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The Two Major Operations Management Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

The Two Major Operations Management Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

Monday February 11, 2019,

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How can businesses connect with and engage their workforce? A team communication tool, built for operational communication allows for improved employee connection and internal communications. In the global market, companies are required to focus on trends in operations management and strategies that will help them progress in their respective industries.

An MBA in operations management enables students to develop the skills required to formulate and implement such strategies.

Whether you’re seeking an organizational overhaul to increase competitiveness or aiming to cut down on everyday costs of business, these are the two major trends that will help you achieve the results you desire to fulfil your operations management goals in 2019.

1. Investment in Digital Internal Communications

Business leaders are required to prioritize strategies for employee retention and engagement with the growing millennial population occupying the most substantial portion of the workforce. When employees are satisfied, they work harder and want to invest more in the organisation. So how can business owners promote this and enhance employee experience? A significant way to do so is to promote transparent, accessible internal communication that encourages employees to engage with feedback forums while developing clear expectations of their performance and workplace. The need to know that their work matters serves a meaningful purpose.

Facilitating peer communication can provide the following benefits for the workplace:

•   Boosts workplace morale

•   Improves processes and outcomes, so deadlines are met and project completion happens quicker

•   Encourages and increases employee collaboration.

Internal communication and mobile collaboration platforms aren’t just used for increasing efficiency—they also contribute to positive employee experience. This boosts retention and mitigates costly turnover.

2. Automatization of Operational Processes

Automating processes in your business is a great way to save money and increase efficiency in all areas of operations management. Online reservation services, automated chatbots, and mobile hotel check-in features are only a few examples of business dependency on technology. When machines perform specific business tasks, employees get more time to focus on their products and customers. Instead of an employee monitoring the company website and answering the same questions over and over again, programming a chatbot to respond to FAQs saves time and resources.

Automatization goes beyond your company’s internet presence. In 2019, personalization of experiences and content will gain momentum, driving competition as businesses commit to delivering more customized goods and services–and to do this, digital transformation, especially delegation of operational processes, will be vital.

We will see increasing use of automatic scheduling and delivery of targeted internal media campaigns, work schedule notifications, and read-receipt functions in company one-to-one and group messaging all of which add automatic convenience to daily operational processes.

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