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7 Ecommerce Software Features that Help you Reach New Markets

7 Ecommerce Software Features that Help you Reach New Markets

Wednesday May 20, 2020,

7 min Read

Ecommerce business is definitely on the rise, predicted to reach global sales of more than $3.9 trillion USD in 2020. The online business is creating quite a conducive environment for international business with the rapid growth of cross-border ecommerce system. 

Today, traders look beyond the borders to search the right market and ecommerce has become the medium for these transactions. If your brand is also planning to expand and dive into the new markets to sell internationally, it is the right time to crank up the heat. 

Handy ecommerce software features to tap new markets

First Things First:

If you are new to the cross-border ecommerce game, you have to plan the international strategy and the technology to help you go international. In the competitive online world, your business needs the best ecommerce software that can support your international strategy. If you are not sure about what to look for in an ecommerce solution, here is your comprehensive guide to go international.

 1. Omni-channel strategy to go beyond the online store

Being omni channel sounds like a marketing buzzword but in reality, it is one of the most mandatory growth hacks for ecommerce business. 

Well in the ecommerce system, convenience reigns supreme. And Omni channel strategy provides next level purchasing experience whether the customer is shopping from a laptop, computer, mobile device or brick-and-mortar store. For example, in an Omni-channel ecommerce system, the previous purchases and preferences of customers can be tracked easily. Also, the customer can use the laptop to check the stock on the company website and then, buy later on smartphone, and pickup up the product from the preferred store. 

The idea is to get the consumers beyond the clicks and interact with your brand and in turn, it provides the ingredients to the successful businesses – Better sense of advocacy and loyalty. An Omni channel brand provides a better opportunity to forge a positive and deep connection with the customer.

An ecommerce software has all the required features and capabilities to provide a unified customer experience and unlock a host of other benefits for your online business.

2. Customized store setup & product prices

It is not enough for your business to get online, but what matters the most is:

  • How do you interact with customers?
  • How do you add value for your customers?
  • Is there any real connection of customers across digital and physical channels?

So, all your strategies should focus on the customer first, whether it is product, marketing, pricing, subscription or anything. The customized ecommerce system has the highest opportunities to offer a compelling experience and set you apart from the competitors. The entry in the international market is disrupting the way we think about ecommerce and there are many tools and ecommerce software that can help you scale your business internationally while providing a seamless customer experience.

For example, the high-priced products require extended decision-making and purchased quite infrequently. To increase their sales, you can add value to these items like product videos, testimonials, tailored pricing for limited time, flexible checkout process. After all, who will not love a personalized buying experience?



3. Catch the customers with Progressive Web Apps

With the headless ecommerce system, it is another mandate to choose advanced technologies like progressive web apps (PWAs). This platform has a great potential to engage your users as it is way too quicker than opening the website on the browser. Thanks to the ability of web apps to be added to the home screen of the user and they can be accessed in just the same way as a native mobile application. 

It is an important step to engage your customers and catch them at the right moment. PWAs are cool to build, but they require separate hosting solution and ultimately, adds up to your business costs. But a right ecommerce software can provide the most engaging mobile experience with Google-backed Progressive Web App without adding any additional costs.

4. Accept multiple payment methods

The familiarity and convenience are one of the most important benefits for the customers if you accept multiple payment methods. This is surely very important because this is the most common step where customers abandon their purchases because of many reasons like they are not sure about the payment security or their preferred payment method is not available.

 In an ecommerce system, it is necessary to provide a high level of convenience to the customers, especially in the global market because the payment preferences vary significantly. The biggest benefit of multiple payment methods is that your customers get what they want and you will not lose any sales due to payment concerns.


An integrated ecommerce software that can provide a streamlined payment process with multiple currencies in the same place allows you to sell more, and earn more.


5. Prioritize customer accessibility

Accessibility is not something you choose, but it needs to be done right so that you can reach each and every customer. With the enormous growth of ecommerce businesses, the owners often feel the need to optimize many areas of the website at once but it can be really difficult to determine the priorities. 

Website performance and accessibility are the topmost factors for the changing shopping behavior of consumers. Let’s understand how it affects…!!

While there are many technical aspects to the accessibility factor, it is critical to move a website accessibility to the top in one go. It is vital to update the website and your overall ecommerce system consistently to enhance the accessibility. Of course, visiting a speedy and organized website gives good vibes to customers because it does not take much of their time and delivers the required information sooner. Apparently, it increases sales for the online business. 

6. Make Localization your key to success

When you really want to expand internationally, you have to think about your brand integration is the selected countries for business. So, the key to winning an ecommerce game is that “LOCALIZE everything”. It means localizing according to the individuals in different countries. For example, having a multilingual website can help you big time to localize the complete look and feel of your website.


An ecommerce software can help you make multilingual store with over 100+ languages and helps you go global and deal with the customers in the language they love. With the state-of-the-art features and functionalities of an ecommerce platform, you can build tailored website for your international target audiences, from product merchandising to shopping habits and almost everything within the online buying process.


7. Multi-store approach

While a multi-payment method is convenient for customers, the multi-store approach allows the flexibility to tailor your site according to different audiences globally. For example, you can provide a different store with its own content, language, design, navigation to each country. This is a great option when you're expanding your business across the globe and run marketing campaigns for specific countries.

An ecommerce software can help you set different shipping practices, costs, pricing, stock locations according to your preferences. Multi-store also helps you to optimize your website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in better manner because the search results need not be translated, or price converted. A multi-store strategy is always helpful for enhanced online business growth.  

Making a Choice

Every day you wait to get an ecommerce software means more lost customers and increased business costs. Getting a right ecommerce platform will never be like just another expense for your business but it is an opportunity for your ecommerce business to get better and sustain in the competition.