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Quick Win Small Business SEO Tips To Success

Quick Win Small Business SEO Tips To Success

Friday July 19, 2019,

6 min Read

Small Business SEO Tips By Chameleon Digital Media

SEO is a huge landscape, but that doesn’t mean small businesses can’t do it. A perfect SEO is a luxury that involves your time, money and resources. Branding and securing the top position is something that any business(be it small or large) always wish. The vast SEO sea encompasses various ever-changing algorithms that have a very huge impact on website optimization and also help in becoming the toppermost of the poppermost. 

Chameleon Digital Media helps you to lay down a strong foundation and grow your small business using this content. Getting through the SEO is not at all a cakewalk but a much-complicated task which will need you to shift your focus needle to prioritizing SEO. Mind well, your small business is here to air for long and is not just a temporary series on an obscure channel. 

So, let us paint a word picture of SEO tips for small businesses that will help you to have a business marketing strategy in place for uplifting website traffic, brand visibility and increase Return on Investment(ROI). 

For time-strapped entrepreneurs, SEO means good indexing, an easy crawling by the search engine and some ranking content. To start an upward ascent, small businesses should focus more on the following areas:

  • Keyword research;
  • Copywriting;
  • Content marketing;
  • Link building;
  • Usability and UX;
  • Local SEO

Keep reading more on the small business SEO tips:

Focusing on Technical SEO:

Technical SEO

The term technical SEO revolves around optimization of web pages and web structure so that readers can read easily and crawlers can index the site. All the factors that help the site load faster and keep it secure should be considered here. So before taking the ride into technical SEO, have some potential customers to whom you can target and secure the website by having encryption protocols on the place. Further, you can also do the following:

  1. Create a sitemap and submit to Google: You can take help from numerous tools for creating a sitemap depending on how you have to build your website. 
  2. Axe out the low performing pages: Pages that do not perform well and don’t get traffic should be removed. 
  3. Fix up the broken and old links: Google doesn’t welcome a broken and outdated link. Look out on your site if it contains any outbound link which is broken otherwise, SERP will drop down which would not be preferred by your business. 
  4. Optimize images: The images you use should have appropriate captions and “alt-text.”

You can take help from some online tools or an SEO agency in Toronto for better results. 

Focus on Local SEO:

Local SEO For Small Buisness

People are searching more with the queries like “_____(service name) near me,” and businesses should thrive to grab this opportunity near them. The best way to do this is by getting your business listed on Google My Business Profile page. This site is free and easy to use. The only thing which you have to do is enter the local phone number and the address. Then after you need to proactively participate in answering the questions asked by the potential users. You can also get your business registered in some local directories like Yellow Pages, Yelp and more. 

Keep up the keywords that the customers search for:

Keyword Research

For getting through the customer’s thought process, you need to wear their shoes and think in the way they would search for a product. There are many automated tools available where you can have a thorough suggestion for keywords. Pick up the best one which suits your business requirement. 

After identifying the right set of keywords, target each one of them on your site’s page. 

Optimize On-Page SEO:

On page SEO

The word game of keywords remain incomplete if you do not know the strategic placement of the same and also how exciting content can be utilized to have a brilliant rank number. For doing this, you need to optimize the page titles and the headlines. 

The highest click-through rates come via the title of the page as it is the part where maximum attention of the user is drawn. You need to have something very catchy in your headline and title part. But remember, a sentence with more than 60 characters will be too long, and it might look truncated in Google’s search page. An incomplete looking title will keep the reader wondering what your post is actually all about. 

  1. Use proper header tags: the header part of each of your pages should contain relevant keywords. The readers should easily be able to gauge the website content and the crux. 
  2. Clean up the meta tags: Meta tags act as a small synopsis of your web content and are an essential part of the SEO strategy. This description helps crawlers to find the relevancy of the content with your site. Let the crawlers know what your page is all about. 

Efficient Content Marketing :

Content Marketing

When you are investing so much in SEO, why not get the bang for every buck you have given? Content marketing is one such part of SEO without which, the website will never go ahead. For a streamlined content marketing, you can use templates and tear-down the posts with similar context. By doing this, you create a reliable format for your audience, which will help you with ranking. 

  1. Use videos: A video has a more significant impact than the post. You can include a video that will have a great impact on SEO. The video that is incorporated should also have an optimized video size. You can also use online tools to optimize the videos for SEO. 
  2. Leverage Social: Organic search result is important but to grow your brand name and visibility, you need to use social media platforms. Share your content and stories which will help you with good ranking.

With so many SEO tips for small business in 2019, it is difficult to find out which one will work best and which one will not. But to have a good conversion, you need to ensure that every SEO step falls in place. Have a happy SEO-ing!