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Social Media Marketing: How it Helps Businesses in 2019?

If you are ready to embark your business via social media marketing, then you need to have some tips that will help you in strategizing your social media marketing plan for 2019.

Social Media Marketing: How it Helps Businesses in 2019?

Monday April 15, 2019,

8 min Read

Posting, sharing, tweeting, instant and easy connections with families, friends, family, and brands – these are the things which have made social media such a popular platform for millions of people every day across networks.

With the revolutionization of the internet and global opportunities, marketing has become a battle amongst various brands in order to occupy the headspace of their targeted demographic.

Social media marketing

Of course, business people are stepping in competitive market just not to sell their brand but also to make their mark as an entrepreneur among rivals. When a customer thinks of a special product or service, every business owners wants them to associate that product with their brand over competitors.

In fact, now presenting your brand image in social media sites has become a trend.  Nowadays, business without social media is just like tea without sugar. In short, you can say that it’s like you are out of the race before participating in it.

If you are ready to embark your business via social media marketing, then you need to have some tips that will help you in strategizing your social media marketing plan for 2019.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Before providing you with the tips for your business social media marketing strategies, let's have a look at the meaning of this term.

Well, social media marketing is defined as the business activity on various social media platforms which helps in contributing to the marketing objectives of the business such as customer acquisition, website traffic, and brand awareness. Well, this activity is usually done in the form of content such as images, videos, and texts. However, it also includes some paid ads and community engagement. In fact, this strategy involves writing something about your brand image of the company and gain the heart of the audiences.

And if you can gain the audience’s desire to share, then they will act as your channel of distribution. Therefore, create eye-catching content for your business that will fit on every platform and will help you in receiving high engagement and shares.

Finding the most effective social media channel for your business?

Finding the most effective social media channel for your business is quite a cumbersome task. Every business has its own needs and requirements. And social media marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

To select one perfect spot for engaging maximum customers towards your business and gaining the maximum revenue, you need to create an eye-catching and incredible content.

As per stated earlier, every social media channel generate different results but in a more better way than others for specific business objectives, and the content published will also vary depending on these factors.

For instance- Uploading videos on Facebook is unlikely to be more useful for driving more business audience traffic than publishing an article on LinkedIn. Curious to know about which platforms you can use for improving your brand image? Keep on reading; I've put together some critical updates that you should be aware of in 2019.

#1 Instagram

In the blink of an eye, 2018 had become history. With the key developments from all of the big social media platforms, the behavior of both users and businesses has been affected. And Instagram has faced numerous game-changing transformation, especially with the augmentation of Instagram Stories.

So, if you really want to attract more customers and willing to put your business off the ground, then this platform should be on your radar. In fact, the new functions such as super-zoom effects, verified badges, inspired creative users, video chat, and incentivized more brands to use the platform. Do you want to know about statistics?

And if your business is all related to the new technology and other innovations, then Instagram can help you in targeting the customers especially young ones.

What's more, this social media platform is an ideal choice for B2C businesses that sell the products and services. The reason behind it is because it allows the entrepreneurs to share vivid images that can create an emotional connection with your customers.

#2 Facebook

Have you ever examined the trend of maximizing the ability of brands to advertise in unique and engaging ways with the users and customers on Facebook? Yes! This is true. All the Playable Ads, Augmented Reality Ads, and Facebook Story Ads have revolutionized the way that brands deliver messages to target audiences.

Now Stories are becoming one of the most common methods for the people to share their posts across all the social apps. In short, stories are now on track in order to overtake the posts in the feed.

Facebook’s back-end data validates this shift with 68% of people saying they use stories regularly on at least three apps. With the help of Story ads, you can support all objectives currently available, such as reach and brand awareness, and Facebook’s full range of targeting and measurement capabilities will continue to assist delivery.

Tips for creating a social media marketing strategy for a company

Now that you have a better overview of 'what social media marketing is' and 'what are the most effective social media channel for your business?'

Let’s move on to the practical bit and discuss creating a social media marketing strategy for a company.

#1 Set Your Objectives

As per stated earlier, selecting the right channel for your business is a challenging task. But if you made your mind clear and prepared a roadmap in which direction you want to go and which demographics you are looking for, it will be more comfortable for people to get a better understanding. When you made your objective clear, then you are almost one step ahead from your rivals. Don't understand?

Deciding these targets in advance will:

  • Ensure you have the best content to attract users.
  • Helping you in establishing the key metrics to track success.
  • Save time and resources

Therefore, prepare a list of everything you are willing to do for your social media marketing activity, and then prioritize them in terms of value for your business.

#2 Market Research

Market research is just like the breath of your business. If you want to have everything in good standing and don't want to face the failure stage, then keep this tip in your business bucket list. Analyze your competitors’ social media marketing activity and then find out how they are scaling their business. After all, their target audience is your target audience.

While doing research work look for these questions-

  • What hashtags do they use?
  • What call to action do they promote?
  • How much average engagement do they get?
  • What kind of content do they publish?
  • Which platforms they’re most active on?
  • What tone of voice do they use?
  • What kind of conversations they have with their audience?

#3 Plan your Content

Now turn comes for the most important part of doing social media marketing activity is deciding 'what type of content would you publish for your business? In short, 'what kind of content will best achieve your objectives on each social network?'

This may vary depending on different resources; however, predominantly involves weighing up:

  • Articles
  • Photos
  • Graphics
  • Stories
  • Videos
  • Livestreams

As we know that it's really hard to know where to start, and which type of content you need to publish, so try and think about your target audience.You are no doubt doing this strategy for promoting your products and services and attracting more customers towards your business.

Therefore, look for those things which really get to the heart of what matters to them and what they’re most likely to react to. Do proper competitor market research and demographics thoroughly, so that you can make a better decision.

One more thing that I want to notify you that all of these content options have sub-categories, for example, if you decide that Instagram photos will make up the majority of your content, you’ll need to think about:

  • What style they are taken in?
  • Colour scheme and feed aesthetic.
  • What the photos are of?
  • Where they’ll be taken?
  • Who will take them?

With the help of all these details, you will take shape as you get going and learn what your audience best respond to, and it’s good to adjust your content accordingly!


I believe that now you understand the importance of social media marketing, it's the most essential platforms, and tips for creating the best effective social media marketing for your business. Therefore, stay focused and try to meet all the needs of the users with social media and do your best.

It’s time to accelerate your business through social media and help users to know more about business.