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14+ Best Webinar Software Platforms 2020 (Free & Paid)

Here is the list of top 14 Best Webinar Software Plarform In 2020 (free and paid) which you must use to host live online webinars.

14+ Best Webinar Software Platforms 2020 (Free & Paid)

Sunday July 05, 2020,

11 min Read

Are You looking for best webinar software In 2020 then you are on the right place. Hosting live webinars is is one of the best ways to interact and engage with your audience. This way you can easily convert your audience into leads. Hence, virtual meetings are taking place today. In this way, this type of web-enabled services is promoting brands, used for e-learning, give training and for different campaigns also.

There are many developers, who have developed webinar software.  You might have called a webinar service provider earlier. Yet, today you can buy the best webinar software online at an affordable cost. They are user-friendly tools, from which you can do a webinar without getting help from a webinar professional. Here, we have listed the top 14 best webinar software platforms. They are available as Saas, cloud-based, and a freemium product. 

Best Webinar Software Platform (2020)

1. WebinarNinja - Best Webinar Platform

WebinarNinja is the best webinar software, which comes under Hybrid Webinars 2020. You can start a webinar within a minute is this software specialty. This is because it has many user-friendly tools. It is advisable to try their free 14-day trial. If you like it, you can buy an affordable package. Their starter plan is priced at $ 39 a month. The business customers can buy their power package, which is priced at $ 199. 



  • Its hybrid webinar feature allows you to use the advanced tools in webcasting.
  • Your attendees can watch your webinar in major web browsers without downloading any related software and extensions.
  • You can make use of its apps integration features.
  • It functions on the cloud platform, hence comes with unlimited storage and download features.

Try WebinarNinja

2. ClickMeeting - Best Webinar Platform For Marketing

ClickMeeting is the best webinar software for marketing purposes in 2020. Any brands can use this tool for sales and marketing purposes. By this, you can save time and money off by visiting your target audience in real-time marketing. Here they can make use of the live streaming opportunity and run their marketing campaign. ClickMeeting is available from $25. Yet, business customers must go for their custom pricing offer, which will save more money than the standard packages. 



  • You can receive polls and survey feedback while the webcast is live streaming.
  • Your attendees can come on live chat while on a webinar. 
  • You can engage your webinar with social media sites, where your target audiences are connected.
  • It functions on the cloud platform, which enables you for storage and downloadable anytime options. 

Try Clickmeeting

3. EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar is the best webinar software to use by enterprises. This webinar can boost your marketing strategies by streaming to the target audience. This is a user-friendly tool and you need not need any help from a webinar professional. It is advisable to buy their enterprise package. It costs around $ 349. With this pack, you can invite up to 2000 audience. However, their standard pack price is $ 59, which is the best for small group webinars. 



  • You can do live chat by sharing your HD video in its screen option. 
  • You can integrate your webinar with major social media channels.
  • You can integrate this tool on your official website by WordPress.
  • You can track your webinar activities through in-built analytics tools.

Try Easywebinar

4. WebinarJam - Cloud Based Webinar Platform

It is one of the best webinar platforms available in 2020 for any webcast events. This is a cloud-based platform, which costs $ 41 a month. This is user-friendly for anyone who does not know how to use a webinar. You can watch its tutorial and do it yourself. You can stream live seminars via top social media sites. It has HD broadcast distribution technology, which supports all major web browsers.


  • You can do a live chat on this platform.
  • It has an automatic recording feature. This enables you to rewind and see.
  • It can handle multiple attendees at a time.  
  • You can take polls and surveys while conducting your web seminar.

Try WebinarJam

5. Demio - Best Webinar software for Marketing people

Demio is the best webinar software for small businesses to buy in 2020. This software is designed by keeping in mind the marketing team of any business. This is because; they need video conferencing most of the time for their campaign. Hence, Demio offers the cloud platform to store unlimited and use HD streaming. You must buy Demio’s business package, which is priced at $ 163 for a month.


  • You can integrate your webinar with your latest marketing tools.
  • It has an automatic recording feature such that busy people can watch them later too.
  • This software allows you to download your live streaming events at any time you wish to see.
  • You can know your webinar statics by using its in-built analytics and tracking option features.

Try Demio

6. Livestream - Good For Training Purpose

Livestream is the best webinar software for education as of 2020. The educational institutes can call any number of attendees, who are not from the target audience. Your members and others can also view your educational seminars on social media sites. This is the best webinar software to buy at $ 75 a month. However, the educational institutes can buy its enterprise package, which comes with a key account manager.


  • This software enables you to embed your live seminar on to your official website or any other sites.
  • It uses the cloud platform. Here, you can expect unlimited storage and receive an unlimited audience for your webinar.
  • This webinar software allows educational institutes to stream their seminar events with total privacy by using its private link-sharing feature.
  • You can check your webinar statics with the inbuilt analytic feature.

7. GoToWebinar - Good For Big Organisation

GoToWebinar is the best webinar software for business. Here, busy people can schedule their webinars and this tool takes care of the rest. It comes with many user-friendly features such that you do not depend on any IT or technical team in your office. Its PRO package worth $ 199 enables 500 attendees. Its PLUS package worth $ 429 allows 1000 attendees to view your web seminar. 



  • It functions on a secure sockets layer or SSL. Hence, your webinar is safe and private. 
  • It has mobile apps integration features.
  • You can engage your audience with polls and surveys simultaneously. 
  • You can track your webinar with its in-built analytics feature.

8. Livestorm

Livestorm is the best webinar software for video conferencing for product promotions. You can show live memos and give product training to your target audience with Livestorm webcasting. It is available as software as sales or SaaS in the freemium package. Yet, its premium package worth $ 99 is the best to buy. It allows 1000 attendees.


  • You can do better audience interaction with surveys, chats, and polls while in live webinar streaming.
  • You can integrate various apps with Zapier automation.
  • It has a CTA feature to track your webinar events.
  • You can store unlimited on this cloud platform.

9. EverWebinar 

EverWebinar is the best webinar software for event planners. Yet, it also boosts small and medium businesses via webinar sales strategies. This can generate more leads apart from your target audience through your webinar campaign. It will be better to avail of their free trial for 60-days for $1. Its standard pack is just $ 49 a month. 



  • You can make use of its advanced scheduling features to unblock dates. 
  • This tool functions of a cloud platform, thus unlimited storage.
  • You can play tricks by showing fake attendees count to pull other audiences. 
  • It has an auto-detection of the time zone. This enables your global attendees to schedule as per your hosting. 

10. BigMarker

BigMarker is the best webinar software for virtual conferencing. You can pull large audiences for your business summit and stream live. You can do better cost-effective webinars to pull your target customers. You can try their 7-day free trial. Yet, their enterprise plan starts from $ 299 a month. This is an end-to-end webinar pack, which is the best for business and marketing.


  • It has a quick streaming feature, where you can start a webinar by a click.
  • You can engage your webinar audiences with chat, Q & As, polls, and surveys.
  • You can integrate your webinar with top social media sites.
  • Your live streaming is protected with SSL and HTTPS encryption.

11. GetResponse

GetResponse is the best webinar software for all, who wishes to get leads from virtual audiences. The developer is an e-mail marketer. Thus, you can find those marketing strategies in this tool. They offer a 30-day free trial. Their basic plan starts at $ 15. Their professional and enterprise plans are the best to buy for $ 99 and 199. Hence, its pricing is much affordable for all types of webinar needs.


  • It tracks your audience and gives detailed webinar statics.
  • You can name it, as you desire on the webinar URL side. Hence, you can customize them with this software.
  • Your live audience can engage with you on chat.
  • This software enables you to send auto webinar invitations and reminders to your existing members.   

12. Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is the best webinar software for all-purpose Web conferencing. Adobe Systems developed this software as a SaaS product. This 2018 release is the latest webinar software that works on multi-platform operating systems like Mac OS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Solaris, SUSE Linux, and Windows. Their pricing plan starts from $ 130 to $ 580. With this, you can invite 100 to 1000 audiences. 


  • They provide a mobile app for iOS and Android segments.
  • You can use the customizing templates to change the environment of your meeting room.
  • You can integrate with CRM tools easily. 
  • You can interact with the audience by chat, Q & As, and survey polls.

13. WebinarsOnAir 

WebinarsOnAir is the best webinar software for webinar service providers. This is because; they offer unlimited participants at an affordable cost. Yet, this cloud-based functioning software comes with a 30-day trial pack. This freemium package starts from $ 19 to $ 99. This is a user-friendly tool, which is designed with many exciting features. 


  • You can use their Tracking Pixels feature for CRM purposes.
  • It allows taking surveys and sharing screens on the cloud platform.
  • You can do the integration with social media sites. 
  • You can do on-demand webinars. 

14. Zoom

Zoom is the best webinar software, which is popular for its HD A/V qualities. Hence, business people prefer this for branding and marketing purposes by webcasting to the target audience. When it comes to pricing, it is the most affordable one. Their Pro plan costs $ 14.99 only. Their business plan costs you $ 19.99 only. 


  • It has a screen sharing facility.
  • You can backup your webinars as they function on the cloud platform.
  • It has a whiteboarding feature.
  • It allows public and private chats.

How Do I Choose A Best Webinar Software Platform

It depends on the target audience, and by whom you are going to target too. In this internet-enabled world, people use desktop, laptop, and smartphones. If your target audience is smart or uses a Smartphone, you must buy webinar software with an app feature, which functions on iOS and Android phones. If you have PC users, you must buy the best webinar software which functions on various web browsers. Webinarninja is one of the best tool. The next thing, you must see is its technical and non-technical features. It is advisable to buy webinar software, which suits your business.

Benefits of Using Webinar Platforms

  • Webinars are cost-effective ways to promote any campaign. 
  • Webinars are more than advertising. It has a good impact on its audience.
  • Any business and professionals can boost their online content through webinars.
  • Most of the webinar software functions on a cloud platform. Hence, information is wealth, who is your participant.
  • Webinars are now a day functioning as a virtual CRMs.
  • Webinars allow you to find consumer behaviors.
  • Webinars are helpful for market researchers to find target customers.
  • Webinars can pull industry experts and influencers, who might be helpful for your campaign. 
  • Corporate communications happen on time at the global level when you have worldwide branches.
  • It can help in building trust with your audience.
  • Webinars help to generate high-quality sales leads.
  • It can promote your brands to the global level.


What is the best webinar software?

Webinarninja, ClickMeeting, and WebinarNinja are the best webinar software.

Can they see you on a webinar?

As of now, you cannot see you on a webinar. Yet, you can contribute via typing text while a web seminar is live.

What is the best day of the week to do a webinar?

Wednesday and Thursday are the best day of the week to do a webinar. In these days, you can expect high audience.

Do I need to be on camera for a webinar?

Yes, you need to be on camera for a webinar. The camera must be enabled with internet devices like desktop, laptop, and Smartphone.