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The Best Wireless Headphones 2019 - Full Comparison

The  Best Wireless Headphones 2019 - Full Comparison

Monday April 08, 2019,

4 min Read

After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 5 best wireless headphones in 2019 among more than twenty products available at the moment. Without hesitation, I will advise the Bose SoundSport Free , which although designed as their name suggests for athletes, will delight many potential users by their comfort and high quality audio. You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide that will allow you to determine which headphones will suit you best and for which use cases.

The best cheap wireless headphones in 2019

Let it be said: even in the entry-level category, we are on a product that requires a certain level of investment. Be aware that with the model proposed below WF-1000X, you will get a lot for your money.

Sony WF-1000X : the best cheap

If the price of Sony WF-1000X headphones is entry-level, their look is certainly not. We are dealing here with a product with impeccable metallic aesthetics: let's discover if performance side is just as interesting. Like any good true wireless that respects itself, the earpieces are delivered with their small charge box finish as neat as the rest, which allows, it seems, up to 9 hours of autonomy (it is actually more on the 7 hours, with 2 hours of cooldown). This case, a little bulky compared to other models on the market, is still relatively light and slips easily into the pocket for a total weight of about 70 g, including ear buds. These come with several sizes of different tips and fit quite comfortable in the ear.

Attention: they are still pretty protuberant, as well that it is not the discretion assured ... Like many wirefrees, everything works with a "master" (left) headset and "slave" (right) headset. The controls on the left earphone turn on the power, perform Bluetooth pairing, and select Active Noise Reduction, Passive Isolation, or Ambient Sound, which allows you to hear what's going on. go around. With regard to the slave headset, it allows the taking of calls and the pause and passage of music tracks. The volume adjustment is done from his smartphone.

The best mid-range wireless headphones in 2019

For this selection of mid-range, we turn to two products much appreciated by consumers as critics. How to decide? The choice was tough!

Bose SoundSport Free : the best midrange

We waited a little before discovering the true wireless vision of the American giant Bose ... But the wait will have been worth it. This sporty model, as its name suggests, comes with a must-have storage / charging case, USB Type-A / micro-USB cable and "StayHear" tips in three different sizes. Here we are not on the aesthetic rather neat and metallic of the other selected models: these headphones are anything but discreet. Bose preferred to play on the comfort and the maintenance, and it is rather successful: once in place, the atria do not move. Ideal for jogging, especially when you know that certified IPX4, they resist perspiration as splash (not immersion, but in any case, you did not put them at the pool.

The tips do not completely block the ear canal, unlike the Jabra Elite, and therefore do not create an unpleasant sensation of clogged ears. In return, passive insulation is not very effective. The SoundSport offers very complete controls, with a multifunction button (play, pause, next track, call pickup, voice assistant) and the volume control on the right.

Jabra Elite 65t : the comfort and quality of listening

We are once again on a neat design with beautiful finishes that echoes the level of the charging box. Everything is rather light and compact, and fits easily in the pocket. The Elite 65t comes with their USB replacement cable and three tip sizes. Side comfort, it's mixed. The tips fit well inside the ear, to the point of creating a kind of airtight closure that is likely to hinder some. You have trouble supporting the earplugs? So go your way ... On the other hand, there is consequently a case of a passive insulation of the most effective and the auricles which do not move a centimeter, whatever happens (know that the mark proposes a model specially conceived for the sport and resistant to the splashes, unlike this one). If you still want to keep in touch with the outside world, a HearThrough mode, which lets you hear the surrounding sounds as well as the "Ambient Sound" feature of Sony mentioned above, is offered through built-in microphones.