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Why People Should Go to College - 6 Meaningful Facts

Why People Should Go to College - 6 Meaningful Facts

Friday December 13, 2019,

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Attending college, no matter how simple it may seem, has been a big deal for many. While some people say that they cannot afford the high tuition fee and other expenses, others say that they have found a satisfactory job after school that pays them good money. Some students believe that if their grades are not that great in school, coping with the college will get more difficult. We also have a category of ‘lost souls’ who have no idea what to do with their life and hence think of escaping the whole college hype. 

But, are these excuses worthy enough to let yourself not go to college? If these excuses are valid then what about those who are completing their degrees from colleges? Are they making a mistake? Well, we cannot deny the circumstances or obstacles that may prevail in our lives and give us no choice but to find a job straight after school. But, we can at least look at these 6 meaningful facts that prove why going to college is a good idea. 

  • Finding Your Path 

Have no clarity about what to do in life? Want some time to explore various options? If yes, then join college. Many students do not know what their passion is in school. Some just follow their parents while others just follow their friends. In the end, they end up unsatisfied with their jobs and essentially their lives. Those who have a family to take care of and other financial responsibilities have got no choice but to continue being a stranger to themselves, their dreams and their ideals. 


College gives you time to think about yourself. Half of the battle is won when you decide on a suitable course for you. You study what intrigues you, gain expertise in your passion and hence are able to build a better future. 

  • Earn Better 

Do school graduates have enough job options? Research yourself and you will see that there is a lot of competition out there in the job market. A college or university graduate will always be preferred over a school graduate because of their level of knowledge and of course, a certified degree. In fact, statistics have shown that most university students in Australia get a job within four months of completing their degree. 


Statistics also reveal that college or university graduates acquire better job opportunities and long term job prospects. School students are likely to go for part-time jobs or very low paying jobs. You might find some exceptions around you where college dropouts turn entrepreneurs and are running a successful 6-figure business. But what if you do not have any idea of entrepreneurship, at least now? Are you ready to risk your financial security because of some exceptional cases?   

  • Expand Your Knowledge 

The knowledge that you gain in school is to build your fundamentals. For instance, if you are studying accounting, you will learn the basic principles, the common topics and definitions so that you can have an idea of the accounting stream. College gives you a chance to dive deep into the curriculum. You will be working on term papers, dissertations or research papers which will give you an opportunity to learn more about the theories and aspirations of a subject. 


College offers you to join a number of extra curricular so that you can explore different things. You can find time to catch up on an online course and gain an edge over others. You can pursue an internship in your domain and apply what you learn in college simultaneously. College internships are indeed a great way to find a full-time job in future. 

  • A Step Towards Better Life

Are you somebody who had no clue about saving money in school? If yes then college is a time that gives you an opportunity to become financially independent. You will be living on your own, managing your finances and your studies together. This will give you a good taste of how life looks like when you start your professional career. Moreover, it will give you time to prepare yourself for the future. 

better life

College makes you more responsible and healthier in life. College students are likely to develop better habits than the students in school. College students develop a different mindset. They are more conscious about their health, their relationships and value-based life. 

  • A Fresh Start 

One should not assume that if they are not doing well in school, the college would not be any different. In fact, college is a great way to start anew. It is an opportunity to build some new habits, try new career options, and make a good change from childhood to adulthood. 


Many students travel to new places during college. Some people take admissions in college outside their city or maybe abroad. A change in scenery is not only good for their mental and physical health. Coming in contact with a different culture, exploring new places, meeting different people, all these are a great way to enhance yourself as a human and bring value to your life. 

  • Build Connections 

You meet thousands of people during college. From professors to guest teachers, and fellow students from different places around your country and abroad, you get a chance to network with different people. If you are doing a part-time job or different internships every semester, you get a chance to meet different employers. 


Networking always helps you in growing your career and personality. You never know which characteristic you may gain in a five-minute conversation with your professor about your career. You never know your internship might unfold into a new career opportunity. 


Realizing your responsibilities, being independent and getting a job sooner is good. But, you can gain the goodness of all these things while pursuing a college degree. I hope these six facts would motivate you to study in college and hence brighten your life for the better.