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Top Digital Marketing Companies using AI in India

Top Digital Marketing Companies using AI in India

Friday May 22, 2020,

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In today’s online business age, digital marketing witnessed its growing importance. It helps service providers improve their visibility in online search engines. It helps them easily get noticed by those looking to hire them.

Thanks to various emerging technologies that made digital marketing advanced by simplifying its process and also increasing its effectiveness. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of those. It is blessed with huge potential to redefine digital marketing by increasing its advantages. 

Be it semantic search, predictive marketing, voice search, A/B testing, content curation, and creation, or various related tasks, AI has revolutionized digital marketing in several ways. After witnessing the enormous potential of AI to transform digital marketing, many companies now use it to cater to customers with digital marketing services.

In this article, we will be discussing here the impact of AI in digital marketing and also which are the digital marketing companies using the said technology. But, before this, let’s delve into basics.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Marketing?

Well, Artificial Intelligence marketing is an evolving concept and also the most important type of marketing in today’s time. It enables entrepreneurs to leverage the unmatched potential of AI, ML, etc., in achieving their marketing goal. In simple words, AR marketing is the process of gathering customer’s data and predicting the next move of customers.  

How will AI Impact Your Digital Marketing?

As mentioned above, AI is taking digital marketing by storm. It enables the digital marketers to do every activity with a simple process, be it collecting data, analyzing it, getting crucial information, and lots more. AI comes with the ability to chalk out the data-based decision in real-time while maintaining accuracy. Take a look at how AI is modernizing Artificial Intelligence day by day.

  • With AI, marketers can analyze the data to predict the behaviors of customers and thus make their strategy accordingly.
  • AI lets digital marketers automate some repetitive tasks. It’s helpful in increasing productivity.
  • AI helps in decision-making and thus, one can create quality-based content.

Top Benefits of Using AI in Digital Marketing

Here are some most promising benefits that you can expect from AI-based digital marketing.

  • Improve the customer experience through personalization.
  • AI comes with the ability to boost the creation of multiple types of content.
  • Ability to process a higher amount of data
  • Ability to determine customer behavior
  • Ability to make predictions based on data analyzing.

Top Digital Marketing Companies Using AI in Marketing

After going through the greatest impact of AI in digital marketing, you may be keen to know about the digital marketing companies leveraging the said technology? Well, we are going to provide here a complete list of all these companies. Take a look.


While talking about digital marketing companies leveraging AI, it’s crucial to start from none other than Brandingnuts. The company is committed to render world-class digital marketing services.

It has been providing AI-based digital marketing companies for a long time and helping businesses in achieving their goals. It houses a team of experienced professionals who possess years of experience in leveraging AI in digital marketing and help clients in getting numerous advantages.   


Located in Hyderabad, Adweta is another top-rated digital marketing company that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to render world-class digital marketing services. Its aim is to render the best-in-class digital marketing services to help clients in reaping out its maximum advantages in helping their business grow and earn higher ROI.

As a group of experienced and versatile digital marketers, Adweta helps businesses in grabbing multiple growth opportunities by increasing their online visibility. Whether you are looking for SEO, SMO, SEM, or related services, Adweta is your one-stop destination.


AvantGrade is another digital marketing company that uses Artificial Intelligence to serve its clients in a better way. The agency is blessed with a large number of professionals who love to experiment with new technologies and help clients in getting quality services with maximum satisfaction.

Pupilz Digital Solutions

Pupilz Digital Solutions is another Hyderabad located digital marketing company that can fit in your choice if you are in search of the best digital marketing agency using Artificial Intelligence services. Since their inception, they have been serving businesses from multiple industries and helped them grow with top-notch digital marketing services.


Came into existence in the year 2011, IMarks has become successful in gaining its recognition as the top-rated digital marketing agency. The company is specialized in creating the right digital marketing strategy based on the specific needs of your businesses while ensuring guaranteed outcomes.


After going through the above information, you are expected to have a clear understanding in regard to the use of AI in digital marketing. And also those of digital marketing companies using AI.