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10+ Best Keyword Rank tracking Tools (2020) Free & Paid

Here is the list of top 10 Best Keyword rank checking and tracking tools In 2020 so that you can keep serp tracking of your keywords that are ranking In google. These will help in position checking and monitoring

10+ Best Keyword Rank tracking Tools (2020) Free & Paid

Thursday July 02, 2020,

8 min Read

Are you looking for Best Keyword Rank tracking Tools In 2020 so that you can easily track your SERP ranking and perform changes then you are on the right place. SEO tools are necessary for any website owner. They are essential to check how good your keywords are. Thus, your website will come in top rating and ranking by search engines where people search for information, product, and services. You will also get benefits when those people are converted into sales. Hence, you must use the best rank-tracking tool and keyword tracking tools to beat the online competition.

There are webmasters and some website service providers who do this work for a fee. They make use of the below mentioned top ten keyword position checker and tracking tools. They are also multi-user online tools. Therefore, you can independently check these tools to track your keyword ranking SERP.

Best Keyword Rank tracking Tools (2020)

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the top keyword rank tracking tools, which is preferred by bloggers, e-com sites, and digital marketers. They launched this tool as software as a service or SaaS product. This is a global tool, which is trusted by webmasters. Hence, this freemium product pricing starts from $ 99 for a month. You can use this marketing analytics software on Mac and Windows OS. 


  • You can do keyword researches in 16-different most used languages of this world apart from English.
  • This tool spools from 142 numbers of different geo databases for your site’s keyword ranking and tracking purpose along with your competitors. 
  • It is the best tool to identify the long-tail keywords from different search engine pages or SERPs.
  • You can do a better keyword analysis with the top 10 competitors, which are matching with your domain. 

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2. SERPWatcher

SERPWatcher is an affordable website rank tracking tool, which is the best for small businesses and bloggers. This user-friendly software is developed by the Mangools, as one of the SEO tools in their list. This tool enables your domain keyword ranking in AOL, Bing, Google, and Yahoo search engines. This is why it is named as SERP watcher. Their pricing starts from $ 49 a month. 


  • It allows tracking with location-specific by custom selection options for checking keywords and ranking of your site in various SERPs.
  • You can customize report generation and even set alerts.
  • You can know your keywords ranking on various SERPs.
  • It has a keyword finder tool to use in your SEO to put strong keywords. 

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3. SEranking is one of the all in one site rank checking tools. This is an online freemium tool, which allows a 15-days free trial. Thereafter, it is affordable to pay $ 18 a month. This is the best keyword rank monitoring tool for small business owners, SEO professionals, and digital marketing agencies. This is a user-friendly online tool for the present generation.


  • You can analyze online keyword ranking with your website and your competitors.
  • You can set country and city wise analysis for checking your site performance.
  • This tool has the provision of multiple languages keyword rank checking in major SERPs.
  • The tool enables you to track mobile users, desktop users, and G-map.

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4. SEOprofiler 

This website rank-tracking tool offers a free trial for a week for all types of users. It is the best SEO tool for bloggers, businesses, and webmasters to analyze website ranking and improve them. This is a user-friendly and five users can use this tool, who can be your SEO team. Their pricing starts from $ 99 to $ 999 for monthly plans. Their yearly plans are affordable for small businesses, professionals, and digital marketing enterprises.


  • This tool enables you to spy on your top 10 competitors and get your ranking report comparison daily. 
  • This tool has one of the best keyword suggestion, optimization, and automated keyword suggestion features. They are useful for your site ranking.
  • This tool crawls from top SERPs, which are desktop and mobile users.
  • You can check your site ranking without any location-specific restrictions.  

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5. Advanced Web Ranking Cloud

Advanced Web Ranking Cloud or AVR could is an advanced marketing analytics software. The developer of this tool has designed for professional purposes. They have developed one of the trusted domain rank checking tools for business, bloggers, and website-related ancillary service providers. This online tool is a freemium product. You can try the free trial and go for its paid version, which starts from $ 49 a month.


  • This tool spools data from major search engines like the AOL, Bing, Google, and yahoo. 
  • This cloud-based tool helps you to search for keywords in advanced methods, which are not in other similar tools.
  • You can customize your website rank tracking and get user-friendly reports.
  • This tool can deliver on-demand updates of your domain ranking along with your competitors.

Get It Here

6. Ahrefs 

This is one of the professional keyword rank tracking tools available in the online visibility and marketing analytics software market. The big business, professional bloggers, and online marketing agencies can make use of its varied features to increase site ranking. This rank-tracking tool offers a free tutorial. Its monthly pack starts from $ 99 onwards. 


  • You can add up to five competitors and do a better keyword rank tracking analysis with our website.
  • This tool crawls from the top ten search engines. This is to check your website ranking on those SERPs.
  • Its keyword explorer feature spools from 171 nation’s keyword data.
  • Its rank tracker enables you to track along with your competitors, who use desktop and mobile.

7. Moz Rank Tracker

The world’s leading online visibility and marketing analytics software developer the Moz developed this keyword rank tracking tool. They serve their SEO tools as downloadable software and as online versions. They offer a 30-days free trial. Their paid packages start from $ 99 to $ 599 a month. Moz Rank Tracker is the best to use by big businesses, bloggers, SEP professionals, and digital marketing service providers. 


  • This keyword rank tracking tool enables you to check to rank apart from the current timeline. 
  • This tool enables you to track your domain along with your competitor’s domains. 
  • It’s Moz Local is an added advantage to check local SEO based on your keyword ranking. 
  • This tool crawls across 200 countries for your website rank checking. 

8. Linkdex

Linkdex Ltd developed this tool as a SaaS product. This site rank-tracking tool is the best to buy by professional teams. When compared to other lineups in a similar field, it is priced high. Yet, the pack begins from $ 600 a month. Their yearly pack may be affordable as they may give some timely offers and discounts. It is advisable to try their free trial online before you buy a suitable pack.


  • You can get insightful site rank tracking reports within seconds.
  • It has website ranking intelligence features. This enables you to do comprehensive keyword research for a better analysis of your website.
  • This site rank-tracking tool enables us to do multi-domain comparisons.
  • You can get timely accurate traffic as per the inserted keywords on your website.

9. Searchmetrics

Searchmetrics is available as a SaaS product across this globe. Its keyword rank tracking tool is considered to be with powerful intelligence. This developer is known for its Searchmetrics Suit. Yet, this tool is the best to use by a professional team in digital marketing and SEO services. As the tool name is, this tool helps you to rectify various SEO functions on your website by its search metric reports.  


  • You can do website rank tracking from 130 countries.
  • This tool crawls from the world’s top search engines.
  • This tool has a ranking on-demand feature. This allows you to get instant site rating and ranking report 5-times a week.
  • You can check site ranking with 485 city lists, whom and desktop, and mobile users.

10. seoClarity

This is a comprehensive website keyword rank tracking tool, which is available as a SaaS product. This tool supports mobile, web-based, and cloud platforms. Hence, it is the best tool for SEO agencies, digital marketers, and webmasters.   


  • This tool enables you to analyze standard, organic, and mobile keywords simultaneously.
  • It has a keyword research tool to check keywords ranking on your site along with the competitors too. 
  • You can track your keyword ranking in custom mode by selection locations.
  • It has rank tracking features, which enables you to get a timely report of traffic based on your site keywords. 

Best Free SERP Tracking Software - Conclusion

These top 10 SERP rank tracking tools are listed as of 2020. You can check here for the latest updates on the SEO tools, which are essential by bloggers, SEO professionals, and website ancillary service providers. The above listing is of freemium products. There are also many free tools in this category. Yet, they are not worth, when you wish to monetize from your website.  


Which rank-tracking tool is the best?

SEMrush, SE Ranking, SERPWatcher are the best keyword rank-tracking tools.

Best rank-tracking tool for small business

Semrush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Rank Ranger, Screaming Frog, and Moz are the best rank checking tools for small business website owners.

Which rank-tracking tool is the best for bloggers and digital marketers?

SEMrush, Serpwatcher are the best rank-tracking tools for bloggers and digital marketers.