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Must Have Checklist for Every New eCommerce Website

Must Have Checklist for Every New eCommerce Website

Thursday May 30, 2019,

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Most of the websites look the same and there’s nothing unique about them. The mistake they make is that following all the popular trends and at times ignoring the basics. However, these trends don’t guarantee customer acquisition and never affirm that your website will make more sales.

The important thing to remember here is that a simple and unique website will attract more customers. Trends like - a 360-degree product review, dynamic product search, advanced filtering, and a lot more. But using these popular trends won’t translate in increased sales.

For robust user experiences and conversion rates, there are some features that every e-commerce website should pay attention as these must-have features are essential to attract customers. Hire Magento ecommerce developers for guidance and support in your new website development.

Must Have Checklist for Every New eCommerce Website

A checklist if you’re planning to make a new e-commerce website -

  • Make  Your Website Easy to Use and Mobile Friendly

As a matter of fact most users prefer simple and easy to use website over everything. Making simple websites should be a goal in design.

An ecommerce website design company can help a great deal in developing simple, easy to use websites which helps the shoppers to easily buy products from your website. Your e-commerce website should be able to give a competitive advantage.

Shopping through mobile phones is very popular and responsive design will help a great deal. In responsive design, the content adapts to the device. So, making a mobile version or responsive website is a good idea.

  • Add Offers :

Offers encourage buyers to purchase from your website. Include special offers and promote it in the headers section. For ongoing promotions provide a unique webpage. This has specific SEO benefits and will drive more sales.

  • High-Resolution Videos and Pictures:

High-resolution pictures and videos are a must. Unless the customer is able to view the product clearly, they won’t be able to decide on it. Shoppers want to see each and every detail of the product before buying it.

Images should load quick on your website. Images sell your product. If the image is not clear and appealing than no amount of good information will be able to keep the customer’s interest in the product.

  • Wishlist:

Customers like to bookmark items and make the purchase later after doing more search. It’s important to add Wishlist to your new website.

  • Find-In-Store :

If you do have a brick and mortar store than your website must contain the Find-In-Store feature added to it. Young shoppers research online and then opt for buying from the store.

  • Related Items:

Adding related items in form of you might like this helps a great deal to the buyers in searching similar items on your website. Comparison shop to similar product categories can be included in related items under headings like this – ‘people who bought this also searched for’.

  • FAQ:

For doing complex and expensive purchases the buyers require additional information and confirmation on product authenticity to feel comfortable when making the online purchase. Add an additional information section where you can put all the FAQs. FAQs also serve as a self-help area.

  • Add Social Proof and Reviews:

Social proof and reviews are powerful as it helps your brand gain the buyer’s trust. Before making a purchase, the buyers look at the reviews and social proof.

Shoppers are overwhelmed with all the options they’re constantly surrounded with. Use Social proofs, reviews and how-to videos to build trust and show your brand’s authenticity.

  • Security Features:

Safe online transactions are an important feature of any new website. E-commerce sites make a target for cybercriminals. Protecting your customer’s personal information is crucial. Magento ecommerce development ensures a secure e-commerce website.

Some must have security features are - SSL certificates, use a firewall to block malicious traffic, two-factor authentication adds extra-layer of security, add privacy policy link in footer mentioning that customers data is not shared with any third party. All these are necessary.

  • Clear and Precise Product Information:

Images of the product is important and so, is the clear and precise product information that makes it easier to understand the product specifications. Provide clear product information.

  • Advanced Payment Options and Easy Return Policy:

Advanced payment options like one-click shopping makes the payment process easy and fast for all the registered customers.

An easy return policy is required as approximately 30% of products that are purchased online are returned.                                                   


Adding essential features is necessary and if you make a simple, easy to use and fast to check-out website, without compromising on the elegance, your customers are going to like shopping from the website. Make sure that the website is mobile friendly.

Customers want ease and simplicity. Every website has something unique to present. If you don’t rely too much on the trends and pay attention to incorporating these important features on your new e-commerce website.

For doing this effectively you can take services of an ecommerce website development company to design your new website.