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New-Age Approaches for Making a B2B Marketing Strategy

New-Age Approaches for Making a B2B Marketing Strategy

Thursday January 31, 2019,

7 min Read

B2B Marketing Strategy

While making a B2B marketing strategy, some firms primarily think about either direct or outbound techniques. They are usually focused on the message that they are sending the potential clients. When you use this approach, your goal is to convey the message in a way that it is convincing enough to attract the audiences and engage them with your services after they land on your website.

The above-mentioned techniques have a good place in marketing, but a lot of expansion has been witnessed in the B2B marketing in the past few years. A huge change has been seen in the behavior of professional service buyers. Now, buyers are most likely to do the following.

  • Do a Google search.
  • Evaluate a firm.
  • Check personal references.

According to Nate Dame’s report and Marketo, “61% of B2B decision-makers start the decision making process with a web search.”

In the coming years, much more is being expected. In the words of Brett Zucker, CMO of Monotype, “Thanks to the evolution of new technologies like AR/VR, consumer preferences toward short, ephemeral video content, and the explosion of voice-based devices and assistants, sense-based marketing will take center stage in 2019. We can expect brands and marketers alike to invest aggressively in strategies that appeal to varied audiences across sight, sound, touch, etc., as there is a wealth of opportunity in B2B applications.”

We still need to wait for some time to know completely what new will be accomplished in the year 2019. It is quite clear that it is necessary also to use the new approaches while making a B2B marketing strategy.

After seeing the trends till date, the fact cannot be denied that we must pay heed towards visibility of B2B businesses on the web. Here are some of the things that are must-do for the present day companies, which are providing the B2B services.

Start with Researching

Whether it is marketplace research or brand research, for more informed decisions, you need to do detailed scientific studies. It will provide you with an objective basis and give you a valuable baseline for measuring your result.

Conducting research will make you know your client better. It also gives you an insight into how your procedures are performing.

Niche-Driven Strategy

One of the most significant business considerations is specialization as well as niche targeting. It should be an area of the industry, which you understand thoroughly. You should make a space in which you become an expert or a leader in the industry.

Make a Website with High Performance

There is no doubt that your firm’s website is supposed to be the most crucial assets, especially in the B2B marketplace. Some firms used to believe in a digital billboard or brochure, and your website is unquestionably more than that in the present scenario. A successful website can be considered as a hub of the online presence of a firm. The technologies used in website development play a key role in the performance of a site. The clients or customers get the first impression of your expertise from your website. Apart from all, a website is a significant tool for building visibility on search engines like Google and Bing.

Some aspects that you must consider for your website are engaging design, easy navigation, engaging written content for the customers. The content should be written in the way that it answers the queries of the customers or clients. This is the aspect where B2B and B2C business may have similar requirements, but since you are dealing in the professional marketplace, it is much more significant for B2B customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is not just significant in B2C marketing, but it is the most significant part of the B2B marketing strategy. As a matter of the fact, there is no area of digital marketing, which is not connected to Search Engine Optimization. All the areas of digital marketing are either directly or indirectly connected to the SEO process. Even those areas, which are not directly connected to SEO, work for increasing the traffic over the website, which is also a source of the website.

Both on-site and off-site SEO procedures are required for B2B. However, there may be different approaches to B2B and B2C SEO.

#On-Site SEO

In the on-site SEO, the targeted keyword phrases are used for communicating with search engines to tell them in which services your website deals.

It allows the search engines like Google and Bing to produce many relevant searches. The keywords are used in titles, written content and Meta descriptions etc. This allows you to get the relevant traffic on your website.

#Off-Site SEO

Off-Site SEO is building the presence of your business outside your website. The off-site SEO increases the popularity of your website. Building links of your website outside your site, blogging, guest blogging etc. are some major parts of the SEO process. If you don’t have in-house resources to constantly produce quality content, you must utilize an SEO services company for this.

#How B2B SEO Is Different from B2C SEO

The above-mentioned SEO process for B2B marketing seems to be identical to the B2C SEO process. So, it is essential to understand how the two processes are different.

The prominent difference between B2B and B2C SEO is the goals of the campaigns. The decision process in the B2B market is long as compared to that of B2C market due to the length of commitment of service or higher cost of a product.

In the keyword research, B2C campaigns focus on the immediate sale of product or service. On the contrary, B2B marketing strategy must include keywords, which could attract an audience at different parts of the cycle. The keywords for B2B business must be incorporated for both informational and transactional searches.

Besides, the B2C and B2B customers have different online behaviors, and links, written content and on-site stuff are added keeping different considerations in mind.

Build Strong Social Media Presence and Work on Content Marketing

According to Hinge Marketing, “Our research has found that over 60% of buyers check out new service providers on social media, making it a more commonly used source of information than formal referrals and recommendations.” You can find similar researches from many other pieces of research.

It is for sure that like B2C companies, B2B firms are also required to build a strong online presence. In fact, it is more needed in the case of B2B firms. The reason is that today’s B2B customers are more inclined towards online sources as compared to the B2C clients.

On the other hand, content marketing, which is supposed to be one of the best ways to build authority in the industry, is also must under the B2B marketing strategy.

Work on Videos, Voice, Audio and More

As already mentioned in the beginning with reference to Mr. Brett Zucker’s opinion, video, voice, audio etc. are the new age technologies, which are going to work in the year 2019. So, you have to be ready for the upcoming trends.

In fact, video marketing already has a strong presence for many years. In B2B marketing, where the live presentations matter a lot, video marketing becomes more significant.

Search Engine and Social Media Advertising

These are the areas, which are becoming significant with the passage of time among both B2C and B2B businesses. You can make your ads visible on the top of the search results on Google and Bing. Moreover, the social media advertisements allow the businesses to get the attention of the right audiences with unique targeting option.


It is for sure that B2B marketing strategy must include the new age methods for the growth of the businesses. Digital marketing procedures such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, content marketing, video marketing, search engine advertising, and social media advertising are the prominent ones.

You need some digital marketing experts to make the proper strategy for B2B marketing for which hiring a digital marketing firm is the best option. We also have a team of experts, who can make the B2B marketing strategy for you and can work on the strategy for the growth of your business.