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The Ultimate Guide to Reduce Stress: Student Edition

Stressful situations are often a hindrance to your productivity. If you are student who is expecting their exam results anytime soon and are stressed out about them, keep reading the following article. It’s about to help you figure out everything about stress and how you can manage it!

The Ultimate Guide to Reduce Stress: Student Edition

Thursday April 18, 2019,

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If you are a person who has recently completed their exams and are expecting the results to drop anytime soon, you will most probably relate to this article. Well, honestly this blog is a lot more than just you relating to it. We are also going to put 100% effort to give you solutions that will hopefully be super helpful for you to manage stress during this anticipative period of your live.

So let’s begin by learning about exam stress in brief and then we can head to the primary part of this blog: How to reduce stress.

Stress Management For Students

Stress Management Guide: Student Edition

Every year, there are almost a million students who register and appear for board examinations. Stress among students has been more common than expected especially because of the competitive nature that is often found among students in today’s time. Considering this rising factor, many schools and colleges are also making efforts by conducting session on stress management for students.

What causes stress?

The common definition of stress is ‘A feeling of emotional or physical tension’. Most students start experiencing this feeling right from the beginning of the board examinations and this usually does not pass until the exam results are out. The anxiety strikes in when a student is thinking/over-thinking about their examination. Many of them even end up spending sleepless night/s before the result is declared, which can eventually take a toll on their health. There are many other factors that prompt stress.

Stress can sometimes go unnoticed therefore knowing the symptoms and the right way to deal with it is extremely important. Foremost, stress can be of two types: Good Stress and Bad Stress. Good Stress occurs when it helps you get your work done often recognised as a pressure that can lead to better representation - an example of good stress is managing time for both studies and extra-curricular activities. Bad Stress is harmful to both your health and mind, it can keep you worried or frustrated for days together - an example of bad stress is overthinking your performance in examination unnecessarily.

Causes for Stress:    


  • Competition
  • High Expectations
  • Internal and External sources of strain
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty in School
  • Peer Pressure

Signs of stress:

  • Being Reclusive
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Confusion
  • Trouble making Decisions
  • Headaches and Muscle Pain
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Sweating
  • Worry
  • Anger

How to cope with stress?

Well, now let’s get to the important part, you should totally read this! Especially if you or someone you know is going through this dreadful phase in their lives. On the internet, you can find several techniques that may or may not be effective enough to reduce stress. Coping with stress is extremely important because honestly, if not dealt right it can lead to other severe mental health issues like anxiety disorder or even depression in the future.

Coping with stress is easier than you can think. Use this post exam vacation effectively try indulging into as many activities as possible. Also, important is to keep yourself busy with something that occupies your brain. It will not only keep your stress miles away but also give you something to learn! Also, if you cannot seem to subsist with stress, visit a therapist or psychologist.

How to reduce stress?    

Reduction of stress can keep more patient and also get you to think with clarity. All you got to do is follow three simple steps. Step one, reduce stress by recognizing and accepting that you are stressed out and it is okay. Step two, finding an effective task or activity that can help you calm down. Step three is to practice this every time you are experiencing a stressful event.

Stress busters can be different for everyone. Participating in activities that are especially great for your mind is super important. If you are a person who likes spending time learning through their vacation, enroll into sessions that have productivity included in them. Relieving your stress through physical activities is also a great way to deal with stress people who like spending their vacation by exploring their physical bounds can join sports or even go on treks. 

To give you insights/examples we’ve mentioned so examples that can reduce your built-up stress.

Ways to cope with stress:

·        Distraction – If you are a person who has been thinking about their results pretty much all the time, you definitely need to get distracted. Distract yourself with hobbies or networking with your friends or even going out for movies and events

·        Exercise – Exercise is a great and effective way to calm you down. It will keep you equipped and also strengthen your body. It’s wonderful for both mind and body

·        Preparation – During the break/vacation, apply for sessions or classes that will get prepared for your career ahead

Some daily stress management activities:

  • Swimming
  • Sports
  • Meditation and Exercise
  • Reading
  • Writing, Painting, etc.
  • Eating healthy
  • Socializing with people / Meet new people
  • Visit new places
  • Being optimistic  

Things you should avoid:

  • Do not compare your answers with others
  • Do not Panic (It’s going to be okay)
  • Try to avoid unhealthy food
  • Avoid putting yourself in a stressful situation

As a recently passed out student myself, I can assure you that there is nothing to worry about. There is so much more out there you need to explore and exam results are very small part of them. Also, you have given your best during your exam we are sure you are going to score really well. Now stop stressing over your board examination results. Start working on you, the best is yet to come!