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7 Social Media Trends that Help Your Brands in Covid 19 Time

During the COVID 19 Pandemic, These top 7 social Media Trends help you to increase your brand awareness

7 Social Media Trends that Help Your Brands in Covid 19 Time

Thursday May 21, 2020,

6 min Read

Once in a lifetime pandemic, COVID 19 has remarkably has brought the world into a halt. People are forced to stay at home and avoid diseases. Businesses have been affected a large as the movement is almost stopped. This time can be meticulously used to improve your branding and strategies, especially for social media. As social media has grown tremendously during this stage as people are more prone to posting from their homes.

Here are the 7 most recent social media trends that you can add in 2020 to keep your brand improvising.

1.  Diversify with more platforms 

2.  Micro-influencers

3.  Build group and communities

4.  Understanding Social media analytics

5.  Storytelling

6.  Leveraging User-generated content 

7.  Engagement

Diversify with more platforms 

Facebook revolutionized it but now several social media channels today are there with millions following. You can connect with professional to get assistance for specific channels that suits your products or services. With little extra time in this lockdown, you can search competitors to know their presence in other social media and then plan accordingly to get benefit from this huge user base online active every second. Here are astonishing stats for users staying on top social media platforms today. 

Facebook (1.4 billion daily active users): 58 min

Instagram (500 million daily active users): 53 min

Tiktok (720 million daily active users): 52 min

Snapchat (178 million daily active users): 49.5 min

YouTube (30 million daily active users): 40 min

Pinterest (200 million monthly active users): 14.2 min

Twitter (100 million daily active users): 1 min

You can observe that stats have improved for new platforms such as Tiktok, Snapchat, and Instagram to be in the leading social media channels today. So you can do market research to get more information about their prices and lead generation to use them effectively for your business module. 


Another social media trend that is likely to continue in the upcoming future is the right use of influencers. Even the micro-influencers can affect your business branding on these social media sites. With their tens, five, or thousands of followers they can promote the products and services to get the right attention for your business in the industry. Followers have a lot of faith in these celebrities and can recommend your product to a wide market for exploring new areas. Many theories and studies have proven the result for connecting with these influencers with improvisation in engagement and can help you target a specific niche with the precise approach. You can work with small Micro-influencers, in the beginning, to check the impact on business before opting for the global influencers.  

Build Group and Communities

Almost all brands and corporates have dedicated Facebook pages for their name, post, and followers. Many have also built groups, communities and to offer more information about their activities to stay connected with their followers. These activities, events, and special programs can help you gain more business reach in this competitive market environment. With groups you allow customers to have their say directly to the brand and offer their feedback for further improvement in the product or services effectively. Businesses can also about the customer's demand, personalize connections, and bring more loyalty to their overall brand.  

Understand Social Media Analytics

Today most of the social media platform offers intriguing analytics for businesses. You can use effectively to bring more insights for your businesses. Consult with professionals to come at a more specific target niche and grow your market with investment in the right direction. 

Here are social media analytics information offered by platforms.

Facebook: You can check all information about Reach and Engagement, Actions, People, Views, Posts, Funnels, Revenue, Customer Lifetime Value, Page Summary, and more. 

Instagram: You must switch to a business account for Instagram insights on followers, demographics, and more. 

Snapchat: Here you can check Story Views, View Time, Reach, Story View Percentage, and Audience demographics too.

TikTok: Tit Tok pro account provide significant information about Video Views, Profile Views, Followers, Content Data, Traffic source types, and Audience territories.

YouTube: With analytics in this video sharing platform you can check Overview, Realtime, Watch Time, Audience Retention, Demographics, Playback Locations, Traffic Sources, Devices, Interaction, and Subscribers information for strategically planning. 

Twitter: You can get to know all the analytics on every tweet, profile, followers, and more to prepare for specific targeting for your business requirements. 


Storytelling is one of the latest trends in Social media these days. Small stories are proving more successful with viewers to know about any specific services or products. Users feel a personal connection with stories to connect with these brands forever. And these have started a viral trend among the various market products to help them maximum reach and promotion among online users.  

Leveraging User-generated content

Today with hundreds of platforms offering online products or services. User-generated reviews and recommendations play a crucial role in generating sales for businesses. And when done by social media peers this can help you get more branding and reach for businesses today than ever before. Video testimonials have become trending these days. Businesses will often ask their current client to add their testimonials, and feedback in videos to personalize their communication thus bringing more reach and branding for your organization.


Here are some strategies you can use to help you in personalizing customer through your social media platforms:

·    Running campaigns through blog posts, images, or even reviews effectively to gain more attention. 

·    Designing contests or polls

·    Hosting events, webinars and live video talks

·    Adopting a selfless hashtag strategy

·    Featuring customer’s photos in your stories, walls, and website (with their consent of course)

·    Encouraging the audience to tag your brand in social posts such as asking them to become their top fans In Fb.

·    Directly interacting with your audience


Using their employees in promoting their brand provides rich insights into the company values and culture. Today top brands are using them to for impactful engagement with their targeted users. Especially for brand perception, this employee engagement helps in strengthening bonds between the users. Companies need to use their employees efficiently and ask them to share their blog on social media profiles hence gaining access to their friends and followers as well. This keeps the whole collaborative environment more engaging and helps us to uncover new potential towards more business reach.

Conclusion: Though the COVID phase is one in a lifetime opportunity and the whole world is reeling under the pressure to be under the lockdown. Still, Social media is one aspect of life that has benefited from this time as people are more enjoying to stay and home still connected with their family and friends.