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The Boons and Curses of Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development Projects.

All you need to know about outsourcing your mobile app development

The Boons and Curses of Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development Projects.

Tuesday September 18, 2018,

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Mobile app development company
Mobile app development company

Mobile app development is one of the most used business platforms, for startups, after the increased development and use of mobile apps, all around the world. Mobile app development is often outsourced from overseas for the simple reason to avoid the intensive steps of mobile app development. The companies looking forward to developing mobile apps often outsource the development to app developers from overseas. Outsourcing the mobile app development has both pros and cons, which are discussed in details in this blog.

Pros of Hiring Mobile app Developers

Talking about the advantages first, outsourcing of mobile app development has the following advantages to offer:


Outsourcing the app development process is indeed a budget-friendly option for the company assigning the project of app development. This is because, the company will take app development price quotations from a huge number of companies, finally choosing one company to assign the final assignment to them. Hence, it is likely, that the app development company who won the project offered the most competitive price quotations with the best of the features, this being budget friendly for the company.

Cost to Develop Mobile app
Cost to Develop Mobile app

Time-saving and hassle-free

Outsourcing the mobile app development is time-saving because the company with which the app development has been outsourced is expert in that domain and are able to deliver your business mobile apps within the deadline.

Technical expertise not your cup of tea

There are a wide variety of business ventures, that needs a mobile app to be developed. However, it is not necessary that they should be tech-savvy and expert in coding and developing a mobile app. It's not just there cup of tea. For them, outsourcing mobile app development is just the best option. They can simply tell the features they need and get it done by outsourcing them.

Choose app developers
Choose app developers

Cons of Mobile app development outsourcing

Though there are many advantages of outsourcing the mobile app development to overseas, there are certain disadvantages as well.

Lack of communication clarity

With differences in the time-zone, miscommunication or lack of crisp communication might delay the delivery of the project, or make easy communication time-dependent. This might affect the mobile app development negatively.

Disables full control of the app

Outsourcing the mobile app development often denies you of full control of the app. This is due to the reason that the developing company wishes to retain some of their ownership and dependency on them, even after a long time, thus disabling your complete control over the app.

Exposure of confidential data

Exposure of confidential information to the app development company might happen, as external agencies are involved in the mobile app development. However, it is important that you have a Non-disclosure agreement, in order to avoid risking the information of your users.

These are some of the pros and cons of outsourcing the mobile app development overseas. It completely depends on the business and company, whether they choose the pros over the cons or vice-versa.