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10 Effective Ways to Place Ecommerce Calls-to-action on your website

10 Effective Ways to Place Ecommerce Calls-to-action on your website

Thursday May 21, 2020,

7 min Read

You’ve built an eCommerce store that looks great. You’ve spent a lot of time and money for the eCommerce website development.

Though you get a lot of visitors each week, there are no sales. You wonder why aren’t visitors making the purchases from your store. In spite of spending a lot of money for marketing and advertising activities, you don’t get good sales.

May be, your visitors have a tough time navigating through your website. If your eCommerce store lacks calls-to-action, you could be losing a lot of business. As the visitors don’t know where to click once they land up on a page, they might leave your website without making a purchase.

This blog post will help you understand simple tactics on how to implement the best ecommerce calls-to-action to enjoy the maximum ROI.

So, what is a Call-to-action?

Call to action

If you have heard about call-to-action for the first time, you need to understand what exactly it means and what is its purpose. Ecommerce calls-to-action help the visitors follow the right path and take the next action. Using the right calls-to-action, you can direct the visitors to the next pages and complete the purchase.

For instance, adding the “Buy Now” button can help the potential buyers reach the next page for buying the products from your eCommerce store. Adding “Inquire Now” call-to-action can help the visitors get redirected to the contact form where they can fill up the required details and send their questions and queries.

It is important to use the best eCommerce calls-to-action to prompt the users take necessary actions. Optimize your storefront with the right CTAs to improve the user experience.

How to implement effective eCommerce calls-to-action?

1. Create a sense of Urgency

It is rightly said, “Scarcity leads to a sense of urgency.”

Did you know that invoking a sense of urgency can help you capture a lot of attention by the users? Try to show a deadline for a promotional offer to grab the attention of potential customers. It can be a good idea to use words such as “Hurry”, “Now” or “Limited edition” to increase the conversion rate.

People get attracted to offers run on eCommerce stores. You can highlight the promotional items using phrases like “Few left” or “Sale ends soon” as this would tempt the users to make a purchase soon.

2. Try different color contrasts

Believe it or not, the button color matters a lot in the success of the conversion rate. You can test with different colors of the buttons and experiment with various contrasts to know which one works the best for you.

Make sure that you pick the right color that stands out and compels the users take appropriate action. Talk to the website designers and find out what they suggest. If you already have an ecommerce store online, there’s no harm in experimenting with different color contrasts for the CTA buttons to catch the attention of the visitors.

3. Button placement

It is important to place the button at the best position where it is visible to the users. Make it prominent and no matter what device the user accesses your website on, the button should be well-placed. The users should not have to scroll down or have a difficulty in searching for the eCommerce calls-to-action on your site. Make sure that you design simple buttons with straightforward text that is easy to read. Even if you like big, fancy buttons, you can try using them on different sections of your website. You’ll be able to increase leads from your website when you place CTA buttons at the right places.

4. Placing CTAs on banners

You might have come across several websites having a CTA button at the header banner. That’s the most strategic location for any website. When a visitor lands to any page of your website, what is the first thing he would notice – The banner, right? Use colorful and attractive CTAs on the banner of each page to improve your online sales. Your products page or blog pages can also have banner CTA buttons to catch the visitor’s attention.

5. Social sharing CTAs

Engaging your audience should be the Number 1 priority and this can rightly be done with social sharing CTAs. When you provide an option to the users to share the content on their social networks, you can grow your visibility.

Add social media buttons on your web pages to increase your followers. Placing these icons on home page and inner pages can be helpful.

6. Subscribe CTAs

Ask your visitors for their email addresses by requesting them to subscribe to your newsletter. Send out weekly or bi-weekly or even monthly newsletters to update them about the latest offers or just tell them what’s happening in your industry. Planning the best email marketing campaign is important. You can also offer discount coupon codes to the people who enter their email address for subscribing to the newsletter.

7. Sidebar CTAs

A sidebar CTA can be a great option to make them visible. You can try different design techniques for sidebars on the left or right hand side of your web pages. Sometimes, the users may skip the main content and read the headings and subheadings. You can try to place various types of CTAs on the sidebars.

8. Read More Button

It may not be possible to include everything on a single page. Some users may be interested to know all the details about your brand or the products you sell. For this purpose, you can create valuable insights on the main page and provide “Read More” CTA to help the visitors land up to the next page for gathering detailed information. Redirecting users to the next page increases engagement and entices the users.

9. Attractive Cart CTA

Ecommerce call-to-action are the most essential important of any website. You should spend most of the time A/B testing cart buttons. Buy button and Add to cart buttons can make or break your brand. Small adjustments in the cart buttons can have a huge impact on the conversion rates. Website owners can experiment with different colors and designs of the cart buttons so that they click on them to complete the purchase. If your website has a huge abandoned cart rates, you can think of making some changes to the cart buttons.

10. Mobile CTAs

With most of the people browsing ecommerce websites from their mobile phones and tablets, you need to make sure that your site is responsive. Mobile CTAs should be given a lot of attention while designing an ecommerce website. Your CTAs should pass the “thumb test” to gain the maximum results. While designing a mobile-friendly webpage, you should focus on creating minimal footer links and avoid sections that distract the users from the CTA.

Common mistakes made by ecommerce website owners for CTAs

  • Don’t overuse the CTAs as it can irritate the visitors.
  • Make sure that all the eCommerce calls-to-action are relevant.
  • Avoid using CTAs that blend into your design or content of a web page.
  • If you have placed calls-to-action and never tested them, it could be a costly mistake for your website. A/B testing of the CTAs is essential.

How to make the most out of your website CTAs?

There’s no shortcut for website optimization. You can always try and experiment new ways of placing the eCommerce calls-to-action and discover what works the best for you. Also, what works for you for years may not be working now. It is important to keep an eye on the latest web design trends and make sure that you get the best solutions. Hire the best website designer to help you place the right CTAs at the most effective places to help you enjoy the maximum conversions and profits without spending a fortune.