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SaaS Startups Lead Generation Guide + 7 Optimization Tools

In this guide, I will walk you through 7 best tools for your SaaS Startup to generate qualified leads and convert them into your customers like never before!

SaaS Startups Lead Generation Guide + 7 Optimization Tools

Friday April 26, 2019,

5 min Read

But first things first,

What Is A Lead?

A prospect or Lead is a person that holds an interest in your products/services by any means but is not yet willing to make a purchase.

Which gives you the benefit of nurturing and educating their minds until they become your customer. And the tools I’ve gathered for you will help you do that.

Here’s an example of How Lead Generation Works:

(source: straight north)

Why Do I Need These Tools?

Your website visitors quietly leave your website without you having to know it. In order to capture your lead’s info, you need to set up a proper Lead Generation Strategy. Either for your Website and/or any other platforms you are using.

How Do They Work?

Almost all of these tools have a subscription model that these SaaS companies have been using which has actually transformed them into a separate industry.

The subscription charged is mostly monthly and annually and is stored and delivered over the cloud. Subscription model startups are more exposed to customer churn than other businesses. Mainly because their business profitability requires a constant check on the value they are providing their customers.

There is always a competitor out there - ready to snatch your customer!

But the subscription system is a customer preference as well, since making smaller monthly payments is a lot easier for them. They can discontinue at any time if the service isn’t worth their money.

And luckily your SaaS startup may find investors much easier because the monthly revenue generation is predictable. Making it easy to forecast and get familiar with your startup’s health.

So without wasting any time, let’s jump right to these...

Lead Generation Tools For SaaS:


Botsify offers a little more than just automation for the website and Facebook live chat support, it helps you generate leads in multiple ways:

  • You can chat with your website users via Facebook messenger using Botsify.

  • You can collect email addresses to add to your subscription lists via website chatbot. No need to ask for their name and email in a separate pop-up.

Pricing plans: 14-day free trial then paid plans starting at $50/month.


MailChimp is highly popular because it is easy to use and cost effective to startups as well as enterprise-level businesses.

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It offers social media Ad campaign, website landing page campaigns and many more.

But the best features are MailChimp’s drag and drop email builder and the automated email service.

MailChimp offers a solid free plan as a lead generation tool for startups, offering 12000 emails or 2000 subscriber’s list per month.

Pricing plans: Free version & Paid plans starting at $10/month.


Salesforce is highly recommended to all SaaS startups as their CRM solution. This platform is considered among one of the top Lead Management software solutions.

It does not require setting up or manage offline, everything can be easily accessed over the internet. All you need to do is log into your account and start working.

Pricing plans: 30 days free trial then Paid plans starting at $25/month.

Maker Leads

Maker Leads is an excelling prospecting tool for SaaS Startups. You can get a List of all product makers and/or their upvoters’ list off of ProductHunt and Angellist.

Once you get the list, you can reach out to the product makers or your competitor’s Leads (upvoters) and sell them your own product with better offers.

Similarly, if your competitor is also using Maker Leads, can easily capture your ProductHunt upvoters too!

Pricing plans: List of 50 Free Leads & Paid plans starting at $15/month.


Google Adwords places your ad in front of people who search for similar terms to your predetermined keywords. For example, I create a google ad for ‘chatbot for website’. When people search for similar or same terms, they will see my ad placed somewhere on google.

This will increase my chances of getting a relevant audience and more visitors to the page or get contacted.

The best part is, setting up campaigns is free - you only pay when your Ad is being clicked by people.

Lead Feeder

This tool is highly recommended to all SaaS Startups. You don’t know how many businesses visit your website and leave quietly, without getting in touch with your live chat or never contacted you.

Lead Feeder finds who they were, with the help of Google Analytics. The platform provides data of last 30 days visitors and provides contact information of people working at those companies.

Pricing plans: 14-day free trial then paid plans starting at $59/month.


If you are looking for email addresses of people and companies. You can either search by name of a person or a company to get relevant email addresses of employees you are looking for.

The first 100 search requests are free and then their paid plans starting from 1000 searches and more.

Pricing plans: 100 free search requests then paid plans starting at $39/month.

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