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Simple Steps To Convert Instagram Followers Into Email Subscribers

Simple Steps To Convert Instagram Followers Into Email Subscribers

Monday December 17, 2018,

5 min Read

Instagram happens to be one amazing free marketing platform but it is better to always aim to move your followers on email list. You need to be aware of the right steps, which might help you big time in converting IG followers into your current email subscribers, in no time. The major point is that learning about these steps won’t help unless you get to implement the same within hours.

First of all, why try and convert IG followers into email subscribers?

The answer is simple, control and plain. It is not hard to state that email is the only channel where you might have the ability to build true relationship with target customers. Creating a proper audience on social network, mainly IG, means you are letting someone help you in determining how often you can get to talk to your audience. If that wasn’t enough, every form of social network will move towards future where you might have to pay each time you want audience to view one of your posts. You might further have to pay for followers for Instagram as well.

On the other hand, if you have any email list, you can actually talk to them when you like or as much as you would want to. But you would not want them to just spam or else they might leave your side unsubscribed. It is always the same principle as you might have to follow for building or just maintaining audience on IG. It is always about posting some great content.

Now, it is mandatory for you to follow the steps for turning IG followers into email subscribers. Without wasting time, let’s just jump right into the steps.

Have to start creating an incentive:

For creating an incentive, you might have to invest around 1 to 4 hours for the task. The difficulty level over here is medium. The first step for you to follow is coming up with a reason for IG followers to give you their personal email IDs. During that stage, don’t forget to ask yourself what your audience would love to get from you.

  • The best reason which actually come in form of some free thing that your followers would definitely love to get their hands on. Some of those common examples are winning something get free ebook, guide, training or course video, or even getting access to any discount.
  • No matter whatever you plan to do, never ever ask them to subscribe to the newsletter.  There are multiple tests already performed on various value propositions for clients and no one will actually love to subscribe to your current newsletter.
  • The incentive that you plan to choose will depend on targeted customer and what you want them to sell you eventually. An example will help you with understanding. In case you are selling fashion item then competitions and discounts will convert well. On the other hand, if you are selling informative course or product, then free e-book or guide will be an apt option.
  • Now you must be wondering how you can actually get people to just provide you with their emails. Instagram does not have any section where you might get followers to present their emails to you. The obvious answer over here has to be the bio.
  • The Instagram bio is the platform where the magic might happen. It is the place where you get to briefly describe business and even allude to some of the value proposition of incentive. Once you logged online, you will come across some screenshot examples from accounts which actually know ways to convert IG followers into email subscribers.

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Time for the landing page:

This level is rather easy and will take you around 10 minutes to an hour to complete. Now you have probably understood the importance of incentive. But, do you think you have the money, time or even the patience in building website for capturing email addresses? Maybe not. And so that’s why you might have to take help of Instapage for a change.

  • It will help you to publish one beautiful page website, which is a landing page in around 10 minutes, which you can set and then forget. Instapage comprises of various professionally designed templates, which come handy with amazing UI or UX and even conversion rate perspective.
  • It is quite rare to have landing pages that might convert at less than 20% and more usual is 35% or more. It means that for every 3 people that click the link in IG bio of the client, you will get hold of a new email subscriber. In case you are planning to set up similar one landing page for converting well, then you can check out Instapage for help. It is available with a trial period of 30 days.

Third and final step to create and connect email list

Here, the level is easy and will take around 10 minutes to implement. It is a rather simple step and the basic premise over here is that you want to email all people in an easy manner and whenever you need it. You might also want to set your automatic welcome email series for the new subscribers. They are the one over here to build trust and send link to buy anything.

Instapage is here to help you collect emails without any mailing list provider connected to start if off. But, once you are aware of the tools that you want to use, you can actually connect it to landing page within few clicks. They are known to integrate for free of cost with all the popular ones like GetResponse, Mailchimp, Madmimi, Aweber and so many more.