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Ten Life-Changing Experiences In Dubai Tour You Should Have with Your Family

Ten Life-Changing Experiences In Dubai Tour You Should Have with Your Family

Monday December 17, 2018,

6 min Read

Dubai is one of the most fantastic destinations in the world where you will witness many life-changing experiences and impressive wonders. This exciting city has many beaches, a plethora of shopping malls, record-breaking structures, stunning architecture, and dining options. Beyond the glossy buildings, there are award-winning restaurants and cultural hubs in this lovely city of gold. 

1. Dhow Cruise:

Dhow cruise Dubai marina is a novel experience where you can enjoy the international buffet dinner. This beautiful night of entertainment will give you an unforgettable experience in Dubai as it allows you to explore amazing sights of Dubai at night on a magically decorated Dhow.

Enjoy the view of Dubai waterfront on a cruise with a perfect atmosphere and amazing services. This trip gives some unforgettable memories which you will never forget.

2. Watch Sunset from the World's Tallest Skyscraper:

You might have witnessed many beautiful sunsets but seeing it from the top of the tallest structure of the world makes is more magical. The third fastest elevator of the world will take you to the observatory deck in no time from where you can have the 360-degree incredible view of the city.

The golden hue of the sunset from the top picture is fantastic and breathtaking. Do bring your camera to capture the stunning moment at Burj Khalifa top. This place is extra special in the night as this is the time when you can witness the city transforming into a glittering jewel.

3. Skydive Over the Palm Jumeirah Island:

Your trip to this buzzing metropolis is incomplete without this electrifying expedition.

Dubai is a fantastic sight from the ground but flying above it is something full of fun and thrill and gives an ultimate aerial adventure in this city of dreams.

You can skydive over many beautiful places but doing it over the world's largest human-made island is something unique. The view is incredible. This breathtaking experience will delight you, and there are skilled instructors to guide you so that you have a safe trip. The equipment used in this voyage is made up of good quality material, and the licensed skydiver ensures your safety throughout this aeronautical journey.

4. Spend a Night in Desert:

Dubai has a gorgeous desert landscape. It is hot, dusty and beautiful and allows you to explore a more traditional side of the city. You will never forget the private overnight desert camping here as it offers a trip full of enjoyment. Watching the sun set below the red dunes is fantastic and adorable.

Dune bashing in a 4 x 4 air-conditioned land cruiser is full of thrill. Other fun activities include camel riding, horse riding, henna designing, Arabic dress photography, quad biking, and lovely entertainment shows. Falconry is also included in such tours as there is no limit defined for fun activities here.

Enjoy the traditional entertainment services like fire shows, and belly dance while having the delicious and mouth-watering BBQ dinner.

5. Shopping in Dubai Mall:

Dubai mall is a part of 20 billion dollar Downtown complex which is among the most visited building on this planet. Shopping in one of the largest malls in the world is an experience to remember.

The mall is huge, fully air-conditioned and has a whole load of attractions. It offers more than just shopping and has almost 1000 stores and restaurants. This impressive mall is located in Downtown Dubai and has a fountain outside which is well worth a look too. 

Some other achievements and awards of this mall are:

  • World largest sweet shop
  • World's most visited leisure and shopping destination
  • World largest OLED screen
  • The nest shopping experience.

6. Dive into Dubai Mall Aquarium:

If you intend to swim with sharks, then do visit the stunning Dubai Mall Aquarium which is the world's largest aquarium indoor and consists of a ten million liter tank filled with aquatic wildlife. The aquarium also arranges cage experience so that people can get a closer view of marine species. It has more than 30,000 aquatic animals. You can do underwater photography here to capture some brilliant shots.

7. Stay at the Burj Al Arab:

Burj Al Arab features ultra-luxurious suites overlooking the sea and is one of the most famous 7-star resort in the world. This sail like a shaped hotel is something you need not miss as of offers luxury and unforgettable dining experience. Jumeirah group manages the hotel. This world’s third tallest hotel stands on an artificial island.

The Burj is more amazing than you would ever imagine. Book a stay here, and you will be thoroughly impressed by the service and the friendly staff. Have a safe and effortless check-in and enjoy the tasty refreshment in the lobby.

The suites are amazing and feature the most comparable beds. You will be impressed by the cool technology in the room with fast Wifi internet, lighting and brilliant security. The rooms are clean and are stocked with lovely flowers, and fresh fruits and still water.

8. Relax in the Aquaventure Park:

Aquaventure park is home to many record-breaking attractions and is the perfect theme park where you can go to beat the heat in Dubai. You can relax across the private beach. There is a sea lion point, a dolphin bay and plenty of fresh water slides. You can ride in the lazy river or relax on the resort's beach. Younger guests can enjoy at the Splasher's Children Play Area to have some fun.

9. Visit Ski Dubai:

It is situated in the Mall of Emirates. This must-see attraction is the world's first indoor ski resort having 3000 square meters of snow. You can have the much-needed break from the sweltering heat here. This freestyle zone has the full capacity of 1500 guests.

Enjoy in a winter world of exciting events and sports and chill in the -4 degrees centigrade with real snow. You can head down for a snowboarding session or say hello to the local penguins.

Enjoy the world famous hot chocolate at the Avalanche cafe. You can learn skiing or snowboarding techniques and skills form the qualified instructors at the ski school. If you desire to fly down with snow and skiers, then the snow bullet will allow you to have this experience.

10. Spend Quality time in IMG Park:

Dubai parks are famous worldwide for providing the best source of entertainment and enjoyment at cheaper rates. The IMG park is the world's largest indoor amusement park where you can have a fantastic day trip with your family and loved ones. It is filled with cartoon network characters and has the fastest roller coasters that will take you in and out of the park.

Adventure seekers love this place. You can go to the cinema to chill out and have a great time. There are plenty of shopping and food outlets too where you enjoy creating amazing memories.

Final Words:

Dubai is more glamorous than what you imagine. There are many hidden gems in this amazing city. It consists of tall skyscrapers, super yachts, gold vending machines, and fancy foreign cars. Explore the top attractions of Dubai to have a mesmerizing trip here.