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Router optimization method for increasing network speed

Router optimization method for increasing network speed

Tuesday September 25, 2018,

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In the previous article "Why the room Wi-Fi signal so Bad", introduced the impact of the Wi-Fi signal strength of several factors, next cat brother to add you to a few upgrade bandwidth package can also improve the speed of the router optimization method.

  1. Anti-rubbing mesh
  2. Turn on UPnP
  3. QoS and network speed limit
  4. Set the correct MTU value
  5. Using Router switch mode


Extend Wi-Fi signals with wireless trunking

1. Anti-rubbing net

This is the most important one: Make sure no strangers are rubbing the net! Being rubbed on the loss means your Wi-Fi password is compromised (see if you accidentally shared your Wi-Fi with a master key?). ), or your router has been compromised.

If the intruder knows a little bit about hacking techniques ("Cat's preschool" will be introduced later), you can easily access all of your Internet information and account passwords with the help of DNS hijacking or ARP spoofing.

We can confirm the security of your Wi-Fi in the following ways.

Go to the router management backend.

Refer to the screenshot below to find the IP address of the router in your phone's Wi-Fi network settings, which is generally the default IP of Open the above IP address in the browser (in this case, enter the username and password in the login window that pops up.

If you are sure you have not set it up, you can try the default username Admin and password Admin. If you are prompted with a wrong password, you can check the label on the back of the router device with the initial username and password indicated.

If the password is still wrong, it means that your router has been compromised, you can long press the reset button on the router for more than 10 seconds to initialize the reset.

Note: Broadband dial-up users before resetting, please confirm that there is a good record of the broadband account and password.

View "Device Management"

In the management background of the router, there is a "connect device" or "Client List" interface, click in to see all connected to the router on the network devices, including mobile phones, computers, routes, TV boxes and so on. Look for it, and it's not every device you know.

If you find a strange device, it means that your Wi-Fi has been compromised, and quickly reset a Wi-Fi password first!

Note: The router background password and Wi-Fi password are two concepts, of course, you can also set two passwords to the same. In the wireless Wi-Fi Password setting interface, there is usually an option to choose the encryption algorithm, remember that you must not select WEP encryption.

Because this mode is easily cracked by the program brute force, the eight-bit length of the password can be broken in minutes. After setting the password, let's look at other router optimization methods.

It doesn't matter if you don't understand it, because even if you know it, it probably doesn't work:)

2. Turn on UPnP

If you have a habit of downloading island love action movies on a regular basis, you should pay particular attention to this optimization method, because it can often challenge the ultimate speed of broadband.

First popularize a broadband common sense, if you do the broadband package is 20M, but found that the speed of thunder download only 2.5m/s, and did not reach 20m/s, which is normal, because the two units of calculation are different. What broadband operators refer to as 20M is "bits per second" of 20 trillion (i.e., 20M bps), while software download speed 2.5m/s refers to "bytes per second" of 2.5 megabytes (i.e., 2.5M bps).

The small B is bits and the large B is Bytes, the conversion method is: 8 bits = 1bytes,1kb = BYTES,1024KB = 1M. However, the reality is, your download speed is usually not up to the theoretical maximum (even if you have already opened a Thunderbolt VIP member).

Because the router acts as a LAN gateway, it needs to handle the traffic load and distribution of all the Internet devices in the LAN at the same time, which will lead to some loss in traffic management.

At this point, we can try to turn on the UPnP function of the router, which can enable the Internet device to connect the network directly through the port mapping, reduce the performance loss in the LAN link, thus improve the download speed.

Log in to the router management background, find a "UPNP setting option in the forwarding rules, port mappings or Advanced Settings menu, set it to ON, and then try to see if the download speed has improved.

3. QoS and network speed limit

If some devices in the LAN often hang thunder download, it will affect the Internet and gaming experience of other devices, through QoS and network speed limit can solve this problem. In the management background of the router, locate and turn on QoS settings. When turned on, the router can "automatically" distribute the traffic "reasonably" to the required Internet access devices, thus avoiding network congestion throughout the LAN.