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Things You Must Know About EOS

Things You Must Know About EOS

Thursday March 14, 2019,

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EOS is the most dominant framework for decentralized applications. EOS is a smart contract blockchain platform made by an organization called Block.one. The blockchain world caught wind of EOS in 2017. EOS is so far the greatest ICO ever raising a tremendous $4 billion in its financing rounds.

EOS is a blockchain platform for the improvement of decentralized applications, like Ethereum in capacity. Truth be told, supporters have named it “the Ethereum killer”. The thought behind EOS is to unite the best highlights and guarantees of the different smart contract advancements out there. (for example security of Bitcoin, figuring backing of Ethereum)

No official full structure exists for EOS. The makers of EOS has chosen not to formally characterize it. EOS enables organizations and people to make blockchain-based applications and provide facilities, such as giving secure access and validation, information facilitating, utilization the executives, and correspondence between the dApps and the Internet.

EOS.IO and EOS Tokens

EOS.IO and EOS Tokens are two major components involved in the EOS ecosystem.

EOS.IO is very much like the operating system of a PC – it oversees and controls the EOS blockchain network. EOS.IO utilizes blockchain design that is worked to empower decentralized applications.

Like Ethereum, EOS has its own cryptocurrency for sending and receiving funds.

Given the EOS favorable circumstances over Ethereum, crypto fans are thinking about EOS.IO a reasonable and productive blockchain for DApps. It may also interest you to know that, EOS tokens were based over the Ethereum blockchain. Which means they were ERC-20 tokens. After the introduction of Main-Net in June 2018, the team started trading these for official EOS coins. Now they are presently supported by the EOS blockchain.

Like EOS.IO, Ethereum is likewise a blockchain based architecture. It was very well known in the year 2017 for running smart contracts. EOS.IO blockchain has some noteworthy favorable circumstances over Ethereum. We will discuss them one by one.

  • End-user experiences: After comparison of ethereum and EOS, EOS is definitely a winner. It provides a a better user experience for its end-users.

  • Scalability: Not at all like Ethereum, EOS offers phenomenal throughput limit. (up to 60,000 transactions for every second)

  • Consensus Protocols: Ethereum entirely pursues the PoW (Proof-of-Work) consensus protocol that can just permit to process up to 100 transactions for each second. Because its decentralized, that is the reason Ethereum can’t proficiently fix the broken decentralized applications. And every now and then network issues occur. On the contrary, EOS utilizes a DPoS (delegate proof-of-stack). They enable the development team to freeze the crypto-network when a broken application is distinguished.

  • Transaction Fees: If you want to execute smart contracts, ethereum requires ETH (Gas). The amount of gas depends on network congestion as well as the complexity of your contract. On the other hand, EOS requires no zero transaction fees. For the execution of a smart contract requires you to stake tokens. But they will immediately be transferred to you after execution.


EOS has a long way to endure and win. On the off chance that Ethereum neglects to enhance its backgrounds, EOS will probably turn into the most favored decision of Ethereum makers. Which they could use in creating customer grade applications. In the event that you need to share anything in regards to the blockchain, at that point don’t hesitate to comment below. We,Blockchainerz have created a number of DApps that cater to the variegated needs of the customers and has made us carve a discernable niche for ourselves. To explore more about our DApp development services and other Blockchain related services, contact us today.