Things to Keep in Mind before Hiring a TPM Consultant

Aditya Khanna
10th Jun 2019
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“Total Productive Maintenance” intent to improve the working equipment or machinery of any organisation which in turn will enhance the production, reduce the breakages and assist in achieving comprehensive perfection in procedures of a company. This holistic approach is used by several manufacturing firms and other companies nowadays.

This process not only boosts the profits of the company but also reduces the workload of employees by focusing on regular maintenance. The workforce becomes more satisfied with their job when they will be given an adequate hold upon their equipment, and the company will take measures for their safety.

All of this is possible when your company will apply TPM procedures properly, and the employees will get regular TPM training. Employing a consultant who understands every aspect of TPM approach is essential for this. You should keep the following things in mind before hiring the TPM consultant for your company:

1.    Understanding of Objectives:

You should know the objectives which you are trying to achieve through the TPM training. If you don’t have a thorough knowledge of TPM approach, then you can discuss the dynamics of your firm with the consultant to make him understand what you exactly want.

The consultant can help you in a better manner only after understanding your company’s objectives; which differ company to company. So, try to be on the same page with your consultant and check whether he can comprehend your objectives properly or not. Hire a consultant that understands your company’s goals.

2.    Experience of the Consultant:

You should consider the previous experience of the consultant before hiring him. The consultant is going to guide your entire team. He will be looking after the maintenance, production and totally every process of your company.

You and your entire firm are going to believe in his ideology or methods for implementing the Total Productive Maintenance approach effectively. He should be experienced enough to handle all these tasks efficiently. The experience of the consultant can affect the success rate of procedures. So, hire a consultant who has vast experience in the TPM industry.

3.    Knowledge of TPM:

TPM is a vast concept that has a 5S foundation and eight pillars. A consultant who has extensive knowledge of all concepts and terms of TPM can help your firm in a better way. Apart from bookish knowledge, the consultant must also understand the literal meaning of every aspect of TPM.

He should understand how each pillar can help the client’s firm, how to monitor various employees, and how to incorporate every procedure without minimum or no conflicts. All of this comes from a perfect combination of knowledge and experience in that field. So, you should lay equal emphasis on knowledge and experience of the consultant before hiring him.

4.    Educational Credentials of the Consultant:

The educational background of the TPM consultant also matters. You may find various consultants who have come from different educational backgrounds, but candidates having educational qualifications and certifications in management studies will be better for this task.

Some trainers may have also done additional courses to enhance their expertise as per the industry standards. You should consider all these courses, degrees and educational credentials while hiring the TPM consultant for your company. A consultant having educational qualifications in the related field would likely to have more knowledge of TPM than others.

5.    Mutual Understanding:

A good understanding is essential between the consultant and the leader of the firm. You both are going to work together for the growth of your company; which is not possible with differences and conflicts. It’s ok to have different opinions and perspectives, but understanding and respecting those differences by both the parties is necessary for better results.

You can check your understanding with the consultant by conducting a few meetings before final hiring. You can also introduce the consultant to a few employees and notice their mutual understanding. If the consultant is intimidating or you aren’t feeling comfortable with him, then you should look for someone else. Only hire a consultant with whom you can feel mutual understanding.

6.    Working Style of the Consultant:

Every person has a varied working style and methods of handling situations. Some consultants train staff in a friendly manner, while others remain quite strict. You should try to know about the working style of the consultant during the interview. We are not saying that a particular working style is correct, and the other one is incorrect.

Of course, these professionals know how to do their job. But, their style should match your working style to maintain sync. If you are a very liberal boss, then your team members won’t like to learn from a strict trainer because they are not habitual of that style of working. Think from the perspective of your team while evaluating the style of working of any TPM consultant.

7.    References of Previous Clients:

The consultant with proper experience in the field must have previous clients with whom he had worked. You should ask for references of these clients from the consultant during the interview. Contact the referees to get genuine feedback about the consultant. These people can throw light on the nature, working style and other aspects of the personality of the consultant.

Of course, these clients know the consultant more than you and can give you an unbiased view on his work and their overall relationship. Knowing these things will help you in taking the right decision without any confusion. However, don’t take your decision solely on the basis of the perspective of one client. Take out time and talk to 3-4 clients to reach the final outcome.

Total Productive Maintenance has been proved a crucial training programme that can guide your company to reach total success; regardless of your business industry. Only a good TPM consultant can make your employees understand the importance of TPM for them as well as the company. TPM can be successful only with the total continuous efforts of the company and the consultant.

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