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10 Best Practices to Generate Website Backlinks

To develop stronger website backlinks, you need to put aside all the frustration and impatience as the process is time taking, requires hard work and persistence. The days of the traditional SEO are over putting an end to simply inserting just any link to a website almost anywhere on the internet.

10 Best Practices to Generate Website Backlinks

Saturday January 04, 2020,

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To develop stronger website backlinks, you need to put aside all the frustration and impatience as the process is time taking, requires hard work and persistence. The days of the traditional SEO are over putting an end to simply inserting just any link to a website almost anywhere on the internet. Copywriters and digital marketing strategists must be well-aware of their backlink generation plan to make it successful and doable in the long run.

Being a core SEO technique and a traditional practice executed by digital marketers, backlinks to a website increases the search traffic and ranking on various search engines. In order to do that however, only high-quality links can return desirable and best-in-class SEO results while significantly boosting website traffic.

Changes to Google algorithms overtime also affect SEO ranking factors as well as the way backlinks are classified. To do this now, website owners and managers need to revise their strategy and work exceptionally hard to organically boost authority of the backlinks over time. Let’s explore further about backlinks, importance and best practices to execute.

About Backlinks

Also known as an external backlink, it refers to when owner of another website mentions you, your work or your website’s link as a reference somewhere in their own content while complying strictly to copyright laws. The references can be anywhere on a website such as blog post, service page or any other page that can even link back particular agency services like digital marketing, web design and development. Keep reading to find out more!

So How Can You Generate Website Backlinks?

With ongoing updates to Google and other search engine’s algorithms, website owners and managers execute some of the best practices to increase SEO rankings as well as to produce only high-quality and authentic website backlinks. Read on to follow the best tips and tricks for growing your online presence and generate stronger backlinks.


Allow Credentials

Copywriters, businesses, entrepreneurs, web designers and all others actively engaged in the digital competition always look forward to strengthen their work portfolios thus showcasing the best and most recent work. These usually include backlinks to a website for visitors to further explore services and/or solutions you’re providing. Besides enhancing portfolio from the backlinks, it also helps with higher search rankings on Google as well as other major search engines, depending on overall strategy.

Generate Content That’s Worth Sharing

Shareable content is powerful, high-quality, authentic, detailed and user-friendly that can be published on major websites and social media platforms while linking to your website services and solutions. Whether yours is a well-researched blog post, a highly interactive infograph or actionable eBook, it’s worth publishing and distributing further with a specific call-to-action (CTA) prompting readers to take an action accordingly. Check out some other cool ways to generate backlinks!

That said, Pinterest is yet another amazing social platform to generate stronger backlinks. Make sure that your content that can be either in the form of blog post, case study or an infograph holds high-value and worth sharing on Pinterest board. If someone finds it valuable, greater the chance of generating a backlink when content is being posted. Initial reach out can be performed on social media through hashtags and other strategies to target just the right audience in the niche.

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Your Own Website’s Backlink

As with any other type of shareable content, you need to create well-researched and authentic posts referencing to other valuable links within the same niche industry. Take for instance countdown posts about your favourite CRM tools or perhaps travel guest blogs that allow linking to recognisable web content, raising the opportunity for that particular website in further sharing the post while linking back to yours. 

Lay your best foot forward and move confidently with generating backlinks so you can shout-out about the products, services and content creators to better up your daily life. In addition, simply go for content round-up to gather useful tips and strategies against a particular concept or topic. 

If this is the actual case, you’re likely to find relevant and updated content through Feedly as the platform can sort relevant content in the form of articles and/or blog posts relating specifically to your industry or topic being searched. 

Do create a content roundup more or less once a week thereby updating readers on interesting topics. Most important of all, make sure it links back to the websites used as reference.

Increase the Number of Guest Post Write-Ups

Perhaps the best way to boast your industry expertise and generate high-quality, authentic backlinks is through guest posts. Most of the website and blogs also brief about author bio either at the beginning or end of each post which deliberately leave space to include backlinks. 

Writing guest posts demonstrate your grasp and expertise on the topic being discussed while establish a sound and professional rapport with brands. It also helps in collaborating with influencers and cultivates a brand successfully. Check out these tools to help you generate credible backlinks!

Widen Your Online Social Network

Whether you’re a highly successful corporate owner or an active online entrepreneur, you probably know the importance of social networking to business success. The best way to expand your online social network is through platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook; business versions though. 

The benefits are undeniable such as pitching the perfect audience and high-authority guest blogposts, share valuable content as well as website backlinks that further strengthens corporate connection to your industry. Here’re some other link-building strategies to try out!

Creativity Leaps Forward

Success depends on your willingness to try something new and innovative. The same’s true for backlink development process which requires you to get creative with the strategies and let go of the traditional practices. 

Shareable content is far more valuable, engaging and even profitable if it’s about selling a particular product or service. This is where you can put your creativity to kickstart a new project and generate authentic backlinks.

Link your website on multiple social media platforms which is extremely helpful but, do so sparingly rather than all too frequently which is a little bit clingy. If you’re industry expert, now’s the time to pass on your knowledge and let the clients know your true potential. Content source that you can use here are case studies, detailed reports, research papers on previous work and customer reviews. 

You can confidently share such content on social media platforms which demonstrates your ability and expertise to prestigious brands and potential clients. Case studies can be quite helpful when you’re approaching large-scale and authentic website or even landing a big guest posting deal.

Project Collaboration

Collaborate on creative projects which is another amazing way to build stronger website backlinks while reaching out to a wider global audience at the same time. Podcast projects became increasingly popular amongst corporate owners and creative agencies because it let them showcase their expertise while linking back to the website altogether.


Be Specific to Your Niche

Socialising and exchanging backlinks are highly profitable if done in the right way. Remember that good results and authority to a website comes with time and patience, being hasty can ruin even a well-planned and carefully crafted strategy. Double check how your content fits the website and proceed accordingly. When building backlinks, niche market matter most so, make sure your linking strategy is aligned for a clean record as well as to boost SEO rankings.

Welcome Interviews

Irrespective of the industry, interviews happen almost every day which is yet another way to generate shareable content for publications and websites alike. If you’re an enthusiastic public speaker, confident on making an impact and have time to response on the queries, this particular practice is extremely good to increase volume of website backlinks. 

One of the most important factors with backlinking is to ensure all the website references are of high-quality and fulfils authenticity. The digital landscape is always changing which makes it difficult to classify factors that are 100% accurate to quality but, high-quality and authentic backlinks can work wonders to improve overall SEO rankings.

Wikipedia Edits

We’re all familiar with the biggest online encyclopaedia, none other than Wikipedia where your content contribution can overcast all other strategies due to the stricter publishing guidelines. Being a Wikipedia editor is worth an experience whereas each of the published work is viewed by millions all over the world. 

Carefully browse Wikipedia write-ups, check their policies before doing anything and proceed accordingly. Include external links that adds more value and contribute to the page with the right content targeting. Having your work approved on Wikipedia open unlimited possibilities to stronger, effective and high-quality backlinks.


Generating backlinks is tedious but only with dedication, hard work and patience, you can surely come up with high-quality ones, referencing to websites and social media accounts correlating to your particular industry. It also positions you in Google’s good books while experiencing significant increase in web traffic over time.

Overall website quality and content goes hand-in-hand and a long way in establishing a strong presence and nurtures professional affinity to other website owners who’re likely to backlink to your website. Make sure your content is persuasive, actionable, useful, in-line with high rated website while continue to boost social network, crucial in generating backlinks that can optimistically and significantly affect SEO rankings.