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Latest Car: Redefine luxury with 10 Latest Car Technologies

10 Latest Car Technologies

Latest Car: Redefine luxury with 10 Latest Car Technologies

Monday June 24, 2019,

6 min Read

In the current scenario, we can see technology being integrated with most of the development processes. And, the automobiles sector is not an exception to it. Customers are expecting much-advanced technology in every new variant being launched. Owing to this increase in demand and rapidly expanding global market, all the car manufacturers have been adopting aggressive strategies to beat the competition. Almost all the global leaders in car manufacturing business are trying to introduce the latest car technology in the upcoming variants.

Technology plays an integral role in making a car appeal to the masses. Every customer is looking for advanced technological features in his/her car to be. The list of such features is endless. However, we have shortlisted 10 latest technological features that one should go for while looking for a new car.

Let us have a look at them.

1.Inbuilt 4G LTE and Wi-Fi hotspot

The Internet has made such a place in our lives that it is now being considered as one of the essential elements required to survive. Internet connectivity or usage is not limited to smartphones and computers only; it is being intensively used in automobiles as well. 4G LTE and Wi-Fi Hotspot are one of the most anticipated features in modern cars that customers are looking for. Internet connectivity enables drivers to use features like GPS on their smartphones.

2. Cameras for 360-degree vision

This latest car technology is highly in demand these days. Hence, most of the latest cars are equipped with a rear parking camera. This camera is turned on as soon as the driver switches to reverse gear. It helps to have better visibility of the rear and driver does not have to turn around to avoid any collision. In addition to this, the cameras are now fitted on the sides of the car as well. These cameras enable drivers to see everything around the car. These cameras are accompanied by proximity sensors. These sensors send an alert whenever the car is about to hit an object or any vehicle.

3. Automated Trunks

It is observed that people find it difficult to open the trunk when their hands are already occupied. So in order to open the trunk, they have to put everything down and again lift it once the boot is accessible. To avoid this extra effort, some of the car manufacturers offer automated truck that opens up with your hand gesture, if you are holding the smart key. This feature really enhances the usability of the vehicle.

4. Rain or water sensors

Rain sensors help to remove water from car’s windows or front windshield by automatically activating the wipers. These sensors activate the wipers as soon as they detect water on the glass. As a further enhancement, cars are now equipped with sensors that detect dirt and debris as well and auto clean the windows. This automotive technology is again one of the most important features that enhance usability.

5. Air cooled seats

It is actually a challenge to enter your car’s cabin in summers. Everything from the steering wheel to seats become burning hot. Switching on the AC helps to moderate the temperature in the cabin, but fails to cool down the seats. This was a major issue reported by customers. Hence, the manufacturers came up with air cooled seats, to resolve this issue.

6. Use of military grade aluminum

Use of military grade aluminum in cars helps manufacturers to reduce the weight of the car without compromising on its durability. Being lightweight, cars offer better fuel economy and better control. This military-grade aluminum is also used in manufacturing trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles.

7. Highly informative instrument cluster

The dashboard of the cars is not only a placeholder for AC vents anymore. It is now very much loaded with infotainment gadgets. The latest advancements in this instrument cluster are:

A. Fully digital touch-screen infotainment system — This system comprises of a 7–9-inch touch-screen LCD display that can be integrated easily with any of the Android and iOS mobile devices. It also facilitates the use of GPS, playing music and also displays the rear and side views captured by the cameras, installed in the car.

B. Multi-Information display — Multi-Information Display (MID) is also an LCD panel that shows several details about the car which are helpful and useful for the driver. It shows details like:

  • Driving mode
  • Which gear the car is in.
  • The distance that can be covered with remaining fuel
  • Fuel level
  • Distance
  • Various alerts related to the seat belt, hand brake, opened doors, etc. and lot more.
  • Auto-manual gear shift

It is a very common feature these days. This technology is highly affordable as compared to fully automatic cars and offers the same ease and comfort. In this technology, the driver has two options to drive — Automatic and manual. It makes use of normal gearbox having an additional layer of intelligence that helps it shift gears. Hence, the auto shift of gears is achieved without implementing a fully automatic gearbox.

9.Surround sound system

The sound system in a car is no more a sideline feature. It is being given great importance these days. Latest new cars are equipped with 8–16 speakers. The giants in sound system industries like Bose, JBL and various others have started manufacturing car speakers. So now you can get the best surround sound and Dolby stereo effect in your car’s cabin.

10.Fuel-efficient hybrid technology

This technology has gained great popularity as it has made it possible to achieve significant fuel efficiency even in bigger engines. Using this technology, the car is powered by the engine and electric motor. The electric motor is powered by the batteries. These batteries are charged with the help of regenerative braking and by the engine. Hence, it is not required to plug in the vehicle to charge the batteries.


These are some of the latest car technologies that have made driving more of a pleasure. The list is never-ending as manufacturers are introducing a new feature every now and then. This remarkable fusion of digital, electronic and mechanical world is definitely going to surprise us with lot more futuristic advancements.