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The Internet Entrepreneurship Blueprint

How To Build Your Systems & Process In Place Before Reaching Out To Audience

The Internet Entrepreneurship Blueprint

Monday June 17, 2019,

8 min Read

Have you ever thought why so many Instagram & YouTube influences come and go just like that? I don't want to put the names here but you know how some sensations and overnight stars have come and vanished just like that.

Unfortunately, most people on social media give importance to the likes, shares, and subscribers and they fail to build a system and process to leverage the following and build an Internet Business around their hard work and luck that they got.

I am Umesh Emmadishetty, I am the founder of Internet Entrepreneurs Club, I have been doing Internet businesses since 2016 and got trained by many millionaires like Dan Lok, Brendon Burchard, Russell Brunson, and Peng Joon.

By being in their mentorship program and learning directly from them, I had the opportunity to learn and observe the things how do they do what they do.

I have learned the very commonsense of the operations and processes that they implement in their business. These are not those people who teach you how to become a millionaire overnight because they didn't become like that.

They chose to become an Internet Entrepreneur because they believed it as a long-term career, not just an overnight success story and vanish.

No, I am not talking how to make affiliate marketing or how to earn $10,000 by the weekend in this post. I am going to talk about the long-term strategy and you should think this as a career, not an opportunity if you want to become an Internet Entrepreneur.

So what is this Internet Entrepreneur and how can I become so?

Internet Entrepreneur can be any person who builds a business around his passion on the internet and change and transforms the lives of the people who trust them.

It can be with any product be it your YouTube Video, Instagram Post, Online courses, Mastermind group or a Facebook group.

I see many talented people with a lot of knowledge and skills on the internet want to reach the right audience, but struggling to find out the way how. They are looking for the right process or a system to help them.

This is why I created the Internet Entrepreneurs Club. The place where you will learn the strategies to grow your influence and income by changing people lives.

The fact that I put "entrepreneur" in the program is to let you know that Entrepreneurship is a journey it's not like where you make a couple of $1000 or $10,000 and that's it, you go.

Its the same journey how you see in the physical world where the entrepreneurs set up the shop or startup and run the business with and make it successful. The entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, they have a very long-term Vision.

Today, I am going to show you the blueprint how you can implement in your online business, doesn't matter if you are a coach, author, consultant, trainer, or affiliate marketer. This blueprint will help you in achieving your goals.

This blueprint is divided into four parts and I am going to show how the things will work together easily once you master these.

1. Email List Building.

2. Setting up a marketing Funnel.

3. Content marketing.

4. Understanding the analytics and data.

The first and foremost thing that you should be doing when building a brand or business on the internet is building an Email List.

Building an Email List:

I have seen YouTubers having 2 or 3 million subscribers broke financially because of not having a system to build a business around their YouTube following.

Seth Godin, the greatest marketer, once said: "you should not work for social media, social media should work for you".

Yet, people upload videos after videos and worry about the subscribers, likes, and shares that they get instead on focusing on how to leverage their following and build a business.

Many people said to me that Email marketing is dead and you should be using chatbots. Well, I do agree with that, but could you explain to me how did you login to your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn account?. It's the Email, right?

Having an Email list is very essential for any business. It can be a big corporate company or a budding entrepreneur. If you don't have an Email, how do you think your message will be reached to your audience?.

If a user submits his email into your Email Marketing System, he is confirming that he is really interested in your product. It is not like some random user coming and commenting on your YouTube video or Facebook post and forgets.

Your YouTube channel or Facebook pages are completely owned by those Social media platforms. If you don't have a strategy to collect emails, then you are not going to sustain in the online business world for a long time.

If you want to learn Email marketing, there are many online courses that will teach you, but make sure you master this skill of Email marketing, setting up an autoresponder and understand the behavior of the user with analytics to make a better decision.

I have Email Marketing bootcamp coming up, you can join here : https://ieclub.in/EmailChallenge

You can build your Email list by giving away free value to the audience like an Ebook, video lessons, audio lessons, cheat sheet, or any infographic content that will tempt the user to provide their email to so that they can download the content.

Make sure you are constantly giving value to your email subscriber or else they will forget who you are. Also, you can drive traffic to your digital products or blog easily.

The next step in the Internet Entrepreneur blueprint is

Building Funnel:

I would prefer to use funnels over the generic business website.

There is a difference between a funnel and a generic business website, which you should understand.

Funnels are built based on the outcome you want to acheive. If you want to sell a product or capture lead, there are different types of funnels that will do the work for you. There are different stages of a funnel called A.I.D.A. This is the journey of a visitor coming on to your landing page and becoming a paying customer.

Website will just give information about the business, what you do, who are you, and... that is it. The user who comes to the website has to check for the contact us page or check for the products information page and get lost in the navigation. This happens if the website is not designed effectively.

There are many platforms that you can use to build funnels and landing pages, like Clickfunnels, Builderall, leadpages, megaphone, or WordPress.

Once these funnels are ready, you can connect your Email Marketing System easily and start collecting emails.

Mastering Social Media Content:

The next part in the blueprint that you should focus on is mastering social media. It doesn't matter if you're 50 years old, 6 years old, or 14 years old

If you post on social media and give value consistently, you will be seen as an authority or goto person in that field. It's not like I post for 10 days and I forgot and come back again next month and post the video. That is not going to work because once you start posting content regularly, social media algorithms will identify you because you are keeping their users engaged with your content and the algorithm will recommend your content to other like-minded users.

You can also drive traffic to your social media posts by sending emails to subscribers in the email list. Make sure you send an email at least once in a week and build a relationship with them.

Understanding data and analytics:

Everything you do on the internet should be measured and the decisions you take should be backed by data. A simple code of Google Analytics on your blog, landing page, or website, will help you to understand what things are going right and what things are going wrong.

Even if you run a Facebook ad or a Google ad, you should understand what is the cost per impression, what is the cost per, etc.,

You should not simply outsource this task and expect some magic to happen. It is your business and you should know what is happening behind.

You go to any internet millionaire, they all mastered these concepts and they know what to post at what time of the day or night.

It is better you start learning these four concepts to have a successful career as an Internet Entrepreneur. If not done correctly or you are ignoring these basic pillars of your business, then you are not going to sustain for a long time.

Don't be a guy or a girl chasing next big thing that is going to give good commission as an affiliate marketer. Stick to one product, master the concepts and build an Internet business around that.

If you are interested, you can join our private Facebook group called "Internet Entrepreneurs Club" where I will share some strategies that will help you to become an Internet Entrepreneur.

Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IEntrepreneursClub/