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Top 10 Wordpress SEO Optimized Blogging Themes

Here is the catalog of top 10 Wordpress SEO optimized blogging themes that can definitely help you with blogging. Check out the spectacular collection now!

Top 10 Wordpress SEO Optimized Blogging Themes

Monday April 20, 2020,

5 min Read

No matter how good your content is, without doing Search Engine Optimization, you cannot get the higher ranks in any search engine. This is because several factors are affecting the search engine rankings like Back-links, hosting server, on-page optimization, site speed, and the corresponding website template. 

You should not use all the word press themes, to get the optimization in SEO, but you can use SEO optimized WordPress themes that are user friendly and efficient. More than 30 types of WordPress themes are available and you have to find the best SEO themes. Here are the lists of Top 10 WordPress SEO themes which are commonly used by many users. 

Generate press

In the WordPress themes list, the first and foremost themes that are commonly used by many people is Generate press WordPress themes. It is a popular free theme, which is having lightweight code and SEO features. The default generate press theme is less than 30kb and also it comes with a premium version. With the help of the premium version, you get the permission for accessing the modules and sites library. The features of the themes are secure and stable, lightweight code, SEO friendly are available in custom colors. 


The next WordPress belonging themes which is having a user friendly feature is Astra. This is one of the highest responsive SEO optimized word press themes, which can be used to build any websites easily. It requires less than 30 KB of resources and is available in customized nature. The features of Astra are lightweight like a feather, free from jQuery, and support all page builders. 


The OceanWp is one of the highly optimized free WordPress themes, which also, comes with the premium extension. The premium extension will help to support various website features and options and works with major page builders. The common features of these themes are, it is in an active state and produces full responses. Apart from this, it also has readily available eCommerce and SEO base built-in. 

Hestia pro

The professionals who want to get a distinct approach can make use of Hestia pro WordPress blogging themes. It is mostly suitable for small business organizations and business startups that are all having a one-page design. The persons who are all having a low budget in the WordPress themes can make use of the free SEO optimized WordPress themes of Hestia pro. The clean look of the theme and the user friendly experience is suitable for professional use. 


The distinct theme which is used by many numbers of bloggers is newspaper WordPress themes. The familiarity for the newspaper theme is because of the multiple customization features and options. You can use any type of blog that is fitted on the newspaper WordPress themes. It is having support from different types of social media. Even the top search engine tools are supporting this type of WordPress theme which is a very important thing that should be considered. 

Genesis framework

Genesis is one of the popular WordPress themes that come with a responsive and user friendly SEO optimized design. The child themes of the genesis framework will help for building blogs, portfolios of the website and corporate websites. It is having a minimalist design and the clean code will improve the performances. 


The Divi is a popular WordPress blogging theme, which is coming with the visual page builders and other advanced features. It offers plenty of customization features for building any type of business and offering different marketing tools. And the speed of the theme is varying based on the customization. 

SEO crawler

SEO crawler is one of the professional word press blogging themes. It has more customized header designs and other front integrations. SEO crawlers have highly attractive designs and offer multiple good looks for the website. The response of the theme is high even though it has more customized options and features. So the people who all want to have more header designs and professional look for the website can make use of SEO crawler word press blogging themes. 


The WordPress blogging theme which is having a stunning performance is Pofo. The people who are all using these word press themes can get a larger number of integration tools, options and features. This is one of the user friendly WordPress themes which are having a good response among the people. 


The X is the latest WordPress theme which is satisfying the needs of the people. It is a multipurpose theme and is able to handle multiple features and options. The new features will help to increase the ranking of the website in SEO. 

The above-mentioned are the top 10 WordPress themes that are suitable for posting blogs and portfolios. Make use of the themes and increase the rank of the website in Search engine optimization.