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7 Marketing Tips for Your eCommerce App

7 Marketing Tips for Your eCommerce App

Tuesday February 25, 2020,

5 min Read

As more and more customers are giving preference to online shopping, the number of eCommerce apps in the market have increased at a prolific rate. We all know that running any business is tough and to run it successfully all the time is even more difficult. So, how are you supposed to make your eCommerce app stand out in the ever increasing competition? This is a question that many marketing experts have come across in recent years. Here is the answer to this frequently asked question!

Here are the best eCommerce app marketing tips that top mobile app marketing companies swear by!

1.   Optimize Your App Listing

As mentioned earlier, the number of eCommerce applications on both Android and iOS platforms are increasing at a substantial rate. Due to this it will be difficult for the users to find your app on the app store. So, app store optimization has become inevitable in the current times. Consider the official app stores to be a search engine and use SEO techniques for your app listing. These SEO techniques will increase the visibility of your app in the listings.

2.   Share Relevant Content with Your Audience

We use mobile apps for almost everything today. In spite of being so dependent on them, we tend to uninstall apps frequently. As per GoodFirms recent research, users uninstall an app for basically two reasons. One, to free storage space and second, to shop less from a particular retailer.

But users usually wait more before uninstalling an eCommerce app as compared to other app types. This is clearly an opportunity! Share only the content that will interest your users. Content that has a clear value proposition. Apply this technique and watch potential customers convert to loyal customers.

3.   Don’t go overboard with Push Notifications

Sending push notification to your customers is important. But as it is said too much of anything is bad, the same applies to push notifications. Research suggests that a large number of the applications are uninstalled due to an unnecessary amount of notifications. As push notifications have a higher rate of opening as compared to emails or any other marketing channel, make sure you use this tool for your benefit. A limited number of personalized push notifications can work wonders for your eCommerce app.

4.   Pay attention to Email Marketing

Now, that we have told you push notifications have higher opening rates, you might be thinking of giving emails a miss. But that would be a huge mistake. People expect different things from push notifications and emails.

Whenever you collect emails addresses on sign up, send your customers custom emails on the basis of their action or inaction on your app. Moreover, if you already have an email newsletter for your website, include it in the app too. Apps are all about regular use, so you need to reach where your prospects are present first i.e their Inbox!

5.   Work with Influencers in Your Niche

When you work with influencers you get to showcase your products in front of their highly curated audience. The first thing you need to make sure is that the influencer belongs to your niche. Depending on the size of their audience and reach you will have to pay for the exposure. As the review is coming from a reliable source, people are more likely to be attracted to the products.

6.   Ask your Customers for Reviews & Strategically Place them

Reviews from your existing customers are way more valuable than you can think. A positive review that is placed rightly can be the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart. Reviews from your existing customers will lower the barrier to buying for your potential customers. Not only that, these positive reviews can be used to improve the efficacy of your paid ads, landing pages, email marketing and more.

7.   Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonments with an Exit Intent Pop-Up

If someone puts an item in the shopping cart, it means they are interested in your products. If a potential customer is so close to converting, then you need to ensure that the transaction is completed. A lot of shoppers for some or the other reason leave their shopping carts without completing the transaction. So, reduction in shopping cart abandonment rate is one of the important marketing tactics.

To retain some of the potential customers, you should add a specific exit intent popup on your cart page. For instance, if a visitor decided to leave the cart after adding something, display a pop-up which offers them a discount if they complete the purchase within a specific time period. Of course, the discount amount and time period is totally on you to decide.

8.   Wishlist Reminders

Many times customers add products to their wishlist and never purchase them. You may have to give them a much needed push. Send them an email with the link of their wishlist. If possible include a discount on that wishlist. Who knows that might be the trigger needed to complete the purchase? In the case of an eCommerce app this is even more easy. You can just automate the process to send push notifications in a week or two as a reminder of the products they wanted to purchase.

Get Set Marketing!

Marketing is something that will bring people to your app and also drive your sales. Therefore, it cannot be ignored or put off. Everybody has a hard time struggling with marketing in the initial stages due to the ever increasing competition. If you were stuck with how to go about marketing your eCommerce ap, we hope these marketing tips will get you the desired results this year!