Some Quick Fixes for Getting High Resale Value for Your Old Car.

Some Quick Fixes for Getting High Resale Value for Your Old Car.

Monday January 21, 2019,

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Sell Used Cars

If you have invested for last so many years, then why not now? We live our lives for the best of Return on Investments and that is followed for our cars resell value too. It is like preparing yourself for the next step in life making sure you perform the best.

Likewise, cars need to be prepared before selling it. The readiness might be a taxing job for the people who take it lightly or don’t know what the mandates are to be followed. Keep this note handy for future reference to make sure resell value is above satisfactory. Here are the few things to be performed to get a high resale value for selling your old car:

#1 Start Planning much Beforehand

Make sure you give ample time in planning to prepare the car before selling, say at least a month or so. You would require observing the important section of your car to make a list of it so that you don’t miss anything to be repaired or refurbished. We suggest making a list like

  • Car Engine: Oiling required if any
  • Interiors: Roof and seat cleaning, waxing of dashboard, new mats etc
  • Tyres: Check treads, repeated puncture
  • Outside Body: Scratches, dent to be repaired

#2 Time to Handle it One by One

Once the list is done, plan your visit to the experts to get the quick fixes. Minor changes can make an unbelievable impact on resell value. Car engines are the most vital parts which are checked before anything else thus, oiling and tightening of parts will do wonder in the smooth running of the car. There are multiple other websites where you can sell used cars at great pricing provided you have maintained it.

The first impression is the last impression – so make sure that interiors are done well if not like a new car. Remember even if someone is buying a used car would still want to experience the best of it. Therefore, the deal is to make others happy too while you are getting a high resale value of the used car. Probably to maintain the outlook of the car regular cleaning would help you till the end.

#3 Long Term Effective Approach – Pick up a Sheltered Parking

You might not have thought about it but your car facing random weathers might lead to earlier worn out the situation. Owners staying in big cities generally face the problem of parking therefore, we suggest them to swear by car covers which are of good quality. It might be a daily task but surely works as a sunscreen cream.

#4 Safety First

Keeping your car safe is not a current requirement but a long-term investment- a non-capital investment. While driving your car make sure you get into certain practices for long-lasting health of it – clutch and breaks should be synchronized, avoid roads which are not meant for your type of cars or for that matter keep a tab on swift shifts between gears. The experts on valuation might suggest such tasks but it will be great if you have already been doing it. 

#5 Paperwork like a PRO

The sell is not complete if the papers are not transferred to the other party. There might be issues with the resell value if you don’t have the complete set of paperwork. Complete set of papers boosts the confidence in the experts to fix an optimum offer of your car as well as leaves less of space of negotiation.

#6 Mileage: Inversely Proportion to your Sell Value

Car’s mileage is the best performance indicator and then who would want to buy a used car if the mileage is too low than average. It’s a known fact that city drives can impact your car’s mileage negatively whereas if driving on highways, it will have a positive result. Therefore, if you have been driving a car on the highway then it would help you to increase the resell value too. Though not only driving highways would make a difference but keeping a check on the engine, oiling, clutches put together will make a lot of difference. Thus, suggesting working on the mileage from the day you have bought your car.