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Social media trend stories: how video clips lead to Instagram success in 2019

Mary Meeker, the "Queen of the Internet" publishes her Internet Trends Report 2019. An essential topic: the Instagram stories.

Social media trend stories: how video clips lead to Instagram success in 2019

Thursday August 08, 2019,

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As far as known. But how do successful story formats work? Which influencers are already perfecting the tool and what has the triumphal march of the story views to do with the discussion about the decreasing engagement rate ? We have analyzed the video tool and its German luminaries and betrayed: With these steps, Content Creators use the Instagram tool for their success.

Stories are the future of social media

Hand on heart: Who scrolls today through the Instagram feed until the fabled sentence "You're up to date" pops up? We'd rather click through the Instagram stories - says Mary Meeker. Facebook announces: " Stories are the future of social media ". No wonder that next to Instagram also the mother Facebook and sister WhatsApp offer the story feature. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg posts: "One is that while WhatsApp Status and Instagram Stories immediately took off, Facebook Stories started off slower."

Prime examples from the German influencer scene

Influencer Carmushka makes exemplary use of Instagram stories. Every new day begins with a layout and the words daily carmushka. This title is program. Carmen publishes daily video content, babbles into the camera and takes her Carmushkis through a life between self-employment, marriage and influencer-being. The result: an ultra-close bond with the community, which gives Carmen an engagement rate of an outstanding 10.88 percent.

Just as inspiring: nicolette.vlogt . The influencer is known for her Dirty Thursday . Every week she answers the questions of her community about love and sex via Instagram. The amusing, heart-healthy story format gives Nicolette a fabulous engagement rate of 10.51 percent and an incredible 9.41 percent growth last month. For comparison: Carmushka grows by 2.94 percent.

Personal content equal attention?

Personal content inspires the community . Beauty influencer Nova Lana Love cracks the mark of one million followers on Instagram during her civil wedding. Carmushka reaches 500 k during her wedding. Model and influencer Vanessa Fuchs tells style ranking in an interview that she, too, is trying to publish personal story content, because it appeals so well to the followers.

Decline in engagement rate or change in user habit

Postings show perfect snapshots. Stories make influencers and their lifestyle directly tangible. In doing so, influencers are strengthening their community while at the same time becoming interested in marketing campaigns that are increasingly being integrated into story formats, Meeker notes. Tip for all marketing managers: If you want to outperform your influencer marketing campaign, place the campaign around your wedding, birth or other life events.

After the much discussed study by Influencer DB on the decline in engagement rate, the focus on the Instagram stories provides enlightenment. The engagement rate only applies to the contributions in the feed. If followers spend more time in the stories, the decline in interaction in the news feed can be explained logically. In the past six months alone, 100 million people use Instagram stories every day. Today, 500 million of the one billion Instagram users use the Story Tool every day. Unanimous style ranking opinion: Panic discussion about an end of the Influencer Hypes is actually only a shift in the user habit.

Marketing managers and content creators should think Instagram from the stories . Out: Boomerang or irrelevant filming cause little. Rather, it is about placing innovative formats with added value and bringing the target group directly and personally into their own lives. Storytelling is the magic word. Then stories like Reality TV 2.0 can work - including advertising revenue.

Podcast, online gaming and privacy are among the buzzwords that Mary Meeker, the "Queen of the Internet", is paying special attention this year. Wall Street's former securities analyst has been publishing her Internet Trends Report for 24 years. Style ranking partner Active Value evaluates the 333-page report and filters five social media trends. From this, we derive some of the key findings that influencers should have on their screen in 2019. The next article is about the secret recipe for a successful podcast. Stay tuned.