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Reason Why Not To Hire PHP Developer USA Aka Freelancer

Hiring any freelancer is full of benefits, it saves development cost but it can be worst for a dream project. Some reason to understand why freelancer is not a good choice to Hire PHP developer USA. Top reasons and alternatives by renowned PHP development company USA.

Reason Why Not To Hire PHP Developer USA Aka Freelancer

Monday July 15, 2019,

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The first word seeing the sentence Hire PHP Developer is freelancing or outsourcing. Actually, people are confused between a freelancer or outsourcing their technical needs. Some of them even doesn’t differentiate between two sides of IT professionals. In this particular post, we are revealing the reason why not to hire PHP developer USA aka freelancer with jotting down some difference of outsourcing.

As we all know there are dozens of advantages of working with a freelancer like reduce PHP development cost, faster development process, the ability to choose diverse skills and remotely works. In concise, we can say hiring freelance experts is always value for money. But there is utter part of working with freelancers as downsides.

Hire PHP Developer USA

Reason Why Not Hire PHP Developer USA Aka Freelancer

Risky Deadlines

Deadlines are always in priority in web development projects, thus, it has to be hit well. The project must be finished on time, otherwise, it will affect your business. Regardless of how hard you rely on a consultant, a freelancer can basically keep quiet, or even disclose to you something like "I left the nation and can't work any longer" at the most dependable minute.

The most irritating things about freelancers are careless behaviour, they didn’t assume to responsible for complete the project on time. A full-time employee bound to hit the deadline without sacrificing the quality. Project growth and diminishing phase never affect the freelancer developer, they just jot down own work, no matter it swore they had no opportunity to complete it.

Quality Issues

It’s heartbreaking when one investing own money and time into the dream project and ended with low-quality output. The biggest disadvantage of hiring freelancer is lack of quality. There is not a certain parameter to check their skill before hiring them. Many freelancing websites provide reviews and feedback from previous clients but should they all worth. You can easily find positive reviews on websites like Upwork or Freelancer, 5 out of 5 doesn’t set a benchmark.

Actually, in many cases, positive reviews are fake or forcefully written. Also, none of the high-appraised specialists is happy to finish a test task for you, accepting they're hotshots and being even affronted by your request. All things considered, you are burning some serious calories attempting to discover somebody to improve low-quality conveyance by a deceptive specialist.

Irrelevant Communication

Phew! The worst part is communication while working with freelancer developer. They are unprofessional in terms of communication, they repeat the chatting via text message. It’s very irrelevant to jot down every single information and share via text chatting. Freelancer developer keeps asking several questions no matter how important or unuseful it was. 

Giving the relevant answers to the freelancers is not bad things but in the process of chatting all day, one can waste time. Time is money, so make sure you invest it in the right direction. If you have in-house PHP developer, then this process surely takes less time. A full-time developer can jot down all the information in one time and make direct communication if they stumble.  

One more thing, Freelancers is not good at communication so they only revert back if they free or are in the mood of answering. A freelancer always works in their free time, we can say it part time, means if you need any urgent update then you have to wait for a suitable time.

Portfolio Never Recite Credential

One can argue the best way to hire freelance PHP developer is examining the portfolio and pick the apt one. The portfolio is the best way meets your suitable PHP developer but it can be fake or scam. It is good to inspect portfolios to get the best out of your hiring process.

There is not a single method to cross check the credential, let me ask a question if a freelance developer shows portfolio with website creation of the popular brand. How should you gonna check this shit, it always difficult to spot. Almost 6 out of 10 freelancers developers lied in their portfolio.             

Alright, where is the certification that your independent designer coded this specific site? Such a significant number of consultants misrepresent data to improve their odds of being employed. Some of them are anything but difficult to spot, however, others are proficient con artists who even phony their records. Will you believe your business to mysterious folks on the web?

Never Expect Anything

Never ever expect anything from the freelance developer more than their role. Try not to mislead own perspective by assuming you gonna hiring a specialist for PHP developers. It’s a very bad experience while hiring a freelance PHP developer and expecting a growth driven output. 

If you are thing one freelancer solely working on your project, then you might be wrong at this point. Every freelancer working on several projects with different clients, So truly, you enlist an independent web engineer, and it at that point creates the impression that he chips away at a couple more undertakings and argues for additional time since he doesn't rest around evening time. Ventures and customers dependably endure on the grounds that consultants have truly no time the executives. 

Another disadvantage of working with a freelance PHP developer is a lack of creativity and lack of quality. As we know, freelance work on an hourly or part-time basis, so they only focused on coding and follow the instruction which was jotted down by the client. So they never get involved in the project, just play own part without responsibility. If you hire freelancer PHP developer then you surely miss the creativity and uniqueness in your dream project.

Difference Between Freelancing And Outsourcing


As mentioned above, Freelancing is a process to bring source for any specific project even without hiring them as full time. It is good to hire a freelancer PHP developer because they can cut the development cost and fasten the process. But the most risk in this process is the trust factor, it hard to hand over a dream project to the stranger's hand. The output and expectation rarely match with reality.

There are many trusted web portal for hiring best freelancer such as Fiverr, Freelancer, Toptal, Guru and so on. Fiverr is most popular among all freelancing websites, most of the hiring comes from Fiverr and Freelancer.


It is a contradiction that freelancing and outsourcing are twins, actually the working method is the same for both but the output is quite different. Many renowned PHP development companies offer flexible hiring process of the developer. Hiring an expert PHP developer from reputed web development company known as outsourcing of talent.

Hire Php web developer USA

Hire PHP Developer USA From Renowned PHP Development Company

As we discussed the reason why not to hire PHP developer USA as a freelancer, so what to do next, how to hire PHP developer USA. You should hire PHP developer from renowned PHP development company such as Acquaint SoftTech. The main benefit is trust and authority, a company always carry reputation, thus, it always safer side to work with them. 


Many leading web development company offers flexible hiring process as a full-time, part-time, hourly basis. In concise, it’s a personalized development process according to client requirement. So make sure working with a genuine specialist, otherwise, it gonna hurt you very badly. 

Another advantage is the experienced team at the back-end, if your project need QA testing or any improvement then there is always a dedicated team to help you out. No need to waste your time by searching and hiring several freelancers. All in all, put your focus on hiring PHP developer from a renowned source instead of hiring freelancers.

Final Thought

As we discussed the most reason for why not to hire PHP developer aka freelancers. We addressed reasons such as lack of creativity, less communication, and above all they are unable to meet the expectation. Don’t take this piece of content in a wrong manner, we strongly believe that freelancing is emerging industry and there are many quality freelancers available. But the thing we want to confess is the requirement of the project. If a project demands complex features and floated output then freelancer might not suit you. 

If you are looking to hire a PHP developer USA, then we are the right source. Acquaint SoftTech is a leading PHP development company USA with catering best talent of an in-house expert. We follow a flexible hiring process with affordable at cost. If you found this post interesting to read, then do SHARE this piece of content with your besties.