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Social media strategies that actually yield results

If you want to reach your target audience, you need to set up a strategy for your social media.

Social media strategies that actually yield results

Tuesday July 02, 2019,

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Regular status updates and digital presence are no longer enough. If you want to reach your target audience, you need to set up a strategy for your social media. But what strategies are the best results? We were going to tell this article. 

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3 strategies you can end with 

The Internet is almost overflowing with strategic tips that you just have to use to not disappear among all the zeros and zeros. In the search for visibility , however, the risk is great that instead of dropping in all the information.

We therefore want to share 3 strategies that you do not need to use - if you want to achieve long-term results.

1. Trends - The word trend describes something is interesting today but forgotten tomorrow. In other words, it is not a long-term, advantageous strategy to focus on it as a trend now. Especially if it is not relevant to your business. 

The risk is also great that you hook up a little too late, which means that you spend resources unnecessarily. Instead, focus on what will generate results over time. The goal should therefore be to create a trend - not follow one.

2.Overall - Why should you put resources on to appear where no one will see you? There are lots of social media, networks and platforms where you can show off. 

However, there is no reason to put resources down to be seen on these - unless your target group expects it. You have to be seen where your target group exists. Everything else is completely unnecessary.

3. Close focus on just publishing - Many make the mistake of publishing the same content in all channels. Firstly, any images will not be sized, which directly reduces interest. Secondly, we use different social media for different purposes. 

This means that what is interesting in a channel does not have to be relevant to another. Instead of just focusing on maintaining a Digital presence , you should invest in how you are present.

Social media is about building relationships and creating credibility. If you want a high level of commitment, you must share with you content that is of interest to your target audience. Quality is therefore more important than quantity when it comes to creating commitment and long-term results. 

3 strategies that actually yield results

Creating really good results in their social media can initially feel tricky. But a well thought out strategy does not have to take long to design. 

The important thing is that it responds to why you exist, who you want to reach out to, what you want to reach out with, where you should be seen and how to do it.

To help you get started with this, we want to share 3 strategic tips that actually yield results.

1. Prioritise your resources - Where is your target audience? There you will also be! Focus on one or a few channels where you can engage properly. 

In this way, it will be easier to maintain the purpose of the channels and package the content properly.

2.Show who you are - Make sure you find your personal style. It applies both in style, in text, to pictures and with colours. A clear identity makes it easy for the target group to directly understand that the content belongs to you. 

It also becomes easier for them to relate, understand, and engage in it. The organisation's identity must also be clearly stated in the response messages and other in the social communication.

3. Evaluate and renew the work - Social media is constantly changing, not least how we use them. It is therefore important that you review how well your strategies work. 

Follow up on the commitment and content and see if you can further sharpen the strategy. Only when you analyse the work will you be able to further increase the quality.


Strategy for social media - so be it! Now we hope that you will succeed with your social media.