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7 Simple Ways to Get More Sales with Ecommerce Mobile Apps

7 Simple Ways to Get More Sales with Ecommerce Mobile Apps

Tuesday April 28, 2020,

7 min Read

Building a mobile app for your online business is always the right move but are you getting enough conversions?

Today, there is a mobile application for the smallest of the utilities and thousands of apps are submitted to the Play / App store every day. Ecommerce apps is another addition in the world of mobile as it gives altogether a different sales channel to the online business owners and merchants. 

Increasing the customer base and sales have always been a challenge for online companies. But ecommerce apps have the power to do it well. Most of the users today do not rely on websites and prefer using mobile apps for easy and fast online buying. 

How to get more sales with ecommerce mobile apps

How Mobile App boost your online sales?

• Push notifications - Recover your lost revenue by sending push mobile notifications to the customers. 

• Social media sharing -  The customers are always logged in on their mobile which makes social media very accessible and powerful for e commerce.

• GPS promotions - The location-based promotions are always helpful to acquire as well as retain customers. 

Ways to Sell More with E commerce Apps

Well, you cannot just launch the best Mobile ecommerce solution and expect people to flood into your application. But you can steadily reach your business goals if you follow these tips to sell more with your mobile app. 

1. Target your existing users

Well, as it is rightly said that existing customers are always more valuable than new customers. When an online business has trouble in business growth, it is not about gaining new customers but there is a need to improve customer retention. 

Look at the importance of loyal customers for your online business.

Infographic on Loyalty programs

Why Loyalty programs?

  • 73% customers are more likely to recommend a brand that provides loyalty programs
  • 81% people believe that loyalty programs drive them to make a repeat purchase with the brands
  • 66% customers increase their spending limit to maximize their loyalty benefits
  • 10X customers are likely to be more satisfied if they enjoy participating in brand loyalty programs

Obviously, it is a great idea to increase customer loyalty even if it is a more expensive marketing strategy. Well, you have more possibilities to increase loyalty with an Ecommerce app as people have easy accessibility to their smartphones anytime, anywhere. It can help you add more items to cart, generate more revenue, and have a higher conversion rate. You can also offer reward points through the in-app system. It can encourage customers to buy from your site. 

2. Offer mobile app specific discounts

Mobile gives you an extra opportunity to communicate with your customers on a regular basis. A best mobile ecommerce solution can help you to integrate with all the required technologies, engage and convert your customers with a seamless mobile experience. 

You can also ask your customers to leave a comment in the app. In this way, you can get to know about their needs and provide a better buying experience to them. 

Still not sure how it boosts sales? Well, an ecommerce app provides a best-in-class solution to sales. The enhanced design, easy navigation and usability help you reach one and half times higher conversion rates as compared to desktop buying. Furthermore, the in-built features of the phone like GPS to know the customer location can also be leveraged for mobile-specific promotions. Another example is voice recognition systems like “Siri” in iPhones or “Ok Google” in smartphones that can redirect the customers to your app in the easiest manner.

3. Easy Registration and Seamless Navigation

Ecommerce apps are definitely raving the market today and considered as one of the most sure-fire ways to gain profits. Building a mobile application can help you meet your business needs and grow your brand among competitive online markets. 

However, not every online business with a mobile app will have success. You need to make some extra efforts while developing the application. With intuitive features, the ease of users will remain the first priority because this is what customers look for. The giants like Amazon can innovate their mobile app to any level but still, they keep things easy and simple. The ecommerce app should be as simple and user-friendly as it can be. 

First things first, the user registration should be very simple and fast, and never put any compulsions for register and login. Sometimes, the user lands up on your site while searching for a product and a seamless experience can lead them to buy from your website. The in-app navigation should also be well-arranged so that the user can easily find their needs from the range of products and categories. 

4. Uncluttered interface and Prominent Buttons

Whether it is a website or a mobile app, the interface always drives more sales. The thumb rule is to provide a clear direction to users rather than confusing them. Always provide limited options to use the app and concentrate on focused sales. For example, you can highlight top-selling 20 products on the homepage of your ecommerce app. It will show a glimpse of your product range and help you boost more sales.  

Another factor is the visibility of important buttons on the mobile app. The buttons like “Add to cart”, “Checkout”, “Buy Now” should always be on the top or prominent positions of the screen. It is the most crucial step towards increasing your online sales. And only displaying these buttons prominently will not help, but you have to make the right placement in the right font to get more clicks and sales. Make a difference with the best mobile ecommerce solution by developing the best mobile strategy and ace the mobile game. 

5. Guide through the Shipping process

Shipping is one of the most important factors in the customer buying journey and also, one of the top reasons that maximum customers abandon the shopping cart. Yes, an ecommerce app can help in reducing the shopping cart abandonment as well. Most people prefer to buy from the online stores where the shipping and handling cost is low and displays the final shipping cost at the beginning of the order placement process.

Score more trust and user engagement by guiding the user through the shipping process as soon as they onboard your site. Another great option is to provide them with shipping alternatives so that they can choose and pay accordingly.

6. Accept multiple payment options

Many customers do not buy the products due to the lack of payment options. Offering multiple payment options in ecommerce apps like Netbanking, UPI, debit card, credit card, cash on delivery can increase your sales drastically. If you are accepting limited payment options, you are losing on a lot of potential customers. 

Alternative payment methods like Apple Pay are also gaining popularity in the online industry. It is one of the easiest options, especially when you have a mobile app. The easy payment options make the checkout process simple and also, help you get more sales. 

7. Showcase top-selling products

Highlighting top selling items on the banner of home page increases the possibilities of sales as you are clearly showing them buying directions. For example, the category of “best selling items” on the top position instantly catches the attention of users. Not everyone is sure what they want from your website and it can be overwhelming for a new customer if you guide them through sales. 

A best mobile ecommerce solution can help you strategize your product placement with exciting mobile app themes. Take the opportunity to sell your high margin products with this trick. So, your top selling products should get you better profitability.

Key Takeaway

Everyone loves to shop on ecommerce apps, and it has boomed m-commerce and became a boon for the online companies. The main aim is to develop a mobile app that fulfils the site experience and the buying experience of users gets easier. 

We hope that we have provided you ample reasons why mobile apps are required for an online business and ways to boost sales with it. 

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