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The 5+ Zonka Feedback & Qualtrics Alternatives to Choose From

In this article, we provide you with the top 5 Zonka Feedback and Qualtrics alternatives that capture customer feedback & assist you to make right business decisions.

The 5+ Zonka Feedback & Qualtrics Alternatives to Choose From

Thursday June 27, 2019,

5 min Read

Online survey tools are a great way to discover key customer insights and engaging your customers. The tools offer ways to capture customer feedback and offer a measure of customer experience. The customer feedback app helps capture vital customer insights  and gives you insights related to customer satisfaction. In this article, we offer you the best Zonka Feedback & Qualtrics alternatives and give you the details related to the benefits, services offered by other vendors and assist in making informed business decisions.

Let’s dive into some alternatives and competitors to Zonka Feedback & Qualtrics:


piHappiness Customer Feedback App

piHappiness without a doubt is a pioneer when it comes to capturing accurate customer feedback. The feedback software helps organisations to take action on the received critical feedback and implement necessary changes to improve customer satisfaction. With multi-platform and multi-device compatibility, piHappiness help capture customer feedback through various devices such as iPads, Android tablets, Automated Kiosks, and Web Surveys.

The software is multi-lingual and supports more than 90+ languages. Hence, it allows the user to complete the registration process in his desired language based on his geographic location. Having multiple offices/branches of businesses at various locations? Don’t worry! piHappiness contains a feature called “Group live dashboards” which offers a glimpse of customer feedback data of all offices located in various places.

piHappiness customer feedback software employs multiple metrics such as NPS, single and multi-questionnaire, feedback categories and reasons, CSAT surveys, Emoticons to capture feedback. With the brand filling feature, the Kiosk automatically plays videos when the screen is left idle for a certain period. Also, piHappiness has a feature by name "Survey filler" which auto-plays either promotional or marketing videos. The feedback platform also has a customisable e-mail feature through which, you can drag and drop images and also customize emails as per the requirements.

With 365 days of analytics, businesses can monitor the customer happiness and satisfaction trends round the clock for a whole year. The customisable reports and inbuilt analytics offer a graphical representation of data that aids in easy interpretation of feedback data. For piHappiness, affordability and customer satisfaction are the top priorities. Hence, the feedback platform offers four different pricing plans to suit varied business demands. They include Basic, Premium, Premium+ and Enterprise. piHappiness also features a dedicated team for customer support and offers quality service for 24X7.



It is a great tool to collect and analyse real-time customer feedback from both mobile and website. mopinion allows to target feedback forms to a specific group of online visitors and gain valuable insights regarding the potential problems for their conversion. It is also possible to build, design and configure feedback forms. The feedback platform lets you place customisable buttons on any page of the website.


Yes Insights

It employs a one-click widget that can be embedded in any website or send via email. YesInsights capture feedback using one-click NPS survey method. The single question method that Yes Insights employ result in higher response rates. Also, it is quite easy to craft questions and get responses. The set up of the feedback platform happens in minutes and does not require any technical expertise. YesInsights tracks the responses from each survey into a chart and helps to analyse individual responses. The survey tool offers vital customer insights and boosts customer engagement.

Survey Monkey:

Survey Monkey

The customer feedback system is well designed, easy to use and features embedded surveys. As the name implies, Survey Monkey offers 15 types of survey questions that include multiple choice, Likert scales, and open comments. The feedback tool also lets you customize the survey by including company logo and the images. The platform offers multiple options to create surveys that include a single answer, multiple choice questions, rating scale in close-ended questions. For open-ended questions, you can choose essay box, numerical text boxes, demographic details and so on. The feedback tool also lets you add a survey completion bar, auto-numbered pages, answer choice randomization, etc. The surveys can be sent through multiple means to the user such as Email, Twitter, website pop-ups, embedded link on the web page and so on.

Ask Nicely:

Ask Nicely

The customer feedback software integrates with CRM software and collects data using one question customer surveys. The feedback platform is one of the simplest platforms that help identify unhappy customers and resolve their issues. With Ask Nicely conversations, businesses can get more actionable feedback from customers. The software employs all popular customer experience metrics such as NPS (Net promoter score), CSAT (customer satisfaction) and CES (customer effort scores) for effective capture of customer feedback. The software comes with minimum customization options and measures customer loyalty pertaining to the business. 

Get Feedback:

Get Feedback

The survey tool allows you to create visually enticing surveys by including visual media in the survey. The platform allows utilizing different mediums of communication such as speech and writing to offer their reviews. The feedback software is composed of highly responsive designs for any type of surveys and helps get accurate feedback. It is user-friendly and mobile responsive and hence attracts more people to answer the survey. The app also enables real-time reporting and real-time analysis of the survey. The Get Feedback is customisable and the design and layout of the feedback form allow the reviewer to give his honest opinion while filling the feedback forms.