements. With excellent skills in their field, they contribute to a business significantly. For such important roles, they are rewarded with a huge remuneration.

Fashion Professionals

Most Demanding Jobs of 2019

Fashion Industry is full of glamour and sparkle. It is a bag of potential, dreams, promises, and money. There are many attractive jobs present in this Industry. Some high paying jobs in the Fashion sector are- Modelling, Fashion Designer, Fashion Photographer, Makeup and Beauty Specialists, Event Manager and Coordinator, Sales Manager, Production Manager, etc.

To thrive in this field, one must have a genuine interest in Fashion and its recent trends and developments, creativity and passion.

India is slowly but steadily is claiming to be a robust economy. The urban cities in India are getting suitable for such high-demanding jobs. Cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi are observing fantastic growth. They are gearing up to embrace the urban population who are not just looking for high paying jobs but also for a suitable lifestyle. With developing professionals who earn a good living, Indian cities are positively becoming host to an advancing economy.

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